Monday, 25 November 2013

Decluttering - 20 Yr Old Wedding Cake & Dress

So what does a 20 year old cake taste like? Well i cant tell you because i wasn't game.  Plenty of people were saying "Go On, it will be OK" but i wasn't up for it.  It did smell divine.  Every bit as much as it did on our Wedding Day, 20 years ago.  

There comes a time during the process of "decluttering" you occasionally have to put all sentiment aside and just toss it.   I am gifting some very large cupboards to a friend and had to empty them by next weekend.  Lord, the stuff i had in there that had not seen the light of day for well over a dozen years.  All manner of stationery items, all our received greeting cards (and i do mean all) boxed and labelled by individual, dried up paint, a gazillion staples (why?), used manila folders and paper of every conceivable colour and thickness.  Anyone would think that i ran a stationery shop at some point, but no, i think it has more to do with a certain fondness for stationery.  Some people like shoes, some like fancy knickers, well i like stationery.  Its just the kind of girl i am.  I also love containers of any kind but usually matching ones that come in all shapes and sizes.  In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom cupboard and and and......   we are talking about decluttering, aren't we?

See, its official, stationery lovers have their own week.  I must remember to do something special next year.
So, on top of these two cupboards were many rolled up posters of various school projects, world maps, astrology charts, aboriginal art posters, you know really important stuff that must be kept.  NOT any more. All items in and on top that i deemed worthy for use by someone else (perhaps a budding SAH Mum that has plans for homeschooling)  have been boxed for collection.  Now why am i giving you such mundane detail of the contents of my cupboards?  Because, right on top in one corner, not the one furtherest away but the one right near the door and the place most likely to just throw something up to get it out of the way as you walk in, sat the top tier of my wedding cake along with the sugar flower bouquets that draped from one tier to the next (there were 3).  There it sat, all these years, and no one, not even accidentally, caused it any harm.  Amazing, as it was totally invisible, not only for short arses like me but even tall ones.  

Covered in a thick layer of dust.  No special covering, just cling film.  No critters had a nibble, no ants invaded, i must show this to Glad, good advertising material.  
Pretty amazing, isn't it.  Only the marzipan icing on the cake was slightly discoloured and the flowers still had their apricot highlights. 

My mother commissioned all three cakes and the icing from a lady in Leeton, NSW.   A true artist and no doubt the winner of many ribbons at the local shows.  The brandied fruit certainly contributed to the cakes preservation.  You could still smell it.  I just spoke to Mum and she was disappointed i didn't eat it or at least have a nibble at it and im kind of sorry i didnt.  

Anyway, i tossed the cake after taking photos and a ceremonial cutting and sniff with the family.  I have arranged the sugared flowers around a wedding ornament, also given to me by my Mother, in my display cupboards.  

Now ladies, what to do with my wedding dress?   I haven't looked at it for 14 years now and its up there on the top shelf of the walk in wardrobe along with my veil, garter belt and wedding "stationery" (now shopping for that was a good day).  What would you do?  Its too out of fashion to sell.  Its a large size (18). 

See, there was a husband there that day. 

Do i need to tell you this is my Mum (20 yrs ago).   Mum went all out on my wedding (though we shared costs) because the place where i was married and had my reception was socially out of her reach when she was young.  She was pleased i picked it and we really showed the locals that she/we were just as good.   There were orchids eveywhere that Mum had grown.  My bouquet was from her conservatory and is now named "Lynda's Orchid".  

These are photos of photos so excuse the quality. We are not all red in the original.   Do i keep it forever or do i really declutter?  It would be nice if another bride wore it but like i said, its out of date.  I even still have the choker.  

Thanks for Living In the Land of Oz


  1. WOW! Look how gorgeous you are!!!!!! Very pretty. I still have my dress and all the goodies that go along with that. I think what I am going to do is convert my dress into a couple garters and handkerchiefs to pass down to daughters and future daughters-in-law etc. Cleaning out feel good though huh?

    1. Ha ha - I'm guessing that you are very beautiful still. You can't mess up that much beauty :-)

    2. No, but you can cover it in fat. Ive tried to work on "inner beauty" LOL

  2. Beautiful photos Lynda, I have no idea what you should do with that dress though, Im sure at some stage somebody would wear it though.
    You are having a major declutter good on you { Im feeling guilty lol}
    You and my youngest daughter would get on well, she loves stationary I dont know anybody who can stand for an hour in office works and smiggle ugh. Now if it were an opp shop I could understand .......

  3. I too have my wedding dress and although it might sell I know I would only get a mere fraction of its worth ($2000 of dress is not going to come close to selling for that. If I got 10% I'd think I'd done well) but I'm not yet ready to sell it. I did try it on again the other day. Hmmm, body shape changes not impressive (6.5 years and 3 kids later mind you).
    I love the idea of keeping parts of it for daughters' dress accessories. :) Daughter in Law maybe? Maybe this is one thing you could box up and put nder the bed for now? Sleep on it (literally ;) ) for a few weeks?
    I did a huge delutter of my kitchen windowsill the other day. EVERYTHING on there was moved to a container for now and I promptly "recluttered" the sill with potted up seeds. :) Looks better and has become productive space rather than a dumping ground for minute crap. ;)
    Well done on your huge declutter too. )

  4. I am keeping my wedding dress safe to hand on as a heirloom to my eldest daughter. Being a size 8, I doubt she will ever fit into it, but I know it will hold a special place in her heart...

    I have many things I need to sort through, but the thought of tossing saddens me...

  5. I can't BELIEVE I missed national stationery week. That is definitely going on the calendar.
    That dress is gorgeous. I bet you could sell it if you can bring yourself to. It looks like it could be easily altered, and the fabric is beautiful. Alternatively, some clever person might want to use the fabric to make into beautiful flowergirl dresses or some such thing.. maybe freecycle 'to good home' to someone who has some creative plans for a lovely, sentimental dress..
    Well done on the decluttering. You are powering along!

  6. Wow, 5 comments, i am smiling from ear to ear. I dont have any female relatives to hold things for but i think since its only a flat box and there is always the top shelf in the walkin that i may as well keep it. Many moons ago i had a bus of guests from a local aged care home visit for a movie day and afternoon tea. Most had dementia and couldnt remember what they had for breakfast BUT since there was a wedding in the movie, we were all chatting about weddings afterwards. They could all remember the most minute details of their own. So i brought mine down and draped it across the coffee table and we were all very excited. Such Fun!. Perhaps ill keep it to remind myself when ive lost my marbles.

  7. Everything old is new again...someone out there would LOVE your dress... it's gorgeous Lynda :). You were a beautiful bride. My first wedding was something that I can't really talk about in polite company aside from saying that my ex's family and my family didn't really "hit it off" so my family did what they always did best and got drunk...sort of made the event "interesting" and we had to leave early so that I could breastfeed my 1 month old son...sort of obsolete getting married to be honest but hey... just call me an old traditionalist and be done with it. I, like you, found my wedding dress on a top shelf not so long ago. I didn't find the cake because I had eaten that in it's entirety WAY back within a few weeks of the wedding. Can't be wasting good cake now! (Lucky I wasn't within cooee of your house when you were throwing it out as I would have had to liberate you of that deliciousness...fossilised food is the BEST kind ;) ). I wondered what to do with it as it wasn't something that I would put on and swan around the kitchen wearing in front of my second husband...eHEM! ;) So I asked my daughters if they would like it and they said "yup" which is pretty much what they say about anything that I offer them. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of it ends up thrown in the bin or sent to the op shop...they have learned that it is easier to just take it and dispose of it than try to reason with their obviously clinically insane hoarding mother...sigh... it's theirs now. They can wear it for a Halloween costume for all I care but I still have the simple linen dress that I bought when Steve and I got married in the little church behind the house where we lived back in W.A. We didn't tell anyone and my son (18 at the time) was the best man and our witness...I had to race off at the last minute as the minister told me we needed 2 witnesses! EEK! I ended up with my boss from Pizza Hut and her boyfriend at the time at our cheap ass but incredibly lovely wedding and she cried the whole time! ;). Gotta say that for $500 it was the BEST wedding I have ever personally had a stake in (that included the wedding rings, the designer linen dress from a second-hand boutique and the nosh up afterwards with the kids ;) ). Sometimes you just have to cut ties with things that you are holding onto for "someday". You did a brave thing in dumping that cake (some freegan skip diver is going to share that with 10 of his mates ;) ) and if you could find someone who would like your dress just imagine how happy you could make her? The dress is a HUGE part of the expense and yours is absolutely gorgeous. I am dead jel. My first one was a bit err...shall we say "simple" and be done with it? It still has the red wine stain from my uncle Doug tipping the contents of his glass when he slowly pirouetted to the floor in a drunken haze (not before doing some kind of "interesting" dance in front of the ex's horrified rellies though...gotta start out how you mean to finish off is my motto! ;) ).

    1. Im imagining your first wedding and its too funny though at the time im sure it wasnt so amusing for you. Im lucky that i was saved from that horror by coming from a dry family though some would consider that a nightmare. No alcohol to lubricate the family dramas. There was however some sneaky pot smoked outside by a few of my old school friends (hey, i come from grass country, very close to Griffith). Mine was not an expensive wedding because instead of having it in the city i went back home to the country. There was only 75 present of which about 6 belonged to my husband. Poor Hubby, didnt know most of them and was so so nervous. Now that we know he has Aspergers i now cringe at having put him in that situation. It must have been truly horrifying for him. In his speech his hands a shaking like a grade 8 earthquake. The dress was the first one i tried on and it cost $500 and only needed the bodice shortened a little. I was given a video of the wedding as a gift and it was filmed by a TV crew so its over the top but a great keepsake. Gosh, it must be catchy. I looked through my own album to get the pics of the dress and then i went to a friends place and she brought out hers lastnight. Are memories ......

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