Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Stove - No More Leaking Gas

Do you remember my excitement when i fixed the stove by myself here.  Well, turns out no amount of my "fixin" was going to save the old Westinghouse that has served us well for 20 years.  Whenever i opened the cupboard underneath i got a nose full of gas.  I will admit that i did have something connected backwards at one point and when i was cooking one day there was a big "Whoop" and the stove literally lifted off the bench.  It happened so fast i wasn't sure what happened but had the sense to tell hubby.  No biggie, he showed me what i had done wrong, it was fixed and we went on.  But the gas leak continued and the ancient ignition wiring meant that more often than not i had to use a lighter to get it started. Not a good combination so me thinks its time for a new stove top.

I ummed and arghed about this metal finish.  Seems to me its a lot harder to keep clean but i am mindful that we do need to keep our appliances up to date and that our kitchen is looking decidedly out dated. After seeing Emma's kitchen in my last post (here) i have kitchen envy.  Rob loves the metal finish and so that is why the new fridge is also the same.  It really just takes a wipe with a clean microcloth and water.   It does look shiny, doesn't it, and the new hobs come with a wok holder which I've never had before.  Rob was telling me how quick it is to cook in a wok and i told him he should feel free to use it any time he wants.  I opted for one the same size so it was an easy fit.  I never use all 4 hobs at once so why opt for a massive 6 hob or more? Trouble is that when you put in new and shiny appliances you have visions of it staying that way.  These are working machines.  Scratches happen.  I'm going to try hard to keep it clean but i don't believe it will look like this in 20 years.  I do love how i can now simmer without it blowing out.

Rob praying to the God of Gas that its all going to work.  As an electrician, he knows a fair bit about most trades but did his due amount of research before starting.   See the old oven/grill? Its next.   The new one is about 3m behind Rob in the living room.  Its part white and part metal as a compromise.  Since its finished, he's walked into the kitchen about 10 times and turned it on.  Do all men do this?  I get it, it works. 
As i told you in my solar post, we are replacing all the ancient appliances in one swoop on one interest free loan.  Everything is the highest energy efficiency i can afford.  On my dream list is replacing the front of all my cupboards and benchtop.  I can wait.  I'm patient.  Our house was definitely a budget fitout 20 years ago.

Since i can't stretch a whole post on installing a stove, here is a garden update (cause you know that's really exciting).  Like everyone else we are having a glut of most things at the moment.  We cannot eat enough tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. The neighbours and friends are doing well.  Rob has this glazed look when i present him with yet another side salad.

Pickings this morning.

It was at this point that Rob told me he doesn't like those squash things.  Doh!  Since he reads this blog I wont tell him what they are going to go in.  He will never know! He's been glowing this week about a pickle i made last year made of   "Zucchini"! Ha Ha

Tromboncino - they are escaping out of the beds and making their way up and down the paths.  Its become an obstacle course avoiding these and the pumpkin vines.  

Huge leaves sheltering the fruit from the sun.

I love these little toms.  They are so sweet.  

This week i made some pickled cucumbers and Spanish onion.  I cant wait for them to mature so that i can marry them with a crumbly vintage cheese.  

Mother nature knows best!   Doesn't she just!  When I'm pruning my tomatoes of excess leaves to allow air and sunlight to penetrate, I'm often undecided about which ones to take off.  Just wait for a really hot day and Mother Nature will kill of everything not needed and protect the vine and fruit.

This is what i was faced with after a hot day of high 30's.

Clean up all the dead leaves and all that is left is strong vines and healthy fruit.  

I want to pick this beauty but Jess tells me i must wait till the vine whithers.  

The sweetest crunchiest baby cos lettuce.

Here is someone you haven't seen for a while.  She really is beautiful.

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  1. Good job on the new stove. Can't take a chance with gas. And your garden produce looks fantastic. Got me looking forward to our own garden this summer.

  2. it's safer to get new and not play around when it comes to natural gas. Love all the bounty from your garden.

    Gill your newest follower from Southern Ontario, Canada

    1. Thanks Gill, and yes i agree. Welcome aboard, i'll be over to check out your site asap. I love having followers from the other end of the world. It like travelling without travelling as i get a glance of your life and your surroundings.

  3. new appliances are wonderful & yeh, they don't stay looking like that but at least they looked well used & loved
    love your garden & yes, leave pumpkins on the vine til it withers, better tasting then :))
    thanx for sharing

  4. and thank you for commenting Selina.

  5. How do you avoid powdery mildew on your pumpkin, zucchini? Mine had plenty of air circulation, growing vertically, yet the mildew destroyed the plants.

    1. Sometimes i do and that usually comes after rain. I water using soaker hoses under the mulch or by hand at the root of the plant not from above. I find that i have had less diseases since i started doing this. I keep the soil moist to avoid ants & their friends the aphids and i use companion planting, coffee grounds and egg shells to help on the snail and slug side of things. I little of everything really. Im no expert. Suck it and see, that's me! Thanks for commenting.

  6. The veg looks great, your hob looks similar to ours, I've had it for about six years now and it still looks like new even though it is used daily, we just wipe it over with a damp sponge when doing the dinner's washing up and dry it with a bit of kitchen towel.

  7. Glad your hubby can instal new stoves etc for you, Lynda. Mine doesn't like gas so everything is electric. It sounds like you are enjoying your kitchen. I wish ...sigh!


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