Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bellarine Peninsular - day trip

Last weekend my BFF and I escaped for a drive around the Bellarine Peninsular,  only a 40 minute drive from home (about 1 1/2 hrs South West from Melbourne).  I have driven past the turnoff to Portarlington many times on my way to Queenscliff and commented that i had never been there.  Sunday was the day we got off the well worn route to our regular lunch spot and went somewhere different.

Don't be afraid of change. 
You may lose something good and find something better.

So for those overseas, this is where we went.

The Bellarine Peninsular is surrounded by Port Phillip Bay, Corio Bay and Bass Strait.  It is filled with wineries, historic seaside villages, and foodie destinations.   Extremely popular during the summer season, i find it just as beautiful during the cooler months and certainly much quieter.  It is still possible to take a "Sunday Drive" (read slow drive wandering all over the road, not paying attention to where you are going, looking at houses and talking non-stop).

Our first stop was the boat jetty at Clifton Springs.  Who knew such a lovely spot was at the end of the road.  It appeared to be a mostly residential village of 8,000 dominated by a golf club and new housing estates (they are breeding like a virus).  We hopped out for a short walk along the shore.

I'm trying to be artistic using PicMonkey.  I'm a frustrated photographer with only an Iphone.

My BFF rocking her favourite red scarf that i bought her years ago.  That gull is taking its life into its own wings, sitting on my car.  It was very lucky it didn't leave anything behind.   There is always something amusing to watch at the boat jetty.

Since we didn't know (or care) where we were going and the aim was to follow the shore we moved onto Portarlington.  This small seaside village has many historic buildings dating back to 1850's.  The village centre has still retained its old world charm with a rotunda and the large Grand Hotel dominating. We had lunch at the Portarlington Bakery.  What a charmer with log fire, authentic bread and delicious cakes. We both opted for the All Day Breaky  which at $13 was a bargain.  Warning - they take cash only.

We finally found the esplanade that runs for 10km along the shore line from Portarlington to St Leonards. Half way around i noted that we were not looking at the bay.  Our heads were firmly turned to the left assessing the real estate.  A mix of original beach houses and new glass mansions.  It soon became obvious that we were on opposite sides of the fence. I like old worldy homes and she likes them modern, minimalist with lots of glass.  We then moved on to devising a plan to spend our imaginary millions on first a beach house for our holidays and then onto investment properties. I did a double take and quickly did a U Turn because there it was.  Our future.  The worst house on the best street.  I'm not sure if it is occupied (God i hope not) but i was out there taking my photos anyway.  Take a look at the view!

Gorgeous isn't it (the view not the house).  The block was long and straight.  I'm guessing about 800m2.  We both watch a lot of real estate shows on Foxtel.  Its become an obsession of mine.  I dream floor plans. Guaranteed to go to sleep with a smile on my face.

I've posted the above thinking of a recent post from Gill, That British Woman.  Every week she gives us a selection of her favourite home, cottage or condo from the real estate site Toronto Life. Well last weeks "cottage" costs $12 Million, 8500 square foot on 11 acres of private island.   That is not a cottage!  This is a cottage, or was.

We moved onto our regular haunt in Queenscliff for coffee and found the older gentleman running the little nursery practically giving away Yukkas from his own garden.  At $3 each they were a bargain, so we shared them. On reaching home, i ended up with all 5 of them.

We stretched our day out till late afternoon still not having run out of chat.  I'm looking forward to returning to the area and doing some more exploring.

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  1. love the views. I am guessing it was a bit nippy cold the way everyone was wrapped up? One day we must visit Australia. My cousin has just moved there with his family, no idea where though.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip out Lynda, it's always good to find new places.

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day exploring places that are relatively near by. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Lynda, what a lovely day you had with your friend. Nice to leave the boys behind ;-)

  5. Wow, what a fun outing. Great photos from a lovely place.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day out with your friend Lynda. Nice views, thank you for showing us around where you live.

    Sometimes I do things with my best friend too, a bit of female company once in a while is great especially now as I am out numbered by males in this house. My best friend is like the sister I never had.



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