Monday, 8 July 2013

Thank You Readers

Thanks to my readers for pushing me over this benchmark I never thought i would reach and certainly not in under six months.  I didn't really think about whether or not i would be successful (what ever that is) at blogging.  I didn't aim to rake up numbers.  I was just having fun taking all the thoughts running around my head, giving them a shuffle and putting them down, somehow.   I must be a frustrated writer as it seems so natural and effortless. 

This cartoon is too close for comfort!!!

Success for me is not about the numbers though i will admit it gives me a thrill.  Its about the connections i make through your comments and the comments i make on other blogs.  It feels a little like you're my folks, my small town community that i miss, the family members that are far away.  We don't always agree,  we can have periods where we go MIA, some things we are passionate about and others its take it or leave it but always we appreciate each other and value that we are there for each other.  I've shared your joys and your sorrows and in return I've received the same.  I've met some of you and made new friends. 

I know, if i tried, i could take this little blog somewhere but I'm not really interested.  When i told Hubby I'd reached 10K he said "Congratulations, can you make money out of it"?  Not interested, sorry Darl.

My Goodness, when i was looking for an appropriate image to entertain you, so you didn't fall asleep mid post, i was bombarded with advertising on how to do it.  It really is a growing market.  I feel like a need a shower!

I've read that not sticking to a theme is blog suicide yet I've covered personal and family milestones, veggie gardens, self sustainability, jokes, mechanical advice, and workshops.  All those things make up my life and  who i am.  I think i would bore myself if i only ever spoke about the one thing or theme. 

I don't have a long list of drafts in the ready.  Apart from some of the workshops I've done that would have ended up "War and Peace" if i hadn't broken them up into parts, every post has been a one off written on the fly and was about what was happening to me at the time.

I know that these stats will probably only interest me but it is my journey im recording.  Again, thank you readers.

Followers             22      Thank you     Who on earth are all the others (or you are very busy 22)?

Posts                    85      Really!   I always had a lot to say, hey Mum! 

Period of Time      30 Jan 2013 - 8 July 2013

Most Popular       Emoticons, Text Messages, Shorthand & Acronyms       494    
                            Must be because of the title, ie google searches

Popular Theme     Workshops done through Shoestring and Edible Gardens
                            See Labels for veggie garden and Self Sustainability

Average Views     Between  35 and 100 per post

Worst Post           20/20 International Cricket      12      My Second Post
                            It wasn't that bad and was really about a family outing.
                            Oh Well, i learnt to stay away from sport.


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"The Boy's" are wanting the computer for a game so I'd better fly.

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  1. Hi Lynda I love your blog, congratulations on 10,000 hits.

  2. Kudos on the 10 000. Don't go commercial or narf7 will quietly close the door. So many blogs I have started to follow suddenly veer left into advertising as soon as they realise there might be a bit of money in it. You can either have a blog where you share your passion or you can have a blog where you aim to make money being a legitimate spammer, there isn't anything in between and readers don't want advertising.

    1. I am SO SO not interested Narf7. I find it so annoying trying to engage in a post with a blinking "Suncorp" ad on the left which seems to be the latest.

  3. Congratulations,
    blogging is a bit addictive I have found. At first I just chronicled creating my garden, but then veered out into anything that caught my interest, and have enjoyed the diversion, I also have gained followers rather than losing any!

  4. Well done Lynda...your blog is your blog, your story, your life, it's so very personal and real and that makes it so appealing. It's a great way to record your days and your thoughts so keep on bloggin'!

  5. Hi Lynda D

    Congrats - you are really cooking with gas now.


  6. Thank you Ladies

    This is just an example of how we help each other. The other day i posted about my new chickens and noted how their comb were dry etc and so what do i do but give them a little facial with olive oil - as you do! Fiona has since told me that this is normal during winter and that when they are ready to lay again their combs will engorge and be bright red. So there you go, i learnt some more.

    I dont mind embarrassing myself by showing my ignorance so long as i learn from those that i been there before me. Perhaps, my discoveries will help someone else.


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