Saturday, 22 February 2014

Such a Great Day with Friends

Do you remember a few weeks ago i did a post of the dangers of attending a Tupperware party (here)? Well today i had my own.  I  know, I know, i can hear you all scoffing from here.  My bestie needed a booking to get to a certain level to qualify for free stuff.  Its been a little while since I've had a gathering at home and well, any excuse for a party i say.  No sales objectives and therefore no pressure to buy anything or coerce my guests to do the same.

Es is the ants pants of presenters.  She is friendly, engaging, knows her product well and  i think she could sell ice to the Eskimos.  She does it though by thoroughly demonstrating the product and not being pushy salesperson.    She would make a great trainer for new reps.
Now you know my motto, if you are going to do something then do it well.  Look at all these people.

There were some not in the photo so 18 in total.

There were neighbours that i know and some that i don't plus friends i hadn't seen for a while. My Mum and brother from NSW are visiting, my sister Glenda of course and my Bestie with Mirandah. Veronica came from work (first visit to my home and garden), Noelle, her friend and granddaughter, but a special treat was a special bloggy friend and her children.  Today i met Miss Townmouse, Sharon from Ballarat, and her beautiful daughter India and her son, Tyler.  What a nice family and so good of her to travel so far.

Miss Mirandah being a willing assistant to Es, folding the melted Toblerone into whipped cream for a dip.
Did i say "melted Toblerone"?  Yep, my theme was chocolate and so we made, using Tupperware and a microwave, Toblerone Dip (which takes minutes) and Chocolate Lava Muffins.

Toblerone Dip

200gm of Toblerone, melted at 50% power for a couple of minutes (keep checking).  It keeps its shape so take it out and give it a swirl with a spatula and then in for another quick go.

300ml of whipped cream.   (we used the little hand food processors - 30 seconds with the whipping paddle)

Fold Together with 1 tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of brandy (optional)

Served with fresh strawberries, wavers and the Lava Muffins - Yummmmmmmmm

This was served during the presentation but since it started at 10.30am and we were nearing the brunching hour, i laid a table of eats inside for afterwards.   The punch (not in picture) was just a 2L bottle of breakfast juice with a bottle of lemonade and fresh mint leaves on ice.  Simple

Just simple spread of the normal stuff - I didn't have time for a home baking session.
I have no idea what i will choose for my discounted purchases.  My Mum wanted a new beetroot holder and so i may get this set and pass it along.

 I know i reached the first level of $500 sales and so i am able to purchase this entire set for $30.   That's a $120 saving.  I wanted the Vent Smart Small High for keeping broccoli in the fridge (it is a heavy breather and so i would have the vent all the way open) and the Deli Keepers wont go astray for keeping cold meats in.  I can use the round bowls for salads to go to work in my new thermo bag below.

I know Hubby, who loved his first ever Tupperware party, is keen for me to get a couple of Veg Outs. These are for veggies that live out of the fridge like potatoes and onions.

They have a vented lit and an easy open mouth for access.  Es uses one of these for her snack box. 
We had a stink in the pantry this week that was so off. I was getting ready to empty the whole thing (its a walk in so big job) thinking it were mice when he discovered it was rotting potatoes in the bottom of the plastic waste paper bin we use for storing both onions and potatoes together.  Bit of a mess really and not at all functional.   So if i can manage both these items that includes getting Mum her item then ill be satisfied.

So what did we do for the rest of the day, when the crowd made their way home.  Some of my guests went onto the next party at Ella's, for cocktails and mocktails.  I'm looking forward to getting the recipes.

Do you remember when Miss Townmouse did her training in Indian Head Massages. Well if you don't, then shame on you.  Pop over and have a look at all the benefits.

Indian Head Massage    While you are visiting, click on the follow tab because Sharon is an awesome cook, has the best garden and the cutest animals for pets.

Lucky me and Hubby were both treated to the most relaxing massage.  The aromatherapy oils still linger in the house and through my hair.  My pillows are going to smell great.  Its a very gentle massage so dont be thinking its going to leave you sore the next day.  Its done in a chair with your shoulders bare and incorporates elements of Reiki as well.  Great job Sharon and I'm looking forward to you completing your reflexology course shortly.  She wouldnt let me pay and so I'm going to have to think up some special treat for her.

Little Miss Tilly had a good day getting lots of cuddles and sympathy.  She was desexed last week and is now currently known as Miss Buckethead.  For the first couple of days she was so confused and i felt so guilty trying to explain to her what we had done.

Oh Mum, what did you do to me.  Ive got a tummy full of stitches and this bloody thing around my head that wont let me play properly and its annoying trying to sleep with it.  I know Tilly, its annoying for me to get hit in the face with a bucket in the middle of the night as well!

Though still a "Toy Dog" at 4.5kgs, she is very long limbed and keeps us thoroughly amused with her antics.  She's part cat, part dog, part jumping hyena, part Scooby Doo (she talks).   Her hair is so so soft and underneath all that hair is very fine boned and is pink with black spots.
Do you remember her parents - Check This Out   Pretty amazing Huh?

My Bestie's delivery from her party was today and she ended up with $638 worth of product for a total of $90.  Now i think that's a Win Win Win.  We have been going through all her bags and boxes this evening and its been like Christmas.   So much cool stuff.

I also received my purchases from her party and so I'm looking forward to having a play.

Now tell me which grater you would rather use?  The new Tupperware one is like a mug with a handle.  The grated whatever falls into the middle and you just tip it out.  The front also comes off for cleaning.  

I Got One (Yeah!!!) - This Smooth Chopper can whip a small bottle of cream in 30seconds.  I'm looking forward to making small quantities of flavoured yogurt by simply adding fruit to natural yogurt.  Just pull the cord and you get 288 knife cuts in 15 seconds.  It chops, blends and whisks.  Omelettes or pancake mixes in minutes.   I would really like its big brother but it was out of my price range.  

This is a thermo bag for taking lunches to work.  It is quite roomy inside and will fit stacks in it.   The bottom of this drink flasks comes off and can be frozen to keep drinks cool.

So thanks to all my guests who attended and brought their best selves. Thanks also to my big sis for helping to cleanup.  Bonza Broad!  It was so great to see everyone and I love entertaining so all is right with the world tonight.  Time for a big snooze.

Add On - Next Day  - Check out my berry icecream made in the thingy above.  1 Minute.

150ml thickened cream, 1 teaspoon or caster sugar and enough frozen berries to take it to the death zone at 300ml.  Anything above the line may ooze up and out while processing (pulling the cord).

Its thick enough to eat straight away but since im only playing with my new toy, so ive frozen it for later.  Now what else can i make........ hmmmmm.  

Thanks for Living In The Land of Oz


  1. What a awesome party it was, I havnt been to a tupperware party in 20 years , I must say Es did a wonderful job, what an asset to tupperware she is, she knows her stuff.
    We all had a wonderful day, thank you so much. Oooooh and that dip and lava muffins yum.
    Miss Tilly was well behaved and so adorable.
    Very nice to meet you all what a lovely family. You nearly had a new addition as Tyler wasnt impressed to leave lol. Considering he doesnt like going anywhere.
    Enjoy your week now.

  2. Oh yummm that ice cream looks divine. That is certainly a good little device I may have to get that one next lol

  3. Looks fantastic and I'm sorry I had to miss it. Frozen yoghurt shoudl work well in your thingy and I reckon you might be able to make sorbet too! The Thermy sorbet is 300g frozen berries, 60g caster sugar and 1 egg white. It won't all fit at once I'm guessing and the egg white might be challenging to divide but figured it was worth a share. :) Might also need more than the 15 seconds of a thousand paper cuts or whatever torture, oops mixing amount it was. ;) Will it froff up milk for a froffy cappucino?


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