Monday, 22 June 2015

Escape to the Country

This Sunday saw my sister, Glenda, and I escape to the country with Chelsea and Maison.  It was freezing but we had work to do so donned jumpers and work gloves for a day of wood gathering and chopping.  It didn't take long to warm up despite being only  4 degrees.  There was plenty of beautiful winter sun but not much warmth in it.

The children enjoyed the tractor rides to the work sites the best and Henry gave them a good long run before we left mid afternoon.   I couldn't believe how hard they worked.  They were lifting and carrying really big branches and logs, and what they couldn't lift they rolled.  Not once did they ask for treats or rewards.  I especially appreciated that when we first arrived i took them for a walk around the 12 acre property and it was all "my feet are wet", there's poo everywhere" and by the time we left they were dirty and picking up logs covered in ants and had the biggest widest smiles on their faces.   Sometimes it does one good to get a little dirt on you. Me included.   I love these days of hard work and breathing fresh air and i was hauling logs alongside Henry and the kids.

The pyro in me enjoyed the bomb-fires we lit to burn off the fallen limbs which helps to reduce the fuel for fire season.   We managed to increase their  home woodpile and fill the back of Glenda's 4WD with enough small logs to keep my little chimnea burning for the winter.   Win Win for all.

Not an awful lot happening at the moment. I seem to be hibernating when not at work.   Rob and I managed our weekly "date" at Bunnings where we were looking at lighting and (Lord save me) some work tools for Rob.  I have married the most indecisive man, Full Stop!  I could have walked around the massive building twice in the time it took him to buy one screwdriver.

He looks pretty happy, as i walk by.  

Little did he know how close he came to being clonked on the head with the biggest shifter i could find.

Cheers to all, hopefully something really exciting will happen soon and I'll be really interesting then!

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  1. nothing better than a wood fire, however the dust from one is dreadful. Miss our woodburner.

    1. Oh i agree, i love a fire. My hubby is an Aspie and he is sensitive to smell. He hates the smell of smoke and so i have to ask first and then seal the house when i have my little fire going outside in the courtyard.

  2. We have been wood chopping too!

    Haha now, now, enough of the violence Lynda. He just wants you to decide for him, that way he can blame you if it is the wrong one!


  3. ha ha ha, too funny
    love wood burners & wood stoves, miss them terribly! one day will have one here, i hate it when they take the wood stoves out of old houses...
    glad you enjoyed your trip to the country
    thanx for sharing

    1. Sadly i dont have an old house but if i can declutter enough stuff to do away with all the wall units in the front room then i might just get a gas fire that looks like one installed.

  4. Love that last photo, Lynda. What did the other customers think I wonder? :-)

  5. Looks like a great day in the country.


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