Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Disaster and Recovery

There are catastrophic disasters happening around the world everyday.  Some are natural but many of them  man-made.  The senseless killing of innocent people in Kenya this week has left me feeling a little shaken and saddened.  I felt that same way when 9/11 occurred. I was flattened for weeks and had to take time off work.  We see these headlines so often and its easy to hear them on the radio or see them on the TV and just keep going on with our lives. So why is it that one in particular makes you stop and it actually rocks your world (not in a good way).  Its  feels like an exclamation mark !!!!!   All i can think is...
Ive been off air for a little while as blogging is something that i do for enjoyment and when all else in my world is OK.  Which, of late, is not the case.  I certainly wouldn't be very popular inflicting my worries on others and who wants to read a post that glum and depressing and probably too personal for publication.  That just makes everyone uncomfortable.  I will simply say that as the mother of a teenage boy with Aspergers, my life is not always easy and in fact, it can be just plain hard and emotionally painful at times.  
Make that someones!

And so, how to lift myself out of these feeling of doom and gloom.  At times like these i am particularly hypersensitive to everything and no doubt I'm not the easiest person to live with or work with at the moment. Bursting into tears for no good reason and feeling like the the bottom has fallen out of everything.  Ive done the medication thing.  Perhaps, ill do it again but Ive been trying to focus on the good things in my life.  I was reminded of how fortunate i am when one of the guys in the office had to take his daughter (4) to the RCH to meet with specialist for her disabilities (Cri Du Chat Syndrome).  He is a constant support to me in my situation even when he himself has issues that far outweigh my own. His last comment to me before leaving was that walking through the doors of the Royal Children's Hospital here in Melbourne make you put things in perspective.

And so, tonight i looked around the house for way to demonstrate the good and the bad, the ups and the down, trying to get a new perspective.

Disaster (well its relative isn't it) - the state of the carpet at the end of the day with one little munchkin called Tilly running in and out all day.  The spirit level has taken up residence while we complete Tom's room makeover.

Recovery - the simple pleasure of cuddling a tiny package of softness and cuteness.  Believe me, she is only this way when she is asleep.  This is one very razzed up lady and its a priority when i get home to wear her out so she will sleep beside my bed ALL night.  

Disaster (or so Hubby thinks) - they are breeding !  Not long ago i came home with a plate full of goodies from Ella's.  That single brown plate just keeps going through the wash and being used over and over again.  Hubby hates it - we have all white crockery.   So when i took another plate home on Sunday from Ella's i was sure to ask for a brown one just to rib him.  

Recovery - he didn't seem to mind the plate when it was covered with a pizza made from left over beef rissoles tonight.
Disaster - I walked out this morning and found Blackie dead in the coop.   I think it was old age.  This was Tom's chook.
Recovery - reminding me that the effort of keeping the 4 remaining bantam girls is worth it.

Things have changed since Tilly arrived.  The yard access now has to be done in shifts.  I also need to fence in the lower beds and the girls have discovered my lovely worm laden soil that is meant for the tomatoes and cucumbers.   Seedlings are going missing everyday. 

Im feeling better all ready.


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  1. Hi Lynda hope your ok, you sound like the way I was a couple of weeks ago. Your pizza looks yummy. Try take it easy and treat yourself xx

  2. Oh Lynda, sorry you are feeling sad. It is so hard when you are feeling anxious and frustrated about your nearest and dearest.
    But I hear you about the children's hospital - I was in hospital last week with my youngest, having the most minor of surgical procedures, and going with her into the theatre and seeing her so tiny and surrounded by all those tubes and machines, with the anaesthetic mask on - I was so grateful that this isn't my life, or hers, that she's healthy and happy (mostly)...


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