Sunday, 27 July 2014

Panic!! Such a bad Impression

Oh No, I've just been linked in Blog Hop Around The World by Jessie from (Rabidlittlehippy) which means not only is a post expected from me next week, but also there may be some new readers visiting my lowly blog.  Since this blog hop is about creativity, they are likely to be wondering "What The' given some of my recent posts.  I don't think that my hubby's flatulence or my going bald is considered to be creative.  Or perhaps my creativity exists in being able to take such subjects and create posts that have generated a surprising number of views.  What does that say about my regulars?

Creative? I Think Not!

Well, before you leave thinking that Jess got it wrong, can i take a rain check and get you to pop back next Monday because I'm mid project at the moment and its really cool, if i do say so myself.   I've taken a packing crate from work and I'm waving my magic wand over it and creating something unique for my garden.  No its not a garden or compost bed.   Even better, if you join my rather jolly band of followers the post will find its way to you all by itself.  If you cant wait, check out the goings on in my Projects tab.

The crate is actually quite large - 1200 mm W X 800 mm D X 1000 mm H and with a solid wood floor, its as heavy as.   Such size means that its going to take two weekends to complete instead of the usual one and so you are all going to have to wait.  Monday to Friday i wear my accountants hat and move paper from one side of the desk to the other many times and deflect creditors (politely)  and hunt down debtors (not so politely). Some might call me a "Creative Accountant" but then aren't we all to some degree.  Definitely not boring she doth protest.

In the meantime, enjoy some of my garden highlights from this week.  The winter sun came out to play on the weekend and i enjoyed it so much that I've taken another day off today.

Tom's little RAV4 is a great gardening cart, on L Plates

We've been looking for a feature pot for a while for the front garden and this was on sale from $190 to $80.  I've gifted it to myself and can see it as a water feature.  

We both rewarded ourselves for great bargain shopping with a cappuccino .  Cool Coffee Art.  
The daffodils are out already.
Beautiful blooms in a bird cage.
Where are my cauliflower hearts?
I was going to throw this little ornament out as clutter but it found a new home on my potting bench.  

Radish and Lettuce coming up in abundance.

While we've been chatting (because to me it is like I'm talking to you) I've baked a spinach and feta quiche for tonight's dinner.

So till next time,

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  1. Ha ha, you are so funny, Lynda! I love the heartsease in the bird's cage. I have an old birds cage with a ceramic budgie in it and a couple of pots with succulents in it but it isn't as pretty as yours...probably because it is rusty!

    Fancy being part of a blog hop....that would freak me out but I am sure you will come up with something 'creative'.

  2. Just remember we knew you before you were famous!

  3. Indeed ladies you do, warts and all. Oh Nanna, i was going to ask you participate in mine, such a lady of creative abilities.

  4. Lynda, I would have no idea how it worked anyway :-)

    1. That's OK, im going to tell you. Email me on, please.

  5. Oh wow Im loving that pot, Hmmmm I cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve. But I do love the posts about farts and going bald Im telling to that you were born to write.

  6. Hi Lynda...WOW that pot is gorgeous! What a bargain eh? Did you get that coffee from Bunnings? If so what a clever little barrista you got. Our Bunnings coffees involve instant and a splash ;). Yeah what is it with the daffies and the fruit trees thinking its spring eh? Its a bit alarming to say the least. Your potting bench is scrumptious. I am not venturing outdoors at ALL at the moment and am blaming studies out the wazoo but to be honest, its just not in me at the moment. We are about to solve the possum problem once and for all using wire clothes line (from Bunnings :) ). Steve's idea was to create a network of wire over the top of the enclosure to stop the possums from being able to trampoline their way down to my goodies...(my idea was to lay in wait and strangle the little buggers with it but I reckon PETA might have something to say about my vegan membership...again...)

    The only thing coming up in my garden is weeds as the possums have eaten everything but the weeds, the weedy kale plant (that must taste like bitter gourds if they have left it) and the garlic as they are obviously small furry vampires (I KNEW IT!). That quiche is gorgeous, that box is intriguing and I can't wait till next Monday :)

    1. Sounds like a plan re wire over netting. Make sure its strong enough and if it doesnt work you can use it to hang things off that repel possums, like stinky potpourri bags filled with moth balls. Gosh, what an ongoing problem. You make me laugh every post, keep it going.

  7. (now off to look for the fart posts and the one about baldness...note to self "you actually DO need glasses...the catchpha is so unreadable and clicking "reset" 12 times till you can actually read one of the numbers is probably a good indication")

  8. The only thing that I could hang on the wire to repel our bolshie possums is Earl and I think he might be a bit bolshie himself if he was hung from the wires ;) I reckon our possums are indestructable now. Earl has caught a few and given them a good shaking before they have managed to escape but they keep coming back on the deck! They are either stupid, full of a HUGE sense of self importance or they are just completely fearless and I am thinking that the latter is most likely the truth. I fear its going to be "me against them" as long as I want to have a garden here so I had best get my thinking cap on and start outsmarting the little buggers or it will be possums 1 narf nil come this growing season.

    1. Two thinking caps are better than one, so count me in, BUT, many are even better. Put it out there, im sure you are not the only one.


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