Monday, 30 September 2013

Sunday Sunday, doo doo, doo doo doo doo

Hands up if you know that tune.Yeah Yeah , i know its meant to be Monday Monday, but who wants to sing about Monday when its the start of a new working week and back to the grindstone.  Saturday is full of chores not managed at night during the week, shopping, chicken coop clean out, lawns and on and on .....   Nothing better than a Sunday with only a few errands so the whole day just unfolds.  I'm writing about Sunday before Saturday because I've left my phone containing the photos from the Royal Melbourne Show on my office desk and right now, it feels like I'm missing an appendage.  So excuse me if I'm out of sync this week.

My Sunday starts with some very very loud clucking right on 6.00am  For that matter, make that most days. I'm sure the neighbours wouldn't believe the size of the chooks making that much noise.  Those bantams make the loudest noise ever and even i cant pretend i cant hear them and have to drag myself out from under a doona into the cold to feed them.  Note to self, put the grain out the night before when they have gone to bed.

My very bossy girls.  Ive fixed their little red wagon, today i ordered the Royal Rooster Feeder and Drinker.  No more early morning feeds. Yeah me.  How dumb not to have done it sooner.  It will also help with keeping the other birds away.  I'm sick of cleaning up their poop. Like any Mum, its ok to clean up your own girls poop but not others!
So why is it such a big drama to have to get up.  Why cant i just go back to sleep?  Because i have a puppy in the house.  Once she sees me awake, that's it, play time.  She is so full of energy. Being only 10 weeks she is only making it as far as 4am (gosh its like having a baby all over again) and then with a little cuddle i can get her back down again.  Once she sees me out of bed though, the game is up and i have to keep her quiet so she doesn't wake the rest of the house having a weekend sleep in.

My name is TROUBLE!

Take one massive beetroot found hiding in one of the raised bed.  Its about the size of a softball.  A little woody on the end but salvageable.  

Skin and cut into large chunks, toss in  little oil, salt & pepper and garlic.  Roast at 180, cover in foil for 40 minutes.  Test with skewer for softness.  You don't want it mushy but just a little bite

PS.  I don't eat beetroot but Hubby and Bestie were impressed.

Waltz around the garden picking leaves from various green things including snow peas and baby beetroot leaves and give them a good wash. 

All packaged ready for early morning prep of lunches this week, and it didn't cost me $5 a bag (which i can re-use next week)
Talk about fluro eggs.  How yellow are these?  The scrambled eggs looked almost weird on the white plate with crispy bacon and toast triangles (no photos but I'm sure you get the picture)  but tasted divine.  Tom not only ate them (miracle) but said they tasted great.  Bantam eggs have a greater proportion of yolk to white.
This lettuce, which is one of the ones i pick my weekly bag from is months old and almost 2 ft high.  You can see the lemon balm on the left doing very well now that it has been moved from under a pile of parsley. 

There is so much growth going on i cant keep up.  This chard just took off and grew literally feet in a week.  I still don't do anything with it.  Please send a recipe that you think might be acceptable to two very plain eaters.  The spinach must be hidden.   I wouldn't grow this again (as i don't use it) but i planted it last spring and its still here.  At least it is lovely to look at.  The girls don't eat it either. 
I have several of these in my pot garden (all terracotta) and they are literally covered in bees.

I pot up smaller pots of lavender and move them around the garden beds wherever there are flowers to be pollinated.  
My sister has taken her grandchildren "home"  (read country NSW) for the holidays and so i did my sisterly duty and snuck in (on her request) and gathered up all the hidden Christmas presents to bring to my house.  Yes, she is that organised.  All put on layby earlier in the year, paid for and ready for wrapping.

Yep, that's me!  Santa's Little Helper - i knew one day i would sneak in a photo of myself .
 I Wish (and so does my Hubbby)

OK, so now that you are all thoroughly jealous and ive allienating every female reader and perhaps gained a few male ones, i will take my weary feet (long day at Show) to bed with some Dencorub and a painkiller.

Wouldnt you have sore feet and be uncomfortable walking for 12 hrs in those snazzy high boots and short dress on a very cool blustery spring day here in Melbourne.  Give a girl a break.   Next time ill wear opaques. LOL.

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  1. I thought that was a photo of you! ;-) Sounds like your spirits are up (wonderful!) and we hear you on the busy busy! Seems like there are never enough hours and energy to get everything done around here. If we are tending to one thing, something else is suffering - but we just have to make it work. We had a great time doing honey this weekend (post to follow!). Have a great week!

  2. Nothing like some garishly coloured scrambled eggs. Such a change after insipidly coloured or artificially coloured egg yolks from poor little caged hens. Your chard has gone to seed byall appearances. Save me the seed even if you don't want it to grow again? And any seed you drop will sprout seedlings. Save me them when you "weed" the bed too? My girls and boys all love it and the kids are getting a little bit mixed in with spaghetti bolognaise and in quiche etc. Anna eats it too and shes welcome to it until she starts to milk again. I'm not a huge fan of it either - never did like silverbeet.
    I'm guessing your lettuce is going to seed too given its height. Until then, buon appetit. :)

  3. What a lovely day you had. That Miss Tilly is a trick - such a face! Nice to hear you're out and about.

  4. Your veggies are doing well. We don't eat much of our chard/silverbeet, but the chooks love it. As there is not much green around, this is their little treat. It grows well so I will keep it going...


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