Saturday, 19 October 2013

Au Revoir Girls - A Hard Decision

Oh Lordy, I know some of you who have read my posts on my Girls will think I'm stark raving mad.  After all that longing, waiting, courses and subsequent posts, finally getting them, caring for them and enjoying their company, i have now let them go.  They are not far away and I can still visit them at my friend Ella's Shangri La of chook palaces in Lara.

Im trying to train Tilly at the moment so the days where The Girls were allowed free access to the back yard were limited. 
Why Oh Why i hear you ask?  Simply, its not the right time for me. Those who know me will know that our family life is not always easy and sometimes i take on more than i am able to manage.  Recently, we have been through some difficult times and so i have to ask myself how i can scale things down, regroup, better manage my time and focus on what's important to all of us (not just me), right now!

I know that this looks all very pretty but it was only this way after sweeping all the mulch off the footpaths (almost a daily task after work), and pressure hosing the poop off  everything including immediately outside the sliding door and laundry door which made access to the line this way impossible.   There was also a pile of  kitchen scraps and green waste  on the tiled area which The Girls were never really interested in and so it lay there all week wilting before making its way to compost bin the following weekend.    
I'm sure there are chickens in my future but at a time when i don't have Miss Tilly (read Puppy Trouble) to deal with, when i am not working full time and when i have a proper purpose built chook yard in the area that i will leave for that purpose.  Tilly is having the most fun digging there.  It was always important to me that The Girls have the best possible quality of life and recently ive felt bad (yet more guilt to add to the pile i already have) that i couldnt provide that. They were being forgotten other than the cleanups.  No joy, no cuddles, no time observing their funny ways and little time in the back yard.

I think they will be much happier as Ella has a large block and can provide The Girls with lots of friends and plenty of space to roam and dig for bugs and worms.

They were initially placed in a separate coop until nightfall so that they could be introduced quietly this evening.

They will now have a boyfriend and I'm sure that he will find them most attractive and so i may just end up with their offspring in the future.  Ella currently has chicks crossed with this big boy and a silkie and they are so so cute.

Anyway, it is done.  The side of the house they lived in has been pressure washed down and the table and chairs have returned to an area previously known and now again, as Cafe Dyson.  I spent the afternoon sitting out there with my sister sipping cool drinks and felt relaxed knowing that I've gained several hours of my weekends back again.
Cafe Dyson -  The coop is all clean and waiting to be delivered to Ella's.  I think she is going to let her little ones use it till they can run with the pack.
I will miss their fluorescent yellow eggs but I'm sure i can sneak a few from Ella or better still, pop down for a visit and have some bacon and eggs for breakie, like this morning.

Oh, please try and find this stuff or make it.  Its unlike caramelised onions.  Its a jam and is absolutely marvellous with a savoury breakie.  It would be fab on vintage cheese.

Onion Marmalade, with black olives and Balsamic Vinegar.

Followed by blueberry curd on croissants.

Oh, ive just learnt when trying to find you a link that this comes from the UK.  Oh Dear.  Let me know if you come across a similar Australian item or a recipe.

Cheers everyone and....

Morning Update

Ella sent me photos this morning and told me they had a good night.  She placed them all together in the one nesting box and this morning they are out in the run with the others.  I fear that Molly will have to come down a peg or two on the pecking order but really, she was a bossy boots and at times quite mean.

Thanks For Visiting Living In The Land Of Oz.    


  1. Hi Linda, hard decision but I understand where you are coming from there needs to be balance and if your working full time you need to have some time out for you. Im sure there will be chooks in the future for you. But its nice when its your day of you can relax.
    I made the same decision and my guinea pigs went to new homes as when the summer comes along its more time checking waters keeping them cool cage cleaning ect.
    Especially with your new puppy, hope she is going well you must post some more photos of her. xx

    1. Thanks Sharon, i knew you would understand. Having autism in the family X 2 can be very draining and my time is not always my own. Im feeling good about my decision. Believe me those drinks in Cafe Dyson dont happen very often.

  2. I completely understand and it is why we moved our little girls on in the first place. :) I wasn't able to provide them the quality of life they deserved, and although I know that's only part of your decision, with 3 kids here I do understand challenges on your time, if not to the level you do.
    I think that once you get your chook palace in place here you permanentlywant it then things will become a lot easier. Even if you don't get the time to sit and cuddle them every day, having no clean up duties will make all the difference.
    Kudos for you realising that it was too much to handle for now and following up on it too.
    And if you want eggs... I currently have over 2 dozen so I'm sure I might be able to "swap" you some for some cardboard. ;)
    You know where I am too my friend. Call if you need. :)

  3. sometimes you just have to cut out the things that are too much, they've gone to a gorgeous new home nearby and at least you tried and learned from that,
    have a relaxed weekend ;)


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