Monday, 20 July 2015

Brrr..... Its a Cold but Beautiful Winter's Day

Are you sick of reading how cold it is in Oz yet.   Well let me tell you again, its bloody cold.  (Note to all OS readers, "Bloody" is not swearing in Oz)  What else would you expect people, its the middle of winter!  My friend Jessie in Ballan (40 minutes away) told me it was -6.4C so really, what am i complaining about.  I'm thinking that we will all need to acclimatize to these extreme temps and be more prepared.  I could, for example, actually buy a coat.  Not a ski puffy one that would make someone want to grab me and shove me on a pole outside a tyre place

Jeepers, the resemblance is uncanny!!!   (Gulp)

but a nice woollen one that is stylish and warm.  Problem? I hate shopping!  So i just layer up with whatever i can find on cold days with no regard to style or fashion.  Its not like we have a lot of days like these and well those coats cost a pretty penny.   I leave a warm house, get into a warm car (when its de-iced), enter a warm office and do the same in reverse for 5 out of 7 days so i don't want to spend a fortune on that sometimes only item.

My little seedlings are snug and warm inside the drink bottle homes in the garden.  More importantly they are also safe from opportunistic birds that eat anything green that i plant.  I have noted that nothing has touched the broad bean plants, and i cant say i blame them.  The things i grow for my husband!

So you would think that my sister (sleeping over) and i would stay inside, all snug and warm and watch movies or play Soduko and Solitaire on Sunday.  Well you are wrong.  I grabbed my big sis and we went for a drive, yet again down to the Bellarine Peninsular.  I'd found yet another person who has bypassed this little corner just under Geelong on their way to The Great Ocean Road.  They really need to do some PR work. I seem to be doing it for them.   Since i was only there a few weeks ago you can see a map on my last post here which featured Port Arlington.  Yesterday, after visiting the same bakery for bacon and egg brunch, we went further along the bay to Port Lonsdale.

The pier directly faces The Rip, where the mouth of the bay meets Bass Straight and its great to sit on the bench and watch waves from every direction crashing like a big washing machine.

Though there have been  navigational aids on this spot since 1852, this lighthouse first operated in 1902 and continues to be manned 24 hours a day (one of the last in Australia) even though it was automated in 1999. The Rip is the only entrance to Port Philip Bay and is one of the ten most treacherous navigable passages in the world.

OK, history lesson over.   Isn't it beautiful.  Though it was still chilly, there was a lovely warmth when you stood in the winter sun.  There were people both board surfing and in the distance kite surfing as well as plenty of people fishing.

We dropped off at a Farmers Market on the way home and bought some very cheap Pink Lady apples and then visited my friend Ella in Lara before making our way home.  On Saturday night (i always like to spoil Glenda) i cooked a Roast Lamb meal with lots of baked veggies.  I must say my gravy was just it and a bit. You know how sometimes all the planets align and its just perfect.  Finger and plate lickin good.   So on arriving home Sunday i made lamb fritters with chopped lamb, finely chopped onion, sun dried tomatoes, crumbled feta and herbed batter made with SR Flour.  Yum.  This is dry fried in a non stick pan.

Tonight the left over roasted vegetables turned into a Egg, Bacon and Veggie Pie.  

Line a greased pie dish with puff pastry followed by a layer of bacon, a layer baked potato, carrots, and sweet potato with green beans.  Then crack about 6 eggs on top and let it run between all the veggies.  I break the yolk.  Add another layer of bacon and then using all the scraps from around the edges do something decorative on top.  Bake at 180 for 40 minutes.   Its going to be a yummy lunch tomorrow.   Since i was away, Tom missed out on his weekly sausage rolls so i was booked to make them tonight.

Pinwheel Sausage Rolls - Frozen Sheet of Puff, spread with Beef Sausage Mince, Tomato Paste, Salami, Sprinkle of Cheese.  When slightly defrosted roll up tight and slice.  Bake on oven tray about 20 min. in hot oven.

These are the last of my summer tomatoes that have ripened in the kitchen.  I have lots of little seedlings coming up and i keep telling them, NOT YET!!!

In case you didn't know, I've lost my mind.  Actually make that my head, my hand and my foot.

Slight accident has left me feeling a little disjointed.  Hopefully i can pull myself back together soon.

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  1. WOW, Lynda, what lovely photos, I too am a frustrated photographer, with a tablet and small digital camera, your shots are lovely both the scenery and the food.
    Bellarine Peninsular looks stunning, beautiful holiday location. I just had a lovely couple of days with my big sister this week akso.
    I have never been to Melbourne, Brian has worked there, and it is def on my list of places to go when we begin to travel.
    So glad you found my blog so I could also find yours,
    Take care Lynda,

    1. Thats a lovely thing to say. All photos taken with my Iphone 5. Ive recently started playing with Picmonkey making collages.

  2. Lovely photos Lynda, we also had a day at the coast yesterday on a Orchid hunt, the weather was beautiful and lots of people on the beach dunes and some surfing but no big waves.
    How do you cook your broad beans? they are one of our favourite veg, when cooking them never add salt to the water, it makes them hard, add the salt right at the end seconds before draining. Don't leave the beans to grow too big, they become coarse. B.beans are also lovely served in a white cheese sauce, we also love them very small and cooked in their pods.

    1. I dont cook them often but when i do i just i try to get little ones and just do a light steam. Sometimes ill gently toss them in garlic butter but usually just steamed. When i was growing up Mum used whatever she had from garden which were often huge and she never pealed them - they were great big grey lumps that were boiled forever. We eat veggies differently now and cook them very little.

  3. you are funny (last photo) It's stinking hot here!!! Those photos are great. I need to make sausage rolls now!!

  4. Nice winter food there, Lynda! Nice photos too. There are several helpful tutorials on Picmonkey if you have the time which you probably don't have. We still have tomatoes growing. They survived last Friday when it was snowing at Stanthorpe and also the frosts. I freeze them to make tomato sauce without sugar.

    1. Yes, i do need to do some tutorials and yes, my time (ME TIME) is limited.

    2. hhhmmm miss Lynda, this is your supposed "Friend" that you said you were going to take to Port Arlington next time you go! (Just saying).

    3. You commented !!!!! Had i been with Kerrie or just myself i would have taken you but i wasnt sure what we would be doing. We did stop by on the way home!. We must plan another trip where lots of walking is involved. Some people are never satisfied!

  5. We've been so hot here that your wintry posts are refreshing!

    1. You guys are the same, only in reverse. We are never happy!!! I think that having so many animals to care for would make your situation a little more stressful. They rely on you.


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