Monday, 13 May 2013

Thanks for 5000

I know this is only a small milestone in blog land but from little things, big things grow.   So time to reflect and look at some stats..   Why?  Because that's what i do.    I haven't set out to be Miss Popular but as someone who loves to read other's blogs and many many books, i seem to have lots of ideas and words running around my head that have finally found somewhere to go.  

Total Posts  - 61 counting this one

First Post - The Beginning  - 30 Jan 2013

Most Popular Post -  Emoticons, Text Message Shorthand - 10 Mar 2013 (Huh, what i knew the least about but good links)

Least Popular Post - 20/20 International Cricket  - 31 Jan 2013   (warning - stay away from sport)

Most Popular Theme -  This seems to be the posts relating to my veggie garden and also the Shoestring courses that i do on self sustainability and permaculture. 

Most Comments - Groan.... I Ate Too Much   - 28 Apr 2013    - are you trying to tell me something?

Comments - 190

Followers - 16 loyal and much appreciated


Australia            2519
United States      1032
Germany             294
Russia                 247
United Kingdom  241
India                    94
Canada                57
France                 48
South Korea        42
Romania              31

I think this is the coolest of the lot - I'm reaching out to the world and people are connecting.   I'd love to hear from you - I'm not in this to talk to myself you know.   If you don't have your own blog just follow by email and leave a comment. 



Thanks for visiting Living In The Land of Oz

PS.  There's a big gap under this title and i dont know why - still learning!   






















  1. Awesome stats! Isn't it exciting to know that people from all over the world are reading the words that you wrote? Such a thrill.

  2. Big gap? We can't see it girl! ;) Stats are the bane of my life. I could care less about them but Wordpress keeps sending them out once a year to remind me that I am not numero uno and that I should "try harder" bollocks! I love my blog how it is, I love my dear constant readers how they are and wordpress can head off to the next blog in line to try to get them to boost the wordpress profile, Serendipity Farm is a bolshie institution in sloth! ;)

  3. Congratulations Lynda! May you many more page visits!

  4. I'm so happy for you Lynda, that is so cool that you have those stats (I love stats too). I'm not surprised at your success, you are a clever lady. I wish the blog was a bit like facebook only for: at the end of all your and your followers comments I could just press the like button, because I love your followers comments. Hopefully see you on Sunday (let me know), so I can show you my new Greenhouse.


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