Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tupperware - Beware

That title sounds ominous.  Do i have some deep seated hatred of Tupperware?  Nope, in fact i love it.  I love the colours, the nifty fit together modular "systems" that organise your fridge or pantry.  The uniformity when its all put together.  The handy little gadgets you get as welcome gifts that fill your bottom drawer - i though i had them all, but no, there was more to choose from and so many new products to oggle.  

OK, before you all start thinking that I've gone off my decluttering rails - i say "beware" because it is so so tempting but - I DID NOT BUY A THING.

Not even this cute insulated bag to carry my sandwiches in for lunch.  
Its been quite a few years since I've been invited to and attended a Tupperware party. I remember my first being at around the age of 15 when all the products were burnt orange or mustard colour.  I still have some of those in my cupboard which i guess is a good endorsement to their longevity.   

My good friend Ella invited me to be a bum on a seat.  Really!  Since i have such a large one then i guess she was trying to cover two places. 

I helped her out by inviting another friend who then invited her daughter and so Ella ended up with 10 bums on seats.  What a party it was.  So much so i didn't take a single photo. For someone who is known to have her Iphone always to hand and will literally interrupt someones dinner and ask them if i can take a photo of their meal (i did truly - it was food art) it was an indication of how distracted i was.

Our salesperson, Es, is a friend of Ella's from the other side of the city.  Not that she needed one but having a party was a reason to catch up.  She brought her family as well, more on that later.  Es and Ella deserve an award, it was a great party.  I didn't know at least 5 of the other ladies but what a great crowd.  We laughed and laughed and talked and talked and ate and ate and giggled and giggled for hours.  I hope that Es actually got some business out of it because it certainly didn't feel like i was being railroaded into buying up big.

Jeepers, i thought the before looked pretty good, compared to my pantry.  Lucky its a small walk in and i can shut the door to hide my sins.  
Ella had released me before hand from feeling the need to buy anything, though i was surely tempted.  I know she had her party to try and achieve enough sales to get her own pantry looking like the one on the right above and so guilt was present i can tell you.  I struggled with wanting to help Ella and giving in to my love of containers and the thought of bringing more plastic into the house thus perpetuating the consumer driven need to manufacture more plastic products. Phew, got that one out. Is anyone out there going to give me a gold star?

These however, were very tempting.  Tupperware have a range of small hand operated processors that use the latest in wiz bang technology. Somehow i think our grandmothers and the Amish have been here before.  Instead of turning a handle you pull a string.  They do work but you know that I'm dreaming of a Thermomix and if i fill the house with appliances then i wont "need" one, it will just be a "want".  So I'm going to martyr myself until its an absolute necessity (as if) and then ill feel justified in getting one.  At the current price ill be 80.

I digress, back to the party.   In one of these contraptions above (invoking lawnmower zip technology) we put the ingredients for sticky date muffins (cooked in microwave) and then once rinsed the ingredients for fresh raspberry icecream. Zip Zip Zip on the cord and the cream is whipped and the raspberries chopped and its into a freezer.  Another rinse and it was blending up caramel sauce (also microwaved) and we were all feasting until not a crumb was left.  I loved the icecream.   I really think these would make a good addition to my "Glamping" trailer but i was being very very good.

I haven't told the exciting news.  After introductions we were advised that it was National Party Week for Tupperware.  During the week, all registered parties go into a drawer and one in five will be called.  We had just finished talking about it and everyone was kind of "as if" and Ella's phone range.  We each will receive a free product (so i didnt go home empty handed - well i did, cause it hasn't arrived yet).  Both Ella and Es were over the moon.  This also gave Ella more specials and discounts and i think Es some bonuses.  Go Ella.  Then because she had 10 present, she got more gifts.  Woo Hoo.  They are very generous at Tupperware, but somehow i think they can afford to be.  I mean, its all about generating excitement and making parties fun, right?

This veggie steamer was the bomb but at around $170, i think ill still stick to my supermarket ones that i buy on special for $3-5 each and just replace when needed.

I know, I'm up for another party shortly, as my besties (my guest) volunteered to have her own.  More temptation.  Thanks go to Ella for providing a yummy afternoon tea of homemade humus, veggies and sourdough and my favourite, jelly slice.  We stayed for a pizza dinner and then once the mosquitoes drove us inside, some coffees and more belly laughs.  Es's husband is so so funny and we were in stitches. We finally forced out way out of there at 8.30pm and by all accounts it was the best Tupperware party i have ever been to.

Thanks for Living In The Land Of Oz


  1. I love containers to Lynda, I admit when I was 20 I bought all the tupperware containers and I still have them all lined up in my pantry, pale pink in color I dont think they do that color anymore. They are 27 years old lol. I keep them all in the same order ..... yes I have ocd. I must say I do like the containers for storing left overs they are very handy to take to work straight from the freezer.

    1. I knew you would have Tupperware. Gosh, some of that ancient stuff still looks like new. It certainly is long lasting. Usually the only way it gets replaced is if it gets lost or given away because you want the new stuff. The latest colours are amazing. All super bright pinks, purples and greens. Oh well, im happy with what i have though i will go to Ella's and be full of envy when her pantry is all organised, sorted and labelled.

  2. My mission is to get as much Modular Mates as possible. Everything in my kitchen has to be in a container as I get mice. I have been buying the Sistema brand from Safeway, I like them, but comparing Tupperware to Sistema, I do like how Tupperware's plastic is thicker, I just think it quality. Another thing I'm exited about is I live in the hope that I will have a kitchen renovation with a walk-in-pantry. What I am looking forward to is having a section in the pantry that will only be Tupperware - perhaps all of the baking stuff will be in the Tupperware. Can't wait for that day.

    I had a great time at the party too. I think my friend Ez is a fantastic Tupperware person. I'm actually having another, again, yes again...on the 22/2/14 at 3 if you're free. I had one booking already and tried to get another party booking but no body was biting, for me to get an extra $200 worth of vouches I decided that I would have another party and hopefully the people that couldn't make the first one will be free and want to come to this one. I think the theme for this one will be Cocktails - doesn't that sound like fun! I think so.

    1. Good luck with your next one. I have Kerrie's to go to and as you know circumstances at the moment are not conducive to spending. Good luck getting bums on chairs as once they are there, they are in for a good time.

  3. I've got a bit of tupperware and my pantry needs a good clean out after the kids have been home on school holidays for two months. I do own a Thermomix and they are worth their weight in gold. My kids both know how to use it and they are 10 and 7. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Lucky You Kathy, im waiting for the price to come down. I have a friend with one and i know a distributor and yes, they are amazing. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I actually got rid of all my tupperware and I try to keep plastic out of my house (I fail dismally). Just be careful of the rock n serves or any of the hard clear plastics as they used to contain BPA.
    It IS hard to go past Tupperware though with their clever marketting, funky colours and time saving designs. I had one of the pre-cord zip-zip choppers which worked ok but I wasn't overly happy with mine. The new technology seems much better though. :)


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