Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New Life - A Wonderful Christmas Gift

Awwwwwwww isnt the baby chick cute.  Only a day old and already a blog star.  I guess its fitting on this day that we are celebrating new life.  The hen is Molly, one of my bantam chickens that now resides at my friend Ella's.  I was particularly surprised to hear that she was clucky as she was such a bossy mean chook to her companions.  I guess, having a bigger flock as mellowed her and brought out her softer side.

From Ella i have learned that she stayed on the eggs until they were all hatched rather than getting off with the first couple.  Good Girl.   There are now 4 and it looks like the last egg may be a dud.

I'm looking forward to running down to Lara in the next few days to see them.  In the mean time here is a cute little video.

Molly's Chicks

My thanks to Ella for allowing me to share this moment.

Thanks for Living In The Land of Oz

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  1. Molly may look friendly, and that she's got a softer side now that she's got little ones, but don't let that fool you. Yesterday, I asked my husband Rob to reach into the nesting area where Molly hatched her babies and get the unhatched egg out for me. I did say be-careful as she might peck you, Rob reached in and yep.. she pecked him, he got a startle. Funny enough, she doesn't seem to peck me, maybe she knows that I feed her.
    She is a good mother.
    This morning I got the egg out myself, as Molly and babies have moved to the downstairs area of their coop. I carefully opened the egg to see if there was anything growing in there...and yes there was, very sad. Either it just died because she stopped sitting on it or it was sick - who knows, these things happen. I always like to know if the egg was fertile or not. I keep a record of this just for my of benefit.
    I'm so wrapped with Molly's babies. I'm so wrapped that two of them are pips babies which means that they are bantams and they are black, and one of the white ones is either a bantam or a silkie, very exiting.

    It's fun an games. And I love all my chickens.


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