Sunday, 19 May 2013

Autumn Veggie Patch

Not a lot happening in the veggie patch at the moment.  Ive been busy at work and going to workshops on weekends so I've only managed to throw a few things in the ground.   The next few weeks should see some activity out there. 

Lettuces are doing well

Don't Laugh, i grow this because it looks pretty - i don't know what to do with Chard.

Leeks are looking like leeks now

Pea Babies ready for planting - yes i did grow from seed - miracle.

Basil Lettuce and perpetual spinach - it just keeps going.



This is it, one lemon, my first one - it will be better when it is out of the pot. 

Cumquat's on their way - hopefully

See, not too much there.  Parsnips, broccoli, Brussels sprouts seedlings are also ready and the garlic went in today because it had already sprouted an inch on my window sill. 

More great info on fruit trees (which i need to take note of from the look of that lemon tree) taken from yesterday's course, once i decipher and condense 2 hrs of recording. 

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  1. Your garden looks amazing LyndaD, puts mine to shame. Love how healthy everything is looking as well :)

  2. This looks AWESOME! I got a Lemon Tree for Mother's Day and can't wait to get a lemon from it!

  3. We've got a lot in the ground but a lot has also been eaten by bugs! I need to do a replant before we go away! Your garden looks amazing! You've got so much growing.


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