Monday, 18 May 2015

Here I Am, Not Far Away, Just Hibernating

Gosh, it has been awhile since i wrote a post.  Is this what they call writers block? Have i committed the cardinal sin of blogging and been absent for so long that I've lost my readers? Truth is that nothing much has happened that was worthy of writing about.  "Hasn't stopped you before", i hear you say from afar.  Perhaps the autumn chill that has finally descended upon us here in Melbourne has sent me into hibernation. Now wouldn't that be nice?.  I think i could crawl into a nice warm cave and sleep for the winter.  Even better, when i finally came out I'd be much much slimmer.  Well rested and looking good.  Bonus!

Disclaimer:  Any similarity between the bear above and myself is purely co-incidental.  

You may have noticed me popping up in your comments here and there but in general I've been pretty offline. I've read some books and watched a shocking amount of recorded home renovating and cooking programs in the evenings. Today, however, the autumn sunshine appeared and woke me up.  I've been playing outside in the garden. Gosh it feels good.  I truly haven't been out there for weeks and look what i found.

Can you believe it?  Tomatoes in May.   I've broken my own record and have now been picking my own tomatoes from early December to mid May.  6 Months - Crazy!.  As Gavin from Greening of Gavin pointed out, i have my own little micro-climate going on out there.   I ate some sliced on toast with salt flakes and pepper and it was an explosion of flavour.   The remaining plant on the back wall of the house is full of green ripening tomatoes and even flowers reaching to the eaves.  The solar system tells me I'm generating 3kW of power so I'm washing my dishes and clothes for nothing.

These flowers are self seeded and certainly were not there a few weeks ago.  I'm definitely a lazy gardener. It looks after itself.  I am great at growing grass though and my low maintenance bunnies seem to enjoy it.  

Two weekends ago i had the pleasure of two munchkins for the weekend.  Maison and Chelsea live on the other side of the city now and our visits are too infrequent.  I pinched them for a weekend of cuddles and kisses.  Nope, i haven't started pinching their cheeks yet like some ole spinster but close enough.  Maison and the boys (sorry, my men) went off to see the Avengers on Saturday while i took Chelsea to KMart for some winter clothes for her birthday.  Can you believe that she is turning 6 and just going into size 4.  Tiny little miss but one with attitude and the confidence of an 18 year old.  The boys usually hang together while Chelsea and I get some girl time.

Chelsea, who doesn't eat eggs, decided she loves my "puffy cakes" otherwise known as quiche.  On Sunday Tom drove us down to Werribee South foreshore and while the sausages were cooking i made French Toast (bread soaked in egg).  She ate so many that she didn't want any sausages.  Hmmmm  i guess Chelsea does eat eggs, just don't tell her.

We had a lovely time watching the kids roll down the grassy slope with the other children.  I think the little Muslim girls, covered from head to toe, were better protected from grass rash than the others but i was worried about grass stains on their white hijabs.  Maison was scratching for hours.  We tore up the remaining bread and fed the seagulls creating a huge flock of noisy and competitive birds.  Such fun for all.  

Last weekend my Bestie and I joined the throng and attended the AFL's annual Pink Lady Match in support Breast Cancer.  It was a lovely outing on our own and I enjoyed our train adventure.  She travels to the city every morning and night on crowded trains and so I'm not sure she was so enthused. I'm not a footy supporter (she is a Collingwood supporter - need i say more) but i do love attending a game at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). So much atmosphere.

There was a minutes silence where i remembered my late sister-in-law Bellie and also a banner through which 300 Mums, chosen from 1000's nominated, ran through all dressed in pink poncho's.  We were given small LED torches that had a pink filter and when they turned the lights off it was amazing.  I think i equally enjoyed the company and just moving around the city late at night.  It felt strangely youthful, like we should be checking into one of the nightclubs for a boogie and a few cocktails.   Ummm  the fact that i said the word "Boogie" should be a hint that i am anything but youthful!.

This weekend we've been busy de-cluttering for a hard garbage pickup.  I don't know why we bother as it usually disappears before the appointed day (Wednesday).   Tom's old mattress, an unused sun lounge and a broken office chair have gone one way and an old bookshelf with 50 coats of paint that i was planning on stripping went the other.  I wonder if someone wants my green waste because that's about all that's left along with the old oven.

Rob and I went to see the movie Mad Max - Fury Road on Saturday night.

I know, you are surprised aren't you.  Surely that couldn't be my taste in movies.  Well normally I'd have to agree with you but Mad Max is kind of an Aussie thing.  I saw the first movie back in 1979 and i can tell you that George Miller has lost none of his touch.  Its my opinion that this one was the best.  My eyes were like saucers and i don't think i blinked once throughout the movie.  I was leaking tears without crying.  Such an avalanche of non stop action.  Thank you Bell for a the Village Card Christmas gift, the whole night cost us nothing.

I'm loving these flowers i was given at work last week.  No reason, they just thought i needed them.  I did.

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  1. ....and you didn't have anything to write about? LOL! I sometimes feel the same way especially if I am feeling a little down. Good to read your post and know you are not hibernating with that bear :-)

    1. Well at least i know ive got one reader left. Huh. I dont know, he/she looks awfully cuddly.

  2. Welcome back, I thought you might have been bogged down with work with your boss away. Lovely bunch of flowers, it's always so nice to be given flowers even if you have a garden full of them.

    1. He's not my boss travelling, just one of the factory employees. Work has been very stressful and that's why they gave me flowers. I take it so personally and they can see im wearing the weight on my shoulders.


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