Sunday, 2 November 2014

For my older friends - Ukulele Anyone?

This is another great post from Adele Horin about learning new things as we age including languages and musical instruments.  I swear that its Mum's piano playing that keeps her brain so sharp.  All those neurons firing off from left to right and back again while she plays, reads music and sings.

Some people have asked why i keep my beautiful upright piano, that is never played, that takes up so much space.  I have plans and they involve my retirement years.  Having a pretty good foundation in music from my youth i believe that with a bit of tuition i should be able to pick it back up and continue into my twilight years.  My spare time now is devoted to my garden (while im physically able) and writing to you guys.

Piano, French or Ukulele - Am I too old to learn?

The comments following the post are also insightful and demonstrate the importance of keeping your brain active.

I think, just as you need a variety of physical activity and foods to keep healthy, you need to mix up your brain activity as well.  By reading and writing, being creative with crafts that involve your hands, listening and playing music, meditating (no snoring), and taking care of your spiritual well being we can all look forward to a long future of healthy brain activity.

If i can give anyone advice at any age its to keep yourself engaged with the present (not the past) and for goodness sake, find something to laugh about every day.  If you cant, you are not trying.  Just watch question time in parliament.

This always make me laugh and was what i was imagining when i almost got stuck under the roller door.

Fat Animals 1
Fat Animals 2
Fat Animals 3

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  1. My mum did crosswords every day when she got older and lived to 97 without dementia. My Dad had his own business, retired at 75 with no hobbies really, got dementia at 78 and died at 80. You just might be right, Lynda!

  2. I think i might, did you check our the You Tube clips. So Funny. I love the Zebra and the Alligator one. This has not been a popular post. Am i preaching to the converted.

  3. Excellent post LyndaD. I read somewhere that whatever you are doing to keep your brain active, you have to keep challenging it. You have to keep on making those neurons fire by learning more and you can't rest on your laurels. Not so good for lazy buggers like me but being forced into new study courses where you have NO idea what you are in for and are frankly terrified every time you hit a new computer program (thank GOODNESS for Stevie-boy!) must be doing something. Maybe I have just burned my neurons and am in that muzzy, happy state of abject stupidity and am imagining that I am happy? Either way, roll on that ukelele! (Steve actually has one but even though it only has 4 strings I STILL suck at it ;) )

  4. By the way I LOVE your new header. That cake is something that I want to dive into with my hands, forget a fork, and I love your chillies, your dog and that quote by Oscar Wilde just got hunting out in Image form (thank you Google search) and posted on Facebook as my mantra for today. I am planning on being someone else tomorrow but for today, I might just be "me". I adore artichokes and if that (FAT BOLLOCKS) possum hadn't tapdanced on my huge 15 foot tall artichoke bush that was full of artichoke promise and snapped it off at the base, I would be rolling in artichokes right now but beautiful artichoke shrub is in the compost and I am artichoke free :(

  5. Great links. You are so, so right about learning, keeping active, enjoying life, and keeping present. That's a recipe for good health for all ages!


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