Saturday, 17 January 2015

Garden Joy '

Honest, at the moment there is nothing that brings me as much joy as spending time just playing in the garden, picking a few veggies and then displaying them on the table.  Promise i will eat them, but i can take few pictures and just look at them a moment, cant I?  

Veggies and flowers in harmony.

I know i said i didn't want marrows this year but these don't seem to be getting any bigger. Grow my babies. I think ill give them some more worm pee.

I'm losing a lot of strawberries these days, so I've lifted them up even higher.  Surely Tilly can't eat them up here.


At last the new crop of lettuce is almost ready to eat.

Crazy shaped tomatoes  - I tell you i'm in the dark this year.  I mixed the seed up and i don't know what's up .  I'll just eat them anyway.   I

Homemade blackberry yogurt.

Nope, didn't grow this one or make it (might have married him), but he does comes in handy in the garden sometimes.  He was given a sign for his garage for Christmas.   It didn't need it as its definitely his domain, full of boys workshop tools, electronic doo dads and stored things that of course, will come in handy one day.

While i'm off topic, are you as incensed as i am about these being on sale the first week of January.  Crazy.

I haven't learned any new skills for ages and so I've little to share that might stimulate, educate or even amuse. You'll just have to admire my veggies.

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  1. I would have to agree that picking veggies from your garden brings so much joy that's for sure. It's jolly annoying about the hit cross buns as I'm sure Easter is actually April this year not even March. We haven't even had Australia Day. We talk about we don't know what seasons food grows because it's in the shops all year round so how on earth do children understand the Easter bunny is not due for months. It makes me cross..... Money hungry that's for sure as I think they were in the shops the first week in January. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. I admire those veges very much, looking awesome. The yoghurt looks divine, I could see that in my magic bullet with berries and coconut water for a smoothie, oh yum. Ugh Easter buns already noooo I love them. We do all our Easter stuff before Xmas at work lol. Its crazy.

  3. I was watching to see when the Hot Cross Buns came out this year and I saw them the Saturday after New Year in Woolies which would have been the 3rd Jan! Obviously there is a market for them otherwise they wouldn't bake them. Bit silly though!

  4. Hi Lynda, What a colourful and healthy harvest is in your basket. You just know they're doing you good when you eat them. A Facebook garden group I'm a member of would be right up your alley. Its very interesting to see what everyone is growing and harvesting. Let me know if you want to have a look (it is a closed group). Cripes HCBs - they're out earlier each year; they'll have them out before Christmas one day. Hooroo.

  5. your garden & vegies are looking great!

  6. Your veg and the whole garden look wonderful, as for the hot cross buns... der! I never look in supermarkets here but it would not surprise me to see them, do you make your own, they are far nicer than anything that you would ever buy and easy to make.

    1. No i havent made any bread products yet and its probably not a good idea that i do. Carbs are our families enemy. I dont buy them either. I think the last time a loaf of bread came into the house was a few months ago. I do miss marmalade on toast for breaky on the weekend.

  7. Oh, such beautiful vegies. I'm with you. Who needs education or amusement when you have vegies (although come to think of it, they provide both). I love it that your dog eats the strawberries. Ha!


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