Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Help - Homemade Yoghurt Recipes Needed

THIS IS NOT A HOW TO - this is a request for all your fabulous recipes, tricks and tips. I am the first to put my hand up when i don't know something and will probably be that annoying person in a lecture that asks more than just a few questions.  Its not seeking attention, its a genuine thirst for knowledge.  

I bought one of these yogurt makers on special for $10.50 (half price) yesterday and one sachet of Greek Yogurt with Honey, just to try.  I do not intend however to be paying for sachets every time i want to make yogurt.  

Note, i prefer the thicker type rather than runny so keep that in mind when you inundate me with healthy yogurt recipes with as little carbs (read sugar) as possible.  The boys are probably going to want some sort of flavour as well.

I've done a little research and was told that the UHT milk from Aldi is great for yogurt and does not require any heating or cooling to kill bacteria.  It is also very handy to have stored in the pantry.

3 Steps to Use EasiYo

So let it rip people.  I'm waiting ...........

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  1. We have used the EasiYo yoghurt maker for years and actually have three..all from garage sales. We have had a discussion about making the yoghurt over on the DTE forums by just using a starter from the previous batch and hubby often does that. I just can't remember how it was done exactly now but one way was to use powdered milk. I will have to see if I can find the thread on the forum or else you could join us over there, Lynda...being the New Year and all :-)

    1. I did venture over the one day but got confused about how it all works. I'll try again. Given that its New Year's Eve and all...... shucks.

    2. Let me know if you have any trouble and need help. It would be good to know what might deter people from joining so do let me know. It would be nice to have you there with us.

  2. my friend likes to make her own yoghurt & all she did was add a bit from her last batch to the next lot of milk, she used soy milk & always had nice flavours like; honey, whole fruits, seeds & nuts too; she likes to get creative. i've never made yoghurt myself.
    good luck with your new adventures in yoghurt making

  3. Suggestion is to add the flavours AFTER the yoghurt is made as then you always have plain yoghurt as a starter for your next batch. Take cold milk, whisk in thoroughly (no lumps) then add a goodly amount of starter yoghurt (2tbsp to a cup). Mix, then follow your Easiyo instructions from there. :) Sometimes you will get runnier yoghurt than you like but you can just make it into Greek yoghurt by pouring it into a colander or sieve lined with a clean tea towel and let it drain overnight or until it reaches the thickness you desire. If you drain it even further it will firm up nicely and then you have Labneh, a Middle Eastern soft cheese. :)

  4. I use my easiyo all the time, and hate the runny type. I use full cream long life milk, a couple of tablespoons of jalna greek yoghurt, and a half cup of milk powder. I normally make the mix after dinner, and then in the morning it is slightly jellied. (press gently on the surface to test.) I then place it in the fridge and it becomes lovely and thick. You can leave a little longer if it is not set, but in that case I would pour out some of the surrounding water and top up with more boiling water. That might be an idea if you live in a colder climate.

    1. Thanks for that information Sounds easy enough. Colder? You would think it would be but its heading for 39 today.

    2. Hi Lynda, we have made yoghurt for years but never with a yoghurt maker. If you can get green milk so much the better, if not you will need to increase the protein content.
      Per lt of full fat milk add one tablespoon of cream or one tablespoon of full fat milk powder.2 dessertspoons of live yogurt at room temperature.
      Bring your milk up to 40c add your cream (room temperature) or powdered milk and live yoghurt (room temperature), stir quickly and maintain at 40c for at least four hours.
      We used to make it on the back of the range left overnight wrapped up in towels, now we use our egg incubator when we are not hatching eggs. We did try it in a thermos flask but the yoghurt was thin.
      Too low a temperature makes thin yoghurt, too hot makes a stringy one.
      I have not tried making it in a hay box but think it would work, after all you can cook a joint of lamb or make a stew in one. Google Hay Box Cooker.
      The most important things are to make sure you are using live yoghurt to start with and that you can maintain the temperature for a least four hours.
      Sweetening and flavours come after you have made your batch, we like our with either a good honey or fresh fruit with no added sugar, one teaspoon of good jam will flavour a good bowl full for one, so not to much sugar in that.

  5. This recipe works, I have been making it for a while now and it saves heaps of dollars :)



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