Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pork Sausages and Pumpkin Curry

You can tell I'm on my a staycation, I'm cooking more, well at least in between books (see last post).  So with more time on my hands to play in the kitchen I threw this little number together tonight and well, I think it was pretty damn yum and certainly made a few snags go a long way.

Pork Sausages and Pumpkin Curry

5 organic pork sausages - none of those commercial manufactured Emulsified Meat sticks made from poor quality meat that have numerous additives added to bind, preserve and to enhance the flavour of scrap meat. Go for organic sausages made by a local butcher or a company you trust.  Buy in bulk and freeze.

OK, you got it!  Now take those beautiful pork sausages, brown them and set aside.  When cool, chop into bite size pieces.

Make sauce -  blend in a jug using fork. Honest people, it doesn't require a powered device - you guys are just plain lazy - i still mash my potatoes (when i could eat them) with a fork and a bit of elbow grease and i am the Queen of Garlic Mashed Potato - i have a crown and biceps!

2 tablespoons of Authentic Curry Powder (Clive of India - Why? because that's what my Mum used)
1 rounded tablespoon of cornstarch
2 tablespoons of good tomato paste
salt & pepper
gradually blend in 3/4 cup of milk,    set aside.

( you could substitute coconut milk and coconut flour on paleo diet)

Cut half a small pumpkin (Kent) into large chunks and microwave for just 2 minutes.  The worms in the worm farm are waiting with anticipation for the pumpkin scraps.  They just love them.

Toss in a large pan a good handful of bacon pieces and a large onion cut into chunks. Cook until onion is clear. Add pumpkin for a minute to dry off and then a handful of broccoli florets thinly sliced
Add sauce, gently stir, bring to gentle bubble and lower to a simmer.
Place snow peas (from guess whose garden) on top and cover with glass lid.   I doesn't have to be glass but it sure looks pretty in there.

I'd give it about 8 minutes to ensure the sausages are cooked through and they have absorbed some flavour from the sauce.

OK, since i cant serve rice or mashed potato or pasta what do i serve it with that will absorb the sauce. One option is Cauliflower Rice.

You don't have to go this far, just grate cauliflower and steam till soft and fluffy (like couscous)   Believe it or not, i just shredded some crunchy iceberg lettuce into a bowl and spooned the curry over it.

It was really really good but my husband looked across the table sheepishly and asked "could we just have meat and three veg tomorrow".

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  1. Sorry, KEENS! Got to be KEENS! ;)

    Curried sausages, a staple when I was a kid and one I still love. Figured the kids would. Sounds pretty similar to your meal in many ways. Served it up, complete with sultanas and got a resounding 3 part "yuk". There's just no accounting for taste I reckon.

  2. Ummm, I got stuck at the grating cauliflower part :-) It does look like a nice meal though. It would be acceptable in this household. The men are just happy to have a meal on the table after fending for themselves for three weeks. LOL!

    1. I bet they are. The lettuce underneath was just as nice. Its trendy to do fabulous things with cauliflower.

  3. i remember the curry snags too! with the sultanas, it was a regular when i was in school, it went far, kids these days aren't keen on the fruit in their meals bit lol this one looks very nice done with the pumpkin, might try it later down the track.
    thanx for sharing!

  4. It looks Yummy, I really wasnt expecting that comment lol.

  5. That looks absolutely fantastic! We love sausage in any recipe at any time. :)

  6. That looks great.....I've spent the afternoon cleaning my BBQ and Pizza Oven for some summer outdoor cooking this week. Meat and salads I think this week are in order. ps..the tutu was so easy and a big wow factor for little effort. I did buy the nice soft tulle so don't get caught up in "netting" that sort of looks like it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  7. ps...the tutu I made is quite long but if you have a little girl you could make them half the length of mine. I bought 2 mt of purple and 2 mt of pink and it was 150cm wide tulle. You could make 2 of them if they were shorter using the same amount of fabric.


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