Sunday, 25 May 2014

Gavin's 50th and Weekend Mish Mash

That's right, Gavin (who really does need no introduction (Greening of Gavin)) is now 50!  He can now join the rest of us known as "old and wise".  Some might say this title comes much later and I'm well aware that i learn more every day, but i'd like to think that once 50 you've been around the block a few times and might have accumulated some wisdom from having made so many mistakes and survived to talk about it.

This is especially true with Gavin and there are many, many, many, many (OK, so he has a lot of followers and readers - don't rub it in) who have benefited from his wealth of experience and knowledge.  What i love the most is that if he doesn't know something, he researches it, masters it and then freely shares it with the rest of us.

I'm keeping both Gav and Kim in my "friend" book because when the world does go to shit and we have to start looking after ourselves a bit more, i want him close. Did i tell you i was 50 and therefore wise?

The opening picture was drawn by the lovely Kim (Gav's better half) and was on the front of MY invitation. Note that he carries a bottle of beer and a pizza.  I can assure you that this was an accurate representation of last night as the homemade pizza and beer flowed freely.  Nothing taste quite as good as pizza cooked in a cob oven.  His garlic pizza is to die for -  it had a sprinkling of sea salt on it which gave it the wow factor.

Mega Lasagna!!!   Loving this tin.
What i cant show you is how beautifully setup everything was.  My photos are really too dark.  Tables were grouped intimately, with candles burning and lovely table settings of rosemary, lavender and the odd pumpkin thrown in. Twinkling lights surrounded the roof.  A warming brassier was burning down one end and the heat from the pizza oven warmed the other end.  Lovely and cosy.  Jessie  (rabidlittlehippy) kept me in stitches most of the night and (lets just call him) The Wanderer kept us on our toes.  Hubby was also there and having met Gav for the first time has cheekily asked for a return visit.  The two tech heads can talk solar while Kim and I chat it up.  Gav needs to harness Hubbies big brain and lifetime of trade skills and bring him over to the self sustainability (Light) side.

The highlight of the evening was a musical interlude sung and played by Kim and the family.  The original song was titled "Its All About You" and it brought many laughs and the odd tear from Ole Gav.  My favourite lines from the song (which i have a very bad recording of) were:

Yesterday Teddy asked us how old are you
Holly said you were 92, Its all about youuuuu......

Bunty said your very cute, shes in love with youuuuu
The chickens, all agreed you're a hundred and twoooo...

Well you get the picture it was very funny and sweet.  It was truly lovely to see a family who obviously enjoy being together and having fun.

When Jess, Gav and I were huddled around the dying embers of the pizza oven we were playing phone wars showing photos of our garden. Thank God i had something to show as my garden is half empty and minuscule compared to theirs.  The following were my weapons of choice taken Saturday morning:

My first mandarin, ever!

Something is munching on my lemon tree - these are my first real crop of lemons.  Jess tells me i need to get my big girl panties on and pull em down to pee on it.  The men in my house have declined even though it would be so much easier for them since they come with a convenient hose!

Miss Tilly proof onion bed - looking good.  

Peas on their way up and podding already - crazy weather  

Miniature cauliflower

Lots of Cos


More lettuce and garlic chives

Pepper bush still going from spring of 12/13.  Something is eating the leaves on this as well.  

Keeping in mind that it is Mid Autumn and we should all be starting to rug up and have all our winter crops well and truly in, Melbourne's weather for the last two weeks has been crazy:

Temps in Celsius

Wed 14  - 21
Thur 15  - 22
Fri 16     - 23
Sat 17    - 24
Sun 18   - 21
Mon 19  - 24
Tues 20  - 26
Wed 21  - 22
Thur 22  - 23
Fri 23     - 23
Sat 24    - 21

This is the longest run of over 20's ever recorded in May.  I don't think the veggies and other plants know what to do.  There are so many things flowering they must think its spring.

Early Saturday morning my big sis turned up bearing orange juice, bread and bacon.  I guess she wanted breakfast.  Coooool.  We later went SHhhhhhh  "shopping" for some winter clothes (on sale) and spent the afternoon visiting another friend who was supporting her daughter's new business venture selling Oasis Homewares.  If you are interested in anything or looking at a catalogue, please email

I don't need any more homewares but this stuff is made from recycled materials and environmentally sound products like bamboo. So to give support as well, I bought a large glass bowl and matching smaller ones with visions of a trifle (i seem to have misplaced my usual bowl),  parfaits or a bowl of my lettuce in a salad sitting on a table looking marvellous.  The bowl is made from recycled glass.

Karen was one of my Shoestring leaders when i was first starting out on this gardening adventure and so i was keen to see her garden.  She now works full time and so she had not been out there for a while.  It was amazing to see what grew all on its own with no attention.  She reached down and grabbed a hand full of leaves and pulled up a bunch of heritage carrots all sizes and shapes.

Funny how men go all silly when they see a misshaped carrot - well mine do anyway.   
Well Karen, who seemed embarrassed by her offering, today those carrots became carrot soup for lunch and they tasted like yummy carrots to me.

Time to Escape to the Country (my normal Sunday wind down viewing) and some yummy cottage pie that has cooked whilst I've been entertaining you (or myself).  Made from my slow cooked meat pasta sauce from the freezer, some added veggies (peas, corn etc) and covered in garlic mash a bit of cheese.  Yummmm.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great night at Gavins party and how nice that your hubby wants a return visit. I think sometimes men need to hear the message from other men not from their wives. Those carrots did make me giggle but that is the fun of growing your own you get all sorts of wonderful shapes. I have grown a few capsicums with noses in my time.

  2. Lynda, at our old house we had an awesome lemon tree. My 10 year old son was forever peeing on it. Maybe I can send him to your house twice a week to do the same? ? Lol ��

  3. Fi, you only have to enter carrots into Google images for a good laugh. Mother nature having fun.

  4. Mother Nature has as dirty a mind as her children do! Home grown carrots are the best fun and their weird and wonderful, not to mention dirty shapes, are what makes it so worth growing them and not boying them. Oh, and of course the ultra carroty taste too. Mmmm
    Your garden looks fantastic and far more productive than mine at this point in time. Garden envy from here I tell you.
    Gav's party was awesome hey. And yes, the Wanderer was interesting. I bet he had one hell of a hangover yesterday though. I think my favourite part of the evening was the homemade beer. I may have only had 1 sip to taste but I thought it was awesome that Gav went to the trouble of making it all for his guests. Awesome hosts!

    1. I agree. We were the guests but we were well and truly spoilt by the hosts. Hubby said the beer was great and since he doesn't drink much (maybe a glass a month) i expected some after affects but he felt great.

  5. Does it sound like i'm inferring that Gavin has made many mistakes in his life?

  6. Sounds like an awesome night. The garden is looking fantastic. Oh that soup is making me feel hungry right now. You might have hubby converted to the green side for you. Wonder is I could get Gav to convert my kids. Its hard being the only greeny in the house I feel like a nagging dragon

    1. I so know what you mean. I spend all night turning off lights and saying NO to everything. At least you are a pretty nagging dragon.

  7. It was great to meet you at Gav's party and have a good chat about all things sustainable and engage in some silliness.


    1. Likewise, ive been over to check your site and now know what "Six Gorillas" means. Good analogy. I love being silly and its always good to have company.


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