Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Im Not Hibernating - Im Working!!

Goodness, i don't think Ive had this big a gap between posts since i started blogging, end of January.  I was panicking for a few days, thinking that i had to stay up all night and do one but then the lightbulb went off  and i stopped being silly.  The only one putting pressure on myself was me. 

I have lots to say after attending a fab workshop on the weekend but my days and nights are all running together this week.  For me and many/all other accountants in Oz its the end of the financial year and the beginning of another. So it is work, work, work.   I'm writing this whilst choking down a sandwich and slurping hot coffee at 2.30 in the afternoon.    

Unfortunately, life at home hasn't conveniently slowed down to accommodate me but in fact its sped up. 

Tom is going for his Learners Drivers Permit this Friday.  So it overdrive getting the study done in preparation for the computer test.  I am so so nervous, not because i think he wont pass but because he will.  Years of go-carting and race gaming have left him (like all 16 year old boys) with an inflated sense of their abilities and he thinks he's going to be driving at 110km on a freeway soon after getting his permit.   Pray for me.....

Would it be too un-cool to get one of these?

Rob has hurt his back at work and needs TLC in the form of massages and lots of "male sympathy".

My Bestie has a family funeral that is drama drama drama and I'm trying to be supportive of her. 

The Girls (new chooks) are still working out their pecking order and there are missing feathers and bloodied combs on all but one (so i know who the bully is).

(I'm at work so, sorry no pictures of Girls)

The dog, Peppy, is still over excited by The Girls and tries everything to get at them.  I think this will a short term issue and on the weekend i will take him out and sit quietly with him on a lead so they are safe but he can get a look at them. Hopefully, the bossy one (Molly) will peck him on the nose and he will know to stay away.

(same as above)

So, until the craziness of life slows down, i might be a bit scarce.  



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  1. Just saying hi and that I enjoy your blog. Hang in there.

  2. Hi Lynda,
    hope you fit a rest in somewhere xx

  3. Take care and don't overdo it. See you when you've slowed down a bit.
    Love from Mum

  4. You didn't fool me...I have learned to read sideways...I have 3 children...heck, I can read with my ears! I understand end of fiscal year completely. My ex was a glorified accountant (shire clerk) and my son is a slave to the numbers. I studied accounting as did Steve, and both my daughters. We all have an healthy respect for the numerical value of Pi. Feel free to go A.W.O.L. for a bit. We will wait here twiddling our thumbs till you get back...that is, unless WE are flat out like lizards drinking trying to animate teacups and bloody babooska dolls and keeping Earl from eating any stupid animal that strays onto the deck (we have many stupid animals here...). Keep your chin up, this pointy end of the year is what pays the bills will soon be toes up resting but for now, get into it! You might earn yourself a slice of that Pi ;)

  5. We're near Boonah in SE Qld. A bit colder and drier than Brisbane climate, so sometimes the gardening is a bit confusing. So, how did the vodka and vanilla help with things??


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