Saturday, 5 July 2014

Oh Blue, How I Love You!

Gorgeous, isn't it?   How many times over the last year have i shown a photo and apologised for the grey ugly fence in the background.  Oh, how it spoilt my day (First World Problem, right there).  Well, no longer. Instead I'm going to be pointing it out.  "Hey, never mind those veggies, check out my fence!"

Flash Back - I'm trying to erase it from memory, but here it is.....

Isn't it awful?  The fence, not my husband, though he is trying his best to pull a Rambo face with his blower vac, which is not working but don't tell him.   So you tell me, which looks better?   Imagine plump red tomatoes on green vines against that blue. Imagine berries and apple trees espaliered against this fence.   Its going to be awesome!  Im going to have real trouble harvesting now, as it will spoil my art.

Things have been moving along this week despite being out of action (yes, i am still whinging about my tennis elbow - grip strength now a pathetic 17) and my hubby being away all week.  I've hired in some help using my pocket money.  I dont need stuff, i need help.  My new hero is Joe.  Everyone should have a Joe.  As an older gentleman he has a strong work ethic and I'm very comfortable leaving him at home with Tom to do his thing.  He's kept Tom company and is making his way through my list of home maintenance that keeps being added to.  Joe is happy to work for just a few days a week and that suits my ability to pay him.

I wish my Mum was online because she has been telling me for years to get this laundry door painted.  The tread board had no paint on it at all and was as grey as the fence.  Well, check it out now, Tilly is.

On Monday, the front door will be painted the same colour as this and the surrounding door and window frames will be repainted a more modern cream.  Our house was built 19 years ago and back then cream and burgundy were the in thing along with heritage green.  We haven't changed our pallet as it works well with the bricks but have opted to deepen the burgundy (Colorbond - Headland/Manor Red) and the cream (Colorbond - Paperbark).  We also chose, back then, to do everything in timber, no aluminium.  As you can imagine we are more than ready for some sanding and repainting.

Hubby is still up in Cairns and has worked 10 hr days all week including Sat.  Today he got to have a day off where he has done his washing and hopefully he will chill out somewhere for the rest of the day.  He's having to readjust to being away, as have we, though he is doing it in 28 degrees.  Nice!

My sister and our little Chelsea popped into work on Monday and surprised me with chicken soup and a lovely bunch of flowers for my desk.

Her son, wife and children came down from NSW and stayed with us on Thursday night before taking the 3 kids to see Thomas the Tank at the Melbourne Arts Centre in the morning and then later Disney on Ice. What a great day for the kids and when i checked in with them afterwards, there was only one word muttered from both parents "Exhausted"! They were following this up with a visit to the aquarium before heading back home on Sunday.

Little Hunter
I might have mentioned in our previous trip posts that we love open fireplaces.  Rather than spending alot of money staying overnight somewhere Tom and I bought one on the weekend and he's been happily making fires all weekend.  We had visitors for dinner last night and we finished our meal with melted marshmallows outside before coming in to play games.

Yummy rich pasta sauce is the easiest entertainment meal ever.  Lots left over for freezing for future lasagna.  
The bottom of my potting bench has become a wood store.  
As all post must include at least one obligatory photo of Miss Tilly (reflection in door not included) then here she is having just had a bath and a little haircut (to uncover her eyes).

Its a work in progress - she's a moving target.  
Hope everyone enjoys their week and doesn't forget to water, even though it is winter.  There has been only a little rain and I've just done the finger test and its quite dry in my raised beds.

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  1. Oh I need a joe around here. Things a looking great. Love love love that fireplace and toasted marshmallows yummo. Miss Tilly is looking cute as ever. I bet Tom loves making fires in the fire place

    1. I was woken at 9am this morning with a "Mum, are you awake, ive made you fire". That would be outside on concrete in 5 degrees. It actually takes a while for it to generate enough heat (the clay or whatever has to heat up) to sit without rugging up.

  2. Oh dear lol that is sweet . You are going to be very spoilt I think with lots and lots of fires. Might be earlier next time lol

  3. What a glorious blue! I've just thought to leave our fences natural color, but you've got me thinking now ...


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