Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday Magic - The Day after the Election!

Springtime Sundays don't come better than today.  Perfect sunshine without the heat and no scheduled activities.  Now if i didn't have to open my morning paper to nothing but election news (I'm a bit over it), i guess it would have been perfect.  Probably would have been more appropriate to have thunder and lightening for all the pending doom that's been forecast but we had clear skies and along with it, lets hope that everyone will get some confidence back and start generating some economic growth.  As a manufacturer, my firm has been quoting and quoting. So many jobs are on hold, waiting for the election to be over. Like what did they think would happen?  Manna from heaven?  Either a job needs to be done or not.  So frustrating.  I still have to pay wages while everyone sits around waiting for the sun to rise and no doubt they'll wake up this week and realise that they need a 6 week job done in 4 and ill be scratching for the cashflow to pay OT rates.

So, to get my mind off all these accounting thoughts, i got stuck into doing my monthly cleanup of  The Girl's yard.  I normally sweep it out and replace the straw each week but once a month the whole yard gets swept (with all manure and food scraps going into the compost bin) and a pressure wash down.  This removes not only the stuck on bits from "The Girls" (goodness, its like superglue) but also the piles of poop from the visiting birds that love my windowsills, Tom's bike, and the railing on the fence.  Im thinking that if the big coop in the back yard doesnt get built by Christmas then this might be a fortnightly job to avoid smell.

The Chooks Yard
Oh how i wish that the edging project hadn't come to a stop.  Picture that line of bricks with a capping tile the colour of the red leaves and going all the way down to the gate.  Everyday the girls almost cover the path with dirt and poop from their scratchings and everyday i come home and sweep it off.  What is the definition of stupid and waste of time????  So why do i persist?  Well the house has floor to ceiling double windows  (hence the need for a pergola - its on the North side) and i don't think i could wake up looking at such a mess each day from my kitchen.  I might just put in some temporary edging and save some time.  The little pink tray is full of ash and they have just (after several weeks) worked this out and pop in for a dust bath.

Well all this pressure washing makes a lot of noise and its wet so the girls, like it or not, go out on the back grass around the veggies.  Goodness me, this has taken a while to achieve.  A few weeks ago i had to chase them out with a broom and they still aren't eating too many of my kitchen scraps but i think they must finally be starting to get the hang of it.  I actually got down on my tummy in amongst them and they didn't scatter so i guess the food lady must be OK..  Yep, you guessed it.  A freshy right on the front of my top.  Thanks Girls.

All 5 in the one shot is a miracle.  There are definitely two groups still and they are rarely all together.

My favourite - Lacy.
  I know Jess but with me she is an absolute angel.  You must have brought out her dark side.

This shot is for Allegra.  Honey is doing well and enjoying her time at the holiday resort.  
So, what else makes a good Sunday?  A visit to Bunnings to pick up a birthday gift for my sister (post later this week) and a browse around the garden section.  I had to buy something.  Jess from Rabidlittlehippy made me.  Honest, she literally did (via phone).  I thought it was too early for tomatoes and she tells me No, there are early varieties that crop in 8-10 weeks so they should be ready late spring.  These of course are heritage varieties so i just picked a couple of cherry ones to start with.  She also convinced me that i could put a passionfruit on my trellised wall that gets a bit of heat in summer.  I added some strawberries to the list and so i came home with an afternoon of planting ahead of me.

Turns out the purple planter boxes i was given are a bit on the shallow side for strawberries so i see some flower seedlings being planted instead.  Yes, they are gigantic spring onions next door.  They just get bigger and bigger and they have become quite a feature.

So far, its sounding like a sorta OK day but could it get better?  You bet.  With the teenager still asleep at home, at midday (how do they do that), Hubby and I went to take a look at a new cafe that opened across the road.  I mean, we were that close anyway, right?

Check them out here   .  They supply many of Melbourne's restaurants with deserts and they just opened a retail outlet in Werribee.  Woo Hoo!!!!!

Yep, that's right, we had two salads and shared a bottle of diet coke.  Now, I'm about to show you what we didn't have.  Oh my my.  Its not like i didn't want to but i literally couldn't fit it in.  Next time, its skip lunch and go straight for the deserts.  They make all these on site - seriously - check out their site above.


Have you seen Tiramisu looking like this?

This is the one i would have had - Passionfruit Delice

OK.  If you havent seen all the photos, as in, they are not there, i don't know what i am doing wrong.  I'm using Blogger via Chrome and it all looks OK on my phone and my PC.  I've gone back and gone through Internet Explorer and they are all there as well so perhaps its just a word press thingy.  So, I'm lost.  I know others are having problems with my photos.  Any idea's?

This is my 100th post - phew  and i havent run out of things to say, yet.

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  1. Hi Lynda I sure can see all your photos oh how unfair all those yummy cakes now Im hungry they look delicious.
    Your chickens are just adorable.
    Ive planted some tomato seeds they are still in my laundry though not ready for the garden as yet. I didnt put tomatoes in until Melbourne cup last year as thats what everybody had said when you plant them, but they just seemed a bit late to fruit, so Im going early this year as well, all trial and error for me.

  2. Its nice to know im stumbling along in the dark with someone else. Actually, it would appear the dark is quite crowded and there must be only a few walking in the light of knowledge and experience. Goodness - how poetic of me.

  3. Congrats on your 100th post Lynda. A grand achievement indeed. Oh BTW, nice cakes!

    Gav x

  4. Oooo now I'm feeling the pressure. I suggested that they might be ok and worth trying for the record so I hope that they do work. Just keep an eye on the heat and the cool, particularly the cool for your marties for a month or so. Given the way climate change is going though... :(

    The salads and cakes from your new local look divine. I hope the coffee is as good as the the rest of their fare too. I WILL come and visit one day, maybe bringing Miss Allegra down to see her favourite Honey again too.

    Yes, I must have brought out the worst in Okku/Lacey. She and I just did NOT get along and it's due to her Orik is still wary of chooks. In the little personal war they had going on it was Hen - 6 vs Child - 0. Is it wrong that I laughed? ;)

    The election has had my hubby's company pausing many things too and I anticipate a HUGE shake up at work with the change in power now. I think so many people get nervous at election time when it comes to spending. I am surprised that they don't introduce a speacial 3 yearly pre-election sale just to cash in on the extra opportunity.
    I too gave my sheds a clean out but with Blackie sitting on eggs again I wasn't game to upset her by perch scraping. It's in desperate need of being done too but I desire more hens for our flock more than a spick and span shed today. It can wait a little longer. :)
    Oh, and in FeedDemon, my RSS feed, all the pis are viewable. Not sure what the issue was with the last post as I too missed seeing a few photos (although I could open them or at least the one I tried) but whatever it was, this post is all coming through clearly.
    Have a great week and congrats on 100 posts!

  5. I see all of the photos today, no idea why I couldn't in your last post. Love the garden and chook shots and who wouldn't love that dessert porn! EMMM! Do you get frost in your area? Just be careful with your tomatoes and get a bit of frost cloth if a frost is forecast. We don't even look at buying tomatoes before October here in Tassie. When we first got here and lived in town, Steve and I headed out and bought tomato seedlings and planted them when we would have in W.A. and every single one of them was killed by a late frost :(. We know better now...the rule is "don't plant before the Launceston Show"...seems to work, nature is in kahoots with consumerism! ;)

  6. Oh your chook area looks lovely - very spoiled chooks. They are so beautiful and FLUFFY. Awesome looking salad,and I would have a hard time choosing which dessert I wanted with all that choice.

  7. Lacy is a lovely lady. I'm a sucker for tiramisu every time.

  8. Your chooks look so fluffy and gorgeous! Loving the grey and black feathers on Lacy. And oh wow, the desserts do look amazing, would love to have one of each please.

    PS: I'm hosting an Airwick candle giveaway today and hope you will enter:


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