Saturday, 18 January 2014

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe In, Breathe Out

Its been a tough week this week.   Not only have we had to deal with the shocking hot temperatures all week but it would seem that a secure job is not a secure job when there are arseholes involved. You guessed it, we are back to one income and probably more importantly my poor Hubby has taken another hit to his self esteem.  I'm wont go into too much details but we were not expecting this to happen.  Many people in his industry are in the same boat but gosh its hard when last year he/we went through five months of unemployment only to find himself with two jobs and to make, what would seem now, the wrong choice.  So many broken promises were made and stupidly we believed them. Lesson - if it seems too good, then it probably is.  It hard sometimes to not allow these things to change who you are.  I don't want to be bitter and to second guess people.  I know I'm often accused of being gullible, innocent and/or ignorant but the alternative is to be the kind of person i don't want to be.  Hubby has had so many knocks in the last few years he expects that something will go wrong.  So sad.  

Still,  I've learnt alot in the last year.  Ive garnered great advice and motivation from my fellow bloggers and I know that i can make this work, again.  Our first objective is to fight depression.

We have projects around the house that need to be completed where the materials are already on hand.
Hubby is a talented tradesman and I'm lucky that he can do many things that help us around the house that save us a lot of money.

On Friday, when i think it was 44C outside, our air conditioner broke down.  To many this would mean an impossible call to a service person eventuating in great expense and a possible 2-3 day wait.  For us, he simply opened it up, checked the board, found a swollen capacitor, replaced it for $14, and TaDa, its fixed. We have paint on hand and a fence that needs to be finished off.  Rob has his new tool box and a whole garage to sort out.  Plenty of things to keep him busy.  If he's reading this, id really like my water pump hooked up to the tank so i don't have to water the garden with $$$.

This is for all of us, not just him.  
Hubby has his own home gym we've discussed focusing on getting healthy and fit so that he is prepared for pre-employment medicals.  One less thing to worry about.   Why do they expect a 53 year old to be able to do the same physically as someone 30 years younger?  Is it a fair comparison? Do they consider the age when they ask you to do 10 squats without touching anything?  Can you do it?  He has 35yrs experience in his field that is worth far more than the ability to move fast. He doesn't get the job done fast, he gets it done right, the first time.  As someone that has the fault find others mistakes, he understands the importance of doing it once and doing it right.  

OK, I've shared my news and had a little gripe and now ill impress you all with my harvest tonight.  This was after a week of 40+ degree temperatures.  I watered in the evenings and strung a few ropes between the beds, hanging shade cloths sheets up with pegs to provide shade.  There are a couple of wilted leaves on some of the tomato plants but all the beds are deeply mulched and so retained their moisture.  

I'm feel lucky (sometimes) that my garden is small and i can give each plant exactly what it needs.  I probably obsess about them a bit.  Now, what to do with all those peppers?
Thanks for Living In the Land of Oz


  1. Needle and thread and string those peppers up to dry. You can then use them as needed AND they will be beautiful hanging there too. :)

    A rough week with nearly unbearable temperatures and job loss to boot. This week simply must be better. Hugs to all.

  2. Hi Lynda, well I love your frame of mind at the moment, you know the air conditioner , well that would of cost be $1000.00 to replace as I would have no idea what to do, so you are exactly right about its not how much you earn its how much you save. I hope Hubby reads your blog to connect that water pipe as thats a savings as I paid to have mine connected. This could be a good time to get all those little things done that need doing that will save you money and Rob should be very proud he can do those things {wish I could} . Wow those chillies look great. The cool change is wonderful isnt it. Stay strong xx

  3. While I don't envy your heat, I could do without the 2-4" of snow we are expecting tonight. It's downright cold here. Being that I'm officially unemployed now too, I understand the financial worries, but also understand the excitement of having someone home to work on projects. I'm pulling carpets and prepping walls for painting like nobodies business. Hoping to get our pellet stove in before too long. I'm sorry hubby lost his job, but better that than stay in a job with jerks.

  4. It is difficult when the main breadwinner loses his job and there is nothing harder than looking for a job when you don't have a job because of the added pressure of no money coming in. It is a lot less stressful if you have a job you are unhappy with and go looking for another job because if you don't get it you still have income. Nothing worse than the job loss when it's not your decision and men take it harder than women...I do believe women are more resistant (god we have to be to give birth and raise children I think). I agree that eating healthy, keeping him busy and achieving and completing jobs around the house will keep his spirits high. Job search in the morning followed by exercise and some home handyman jobs at home. One thing I can tell you is the experienced "home handyman" is a valuable resource. All my friends have the "to do list" for the hubby's to do and asking/nagging them repeatedly to get jobs done is stressful for the whole family. Maybe you could put the word out to your family and friends about any odd jobs they need done at $40 an hr or what you are comfortable with and even if he did 2 hrs a day for family and friends and friends of friends by word of mouth it's good money and the people appreciate someone they can trust to do the job. Hanging pictures, fixing doors, women have lots of odd jobs that can would love someone to come in and do. I myself have a mirror that has been sitting on the floor for 2 years and I can hang pictures but this mirror is one of those key hole things that a mm out and it won't work. I'm just saying this could be good for self esteem, income and family and friends would love to get those "to do lists for hubby" off the kitchen fridge. Something worth considering. I don't know what he does for a living but if he can fix your air-conditioner trust me ask around and I'm sure he can fix fences mow someone's lawn take some rubbish to the tip etc. Could be quite good for him and the money. Hoping that suggestion could help you out. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Thanks Kathy for taking to time to comment and putting so much thought into it. I agree that this would be a great idea. Trouble is we have no family here and Aspie's dont have friends. Im lucky i have a couple of girlfriends but that is our entire social circle. My blog friends are very important to me. He is building shelves today to finish a project ill post on very soon. He is an industrial electrician but comes from a trade family and can do pretty much anything. He's very talented. Just doesnt have a desire to help others. So ill be satisfied to get our own jobs done. Ive printed out the above graphic and put it beside his toilet so that when he is having his thinking time (usually negative) he might glance sideways and find some way out of his funk. He already has clinical depression and takes meds but when events like this occur it can be a very long slow dark cloud. I just have to give him space, and try to not take offence, and FORGIVE!

  5. Hi Lynda I am just catching up on your blog and I am really sorry about the news. Stay strong for both of you and I know you will get through. Could he get work fixing computers? Is he skilled enough to do that as a job? I thought if it was something he was passionate about he might feel more incline to do that. One of our computers is on the blink at the moment (blue screen of death so could be a virus or loose fitting) and I know it will cost me hundreds to get looked at so I am putting it off. Your veg look amazing and if you do not want to dry those peppers you could try my recipe for pickling them.

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