Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hedge Trimmer 1 - Tilly 0

Hmmmm we kinda knew that this would be on the cards one day.  Tilly has a fondness or is it a fascination for garden tools.  Especially the kind that make noise.  So far its just been barking at the whipper snipper or the lawnmower but today she decided to take a swipe at a hedge trimmer.  Lesson learned by all - Tilly must be locked in the house if we are using dangerous tools.  It could have been so much worse but as it was, she cut the pad (though quite deeply - don't tell me details) on one of her paws.  It may need stitches but we were advised to wait till Monday to have it done by our own vet..  It cost us $220 at the University Hospital to wash the wound, bandage it and to get a pain killing injection and antibiotics because it was the weekend. They wanted up to $700 to put 2-3 stitches in.

You cant keep a good dog down and since we are speaking about Tilly, you cant keep her still, you cant stop her from jumping, and you cant keep her clean.  Gosh looking at this photo, she also needs to get to a groomer, soon.

So of course i managed all of this quite well, NOT!   Hubby was holding her and i was driving when i veered to a service lane, jumped out, vomited and then proceeded to faint.  Poor Hubby, holding a bleeding dog and not being able to help me either.   I was useless.  It wasn't until he had Til in the hospital that i felt well enough to stand up, though drenched in sweat and a white as a sheet.  Gosh, this is annoying.  Its totally involuntary and i hate that it happens.  Blood and i do not mix.

Funny story - i can remember being in a cinema watching Dances with Wolves before i was married and you know the scene at the front where he pulls his boot over his bloodied leg they were going to chop off, well i collapsed on my dates shoulder and didn't come too until he was already at the fort.  I wonder what impression i made on that date.

Funny though, when it comes to Tom and can hold it together long enough to get him to medical help before i pass out.

So now you know that you wont find me watching any gory movies, and i probably am not the best person to rely on in an emergency involving blood.

Tilly and i came home for a much needed rest.

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  1. Oh no. I have a friend who passes out at the mere sound of the word "blo...". Yep, the word is enough. I feel for you. I'm a fainter too but blood doesn't worry me at all. I managed to faint, whilst at work as a security guard after having had my belly button pierced! Talk about embarassing.
    I am glad Miss Tilly is ok and I hope that the stitches go in easily tomorrow and easier on the purse too. Hugs to you all. Not fun day for any of you.

    1. I fainted when i had my ears pierced. I fainted when i got a blood blister in metal work. I fainted when they were talking (just talking) about amputations. Ive fainted so many times that i know when its going to happen and hence when i was driving yesterday i knew when to pull over.
      Its so yucky, mostly the aftermath. The sweating and the clamminess. It really knock me out for the rest of the day. Yes, bit of a wasted day and so im hoping to make up for it today.

  2. Oh poor Tilly, what a hard day for you especially trying to drive to the vet in that state. Hopefully a better day today. x

  3. Poor Tilly! Poor you! Most animals run the other way when it comes to noisy things. Apparently not Tilly! What a brave little dog. Maybe she learned a good lessono.


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