Saturday, 25 May 2013

Humour Me - Its my First

My first home grown cob of corn.    Woo Hoo!   I'm allowed to be excited as i never thought i would ever be doing this and it seemed to me, at the beginning of my veggie garden journey, that growing corn was kind of a bench mark to be reached.  My friend Ella, gave me some seeds quite late in the summer, so i wasn't expecting too much.  Next year i have big plans for my corn crop.  They are going to be working triple time as both corn producers, climbing poles for beans and shade makers for an under crop of lettuce. 

And so, that left me with one little problem.  How do you cook fresh corn straight from the garden?  I know, its sad, but Ive only cooked precut frozen little cobs from the freezer department of the supermarket.   Over to Google. 

Seems the most important rule is DON'T OVERCOOK.

Bring unsalted water to boil.   Drop the corn in and cover with lid.  Boil for 4-5 minutes and remove.  I dabbed a little butter, salt & ground black pepper, covered in foil and rested while i finished the rest of the meal.

Rob said he would have preferred just another couple of minutes to make them softer but when i tried mine that were literally jumping off the cob with the slightest pressure.  

He does seem to be enjoying it though and there was very little left when he had finished.   Mind you, all he could talk about was bourbon.  He hasn't been drinking now for a while and i guess he misses it. 

I do love corn when it is bought from the vendors at markets.  They are full of flavour and are juicy and soft.   I imagine they first boil them and then put them on the grill to get a little grill flavour.  If you have the one true tried and tested method, please let me know. 

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  1. Delicious - there's nothing to beat the taste of home grown corn, harvested and eaten straight away. You're quite correct - don't overcook. Scrumptious.
    Love from Mum

  2. I have to say our corn crop was sad this year (along with narf77 as she LOVES corn...corn and talking in the third person apparently! ;) ) yours looks a triumph. I am officially "jell". Have you ever tried pulling corn from the plant, husking it right there and then and just eating it raw from the cob? It is a complete and utter taste delight. Sweet, pops in the mouth and absolutely delicious. A bonus for the gardener :) Steve is off the booze as wine seems to be what is calling him at the moment...

    1. I had heard that raw and fresh was the way to go. I only managed two cobs (really one and 1/2 - as the 2nd had blank spots - which i reserved for myself)having planted only two seeds very late in summer. Next summer i will give this a go. I was in bed this morning with hubby daydreaming about visiting the Apple Isle with our camper trailer. I told him i knew someone now, to visit. I want that view of yours in the morning.

  3. I love fresh corn, and straight from the garden just kicks butt!

  4. Looks delicious, my corn was all a failure this year I gave it all to the chooks. Think I need to plant more so they pollinate, what sort did you use

    1. I have to check it out, it was given to me but they where white with red on them. How hillarious, such a gardener, i dont even ask. I have a friend that collects seeds as a hobby so i simply call and ask what's on offer - that and ready made seedlings. Lucky Me.

  5. Wow, corn in May, just a happy dream for us in frosty Tas! Your corn cob looks fantastic, you clearly have a knack for gardening. I am loving your garden posts, enjoying your reports from the workshops you have been to. I would love to try grafting new varieties onto my apple trees.

  6. I have corn coming up too for the first time! I planted it quite thickly in a block as they say it is wind pollinated. I love to put them straight onto the barbeque and cook until slightly charred. Oh yum!

  7. I found corn was so easy to grow. It must like our dry conditions lol! They do taste so much nicer when you grow them yourself. I just steam mine...




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