Monday, 6 January 2014

Gorgeous Greens and Veggie Patch Update

I love lettuce and doesn't this pic just make you want to make a salad, with just a dribble of balsamic vinegar and a shave of Parmesan.

So what does one take to Sunday breakfast at Ella's (thanks for the lovely scrambled eggs and onions on toast with a cappuccino) but a bouquet of lettuce, egg cartons and zucchini (still giving them away).

The veggie patch is doing its summer things and bursting with growth.  I have about three staggered crops of tomatoes and the ones i planted early October on a wall are coming into to full fruit. I expect them all to be ripe within the week.

The Diggers heritage varieties were planted in pots much later and seem to grow a little slower.  There are one or two fruit on each of the 4 bushes at the moment.

Zucchini are still popping out everywhere and seem to have really benefited from having the marigolds as companions (apart from looking stunning).

The main crop of tomato are just starting to form little fruit.  I am constantly pruning the shade leaves off to allow the light in.  Maybe i planted too many in this bed but many were also freebies that grew too big and i was too slack to transplant them.

Corn is ready to harvest and some have already opened on their own.  I'm not sure why but they have been feeding the birds or something.  Tomorrow night will be corn night.  I think i feel a corn relish coming on......

The squash plants have produced such massive leaves that almost the entire bed is obscured.   There are squash and bean plants, a very sad passionfruit in need of sunlight and another free tomato bush hiding in under them somewhere.

So far no aphids.  Ive tried all the tricks and i noticed a few love bugs the other day but they are harmless.  I need to get some garlic and onions in as well.  I think the key to successful organic gardening (hey, im only a beginner so dont take my word for it) is having it all - biodiversity.  Providing a home and a diverse range of food for the good guys to fight the bad guys (very scientific explanation there).

Washed and dried out in the sun - ready for crushing.  This is one of my favourite jobs. I sprinkle them around the garden to discourage slimy suckers from getting my food.  Here that snails, its MY FOOD! 

Don't get too excited, i know i have an addiction to coffee but it did take a week to collect these bags.  We wont mention the ones at the office.  The coffee grounds go onto the garden or in the worm farm and the paper is recycled or composted.  

Alyssum - beautifully edging the garden beds, attracting bees, ladybugs and butterflies.  Insects that eat the baddies are also attracted to Alyssum.  They seem to really help the tomatoes.  
While i was at Ella's i got to visit "My Girls" and to check out for myself the transformation of Ole Cranky Pants Molly to Mother of the Year.  She is so good with her little 4 chicks and we sat on a bench for a while and just watched her fussing over them as they walked all over her.  So Cute.  

That's it.  Another late night.  Last night i was up till 2am because i could not put a book down until i had finished it - Home Front by Kristin Hannah.  Wouldn't have been so bad except I'm up at 5.30 am.   Oh well.

Thanks for Living In the Land of Oz


  1. Wow Lynda your garden is looking spectacular everything is growing fantastic. Those chickies are pretty cute.

  2. Hi Lynda, Everything looks so lovely. Our garden is in recess at present - it has become too hot and humid to do anything. I'll be pulling out the last of the big zucchini from which I have harvested close to 10kg of fruit, all grated and frozen for tomato sauce. So its garden envy from here.

    1. 10kg, that's awesome. I imagine that most of my tomatoes will be eaten fresh so ill be buying in some saucing tomatoes and taking them to Jess in Ballan for a big bottling session.

  3. Your gardens look lovely.I must come down and have another wander through. Your garden is really lovely. :) My tomato "weeds" I got from your garden are all flowering which is exciting given the cold summer we've had up here in the hills. There are a few flowers out the back too. Time for a big powerfeed for thm all I reckon. :) My zukes and pumpkins are all still tiny although with a few warm days and a little food things should take off. I do have 1 flower on one of my pumpkins though. :)
    You're absolutely right about gardening too - plant it all to mix it up. Mono culture crops encourage mono culture bugs. Alyssum looks beautiful too hey. It's the bonus that makes encouraging predator bugs even better. :)

  4. I am ready to do some heavy feeding as well. The Boys hate it as it smells and i have to shut up all the doors and windows. Very Fishy. Ive got a few jugs of worm wee to water down as well and spread around. The lettuce seems to have benefited from my coffee wash. I put my dregs of black coffee into a little watering can in the kitchen until its half full and top with water. I light sprinkle over the leaves and so far nothing it eating them.

  5. Fantastic looking produce there Lynda, and oh so cute little chicks.

    1. Thanks Tanya, i appreciate your compliment. I cannot imagine having to deal with the temps that you have. You do an amazing job.


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