Sunday, 25 August 2013

Red Cross Cake Bake

What to do when someone sends you and invitation to Sunday afternoon tea drinking cappuccinos and eating homemade cake, biscuit and slices to raise money for Red Cross?.  Arrhhh, let me think for a nanosecond, that would be "Yes Please".  "Would you like to order some cakes to go home as well?" Oh, I don't know.....Too Right I would.  These were not hard decisions to make.  Especially when the people sending the invitation were a mother (Karen) and daughter (Marlena) team renowned for some pretty spectacular cooking.

Carrot Cake

Who is a lucky duck having this in their home.  Oooo  Arrrhhhhh  
I had three large mugs of cappuccino in three hours (i had to wash to cake down with something) and made the mistake of going straight to a supermarket with no toilet facilities.  Those of you at a certain age will understand that this was a BIG mistake.  I was literally hopping up and down at the deli, hanging on, causing much laughter.  I shop at the local IGA which is 500m from my house so to disgrace myself there would have found me looking for another supermarket.  How inconvenient.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lovely Sigrid donated the lemons for all the Lemon Syrup cakes.  Lemon season is in full swing here in Oz at the moment and i feel a curd coming on.  

Lemon Syrup Cake - my favourite with a big blob of thick cream.  

Flourless Chocolate Cake - it must have been good as there wasn't much left at the end.  

Some of the eggs for these cakes came from our girls at the Shoestring Garden coop.  They have been producing some mega eggs lately.  The largest was 92gms!!!!  Ouch.

I think I'm going to be drowning in cake this week as i threatened my staff at the factory that anyone not placing and order wouldn't get paid this week.  So Karen and Marlena are making a special delivery to the factory tomorrow to bring all the orders for the men to take home to their families.  Browny points for all and the Red Cross get a good donation,  Win Win.

Stayed tuned, next weekend I'm going to Karen's house for a demo party for Thermomix, sold by Marlena.
I'm torturing myself because i cant afford one but I'm being very supportive and taste testing all the food they produce so efficiently.  Gosh, i sound like a pig.  Very smart animal pigs!

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  1. Oh yum those cakes look delicious need some of them up my way xx

  2. I had and afternoon tea in my garden this weekend as well - just catching up with neighbors. those goodies all look very tasty. I will be interested to hear what you think of the thermomix. They are so expensive though ...sigh.

  3. Africanaussie, I have a thermomix and I must admit I am completely and utterly sold on Hermy as he is affectionately known in our house. :) He makes life cheaper and easier for us. I can cook from scratch rather than buying pre-made. It takes as long for me to cook butter chicken and rice as it used to take us at our local take-out on a Saturday night (we've moved to a much smaller town in the last year and the Indian take out is a bit faster these days but even so) and for a fraction of the price too. I make bread for my family which takes much less effort on my behalf and I have onion jam on the go now for onion tarts which means no standing to stir (with 3 kids under 6 any extra time is a godsend) so I swear by thermomixes although I also realise they aren't for everyone. And yes, the are expensive.
    your afternoon of coffee and cake sounds lovely and the supermarket dance familiar. I swear my bladder knows the instant I enter a supermarket.

    1. Regretably i cannot go to Thermie demo. Mum is visiting and i need to shuffle furniture between houses.

  4. Gosh Lynda, you are so community spirited, eating all that cake for charity! Such a selfless act ;)

    1. It was no hardship i can assure you though I will soon be paying for it. We are just about to go on a family health kick. Hubby is buying himself a gym.

      They raised over $300 for Red Cross (profit after supplies) which was a great effort. I know the boys from my factory ordered over $150 worth.

  5. CAKE!!!!CAKE!!!!CAKE!!! :)


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