Monday, 11 November 2013

Look Mum We Are Eating Our Veggies Now

I received an email today with these photos from my friend Ella,  foster mother to my Girls.  Yes, they are eating veggies now!!   How annoying.  I tried so many times to get them to eat scraps from my kitchen and veggies from my garden.  It would just sit there all week becoming a limp and yucky pile that had to be scraped up and put into the compost.  I even cut them up into little bite size pieces and still they wouldn't eat them.   Traitors!!!   Perhaps they needed a little competition from a larger flock.  Still they are looking very healthy and happy in their new home and spending some quality time with a certain handsome fellow. I know a Mother shouldn't have favourites but I'm looking forward to seeing Lacy's (the grey one) chicks one day.  

That same Ella commented recently that she liked the tea set photographed in a newly organised wall unit and asked when we were having Tea.


Sunday seemed like a good idea so we enjoyed playing ladies for the afternoon.  Ella managed it quite well and i gave it a good try.  Its funny that all visitors these days get to waltz around the veggie patch before being seated for refreshments.  Lucky for me, Ella is one of my gardening gurus as she has the same type of raised beds as i and started quite a few years before me.  She is the Queen of Seed and has much knowledge which i found particularly helpful given that I'm currently at war with a few garden pests.  I did get to gift her a Lemon Balm plant that was a freebie.

When it came time to raid the garden for a small posy i had to really think hard and came up with dill and garlic chive flowers.  I added some random pink thingys hanging in the fernery which i don't know the name of.

Not flash but it did give me motivation to plant some flowers soon.

So what does a visiting garden guru, seed queen, foster mother to random chookies and ducks (I'm not the only one) bring to a ladies afternoon tea?

Take a look at the size of those eggs.  They are certainly not my girls little bantam eggs that's for sure.  It use to take around 15 of them to make a decent breakfast (for 3).   The blue one is a duck egg and im looking forward to trying it on toast with some hollondaise sauce and dill.   I only just learnt (since I'm such a beginner, at everything) that you don't wash eggs.  Just brush to poop off and let them be.  Apparently water gets in through the shell and spoils the egg.  Well who knew?  Probably everyone but me.

This space is where my piano use to be (now moved into front living room) and this bookshelf (there are two) will be turned horizontal and the shelving moved around to create a long thin shelf  at the bottom for DVD's and Blurays on this side of the room and on the other wall Tom's PC Games.   There will be a large shelf area above this for storing my sewing things and bibs and bobs.  
Work is still progressing with the decluttering and on the weekend Hubby built a new desk (there will be two in a galley style study) that sits in what should have been a formal dining area.  Who needs one of them?  The desk is 2200mm long and is made from a $99 kitchen bench top from Bunnings.  He added a baton to the wall, two legs ($24 each) and a side panel for support.  Its very strong.  He is now oiling it three times over the next couple of days (it stinks) but it will be stain resistant and food grade.  This side is intended for the office computer (currently in a back bedroom where i am currently locked away as i type this) and a spare workspace for ad hoc activities like sewing or soldiering (yeah right bud - that's banished to the garage but ill tell him when he finished).  The bookshelf will soon be turned sideways and mounted on the wall above the desk with some led lighting installed underneath (he is an electrician).

The desk will have cable holes cut into it to eliminate the usual cable mess and the monitors will be mounted on the walls with brackets.  Hubby is intending switch the current behemoth PC cases to mini ones (he has built all our computers) and mount them underneath so we don't see them either.  Nice and clean....    Once the PC and printer are installed we can start emptying the back office turning it back into a spare bedroom and things like old desks and massive cupboards will actually start leave the house along with alot of paperwork.  Gosh, this is such an exhausting process and all so we can achieve the final result of turning two bedrooms into one large one for a growing teenager.

Time to play with Tilly and do some housework before bed , so.......

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  1. Wow!!! Busy busy, as usual. I love the desk/table. Its quite beautiful. Chickens are funny birds huh? Little brats!

  2. Wow your hubby is very talented. You are getting lots done by the looks of things. I love your little posy ,very creative.
    Those girls do make a liar of you dont they standing there enjoying their greens lol.

  3. Yeah, he is a natural tradesman that can really put his hand to anything - I guess I'll keep him around - he comes in handy. LOL


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