Sunday, 13 September 2015

Birthday Celebrations at Eastern Beach - Geelong

Happy Birthday to my sister Glenda.   This weekend's visit coincided with her 58th, read FIFTY-EIGHTH birthday.  So i got to spoil her a little and embarrass her lots, which is always so much fun!

Country bumpkin that she is, there is still a bit of adventure to be had on public transport so by the time i got home from work on Friday she was sitting at my table.  Her journey from Eastern Melbourne across to the West includes two buses and two trains.  She does of course have a perfectly functional Ford Territory but with Friday traffic, fuel and tolls it works out much cheaper and a lot more interesting to come by train.  Our usual Friday nights together include a catch-up of Foxtel programs she has missed.   We both love Village Vets filmed in country Victoria and River Cottage Australia when its on.

On Saturday, her actual birthday, Kerrie and I took her to Eastern Beach in Geelong for coffee and cake by the water.  Its always so lovely there in springtime.  Not too hot and with the first warm weekend in the early 20's F there were plenty people walking dogs, children playing along the edge of the water, families picnicking and of course, the latte crowd i was happy to join.

Its a popular place and parking is really the only concern.   We did strike it lucky and got one right near where we were headed near the yacht club.

Honest, the cake wasn't really this big, its the camera angle but it was a large slice of Hummingbird Cake.  I had a word with the waiter on the sly and he presented the cake at the table with a burning candle and then sung Happy Birthday to her.  She was very embarrassed but very pleased by the attentions of such a gorgeous young man.  (I wasn't looking, honest).

We waddled out to stroll along the pier with everyone else.  As always i look for opportunities to enhance our visit and had Kerrie and Glenda doing lots of embarrassing things while i took photos.  I have readers i have to amuse.

There are 103 bollards decorated by Melbourne artist Jan Mitchell along the waterfront and it would be a 2 hour walk to complete the trail. All of them represent some historical feature of Geelong's past. You can see more detail about them here .

The ocean pool boardwalk was a lovely walk and believe it or not there were people swimming.  There were also children playing in the water park but its way to cool for that.

After such a feast we postponed a planned roast lamb dinner until mid afternoon Sunday.  Yummy as usual and followed by a Nanna nap, that truly only one of us is qualified to take.  Glenda's grandchildren are Maison and Chelsea (here in Melbourne) and she has three more in NSW.

Chelsea has lost 3 front teeth recently and we are all amused by her speech and slightly wonky smile.

There, now I've embarrassed everyone for my own amusement and yours.  I hope you appreciate my efforts.

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun time.

  2. Looks like a wonderful birthday - and hasn't the weather been divine for the last few days? I agree about the driving in Melbourne. I'm a country bumpkin too and whenever I have to go to Melbourne, I always take the bus and train. I can just about finish a whole book on the trip! Much better than fighting traffic.

    1. I've been in the city now for 30 years and driving anywhere doesn't bother me. I actually enjoy driving.

  3. I can't believe I used to drive in Melbourne years ago. I won't even drive in Brisbane now as I am too chicken. I have been to Geelong a couple of times but don't think I ever went to the beach. Hard to believe people are swimming there at this time of the year. It's not Queensland after all ;-)


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