Friday, 21 November 2014

Handmade Gifts From Simply Living Shop

Isn't it beautiful.  Its my new market bag, handmade by Teena.  It says so on the label inside.  Lucky me, I've met this Teena.  She is Gavin's (Greening of Gavin) sister from Queensland and we were both at Gavin's 50th. She is talented.  The stitching is first class and its lined with calico making it "like totally" washable.  I'll be sure to turn it inside out for drying to avoid the fabric fading, its so pretty.  There is also a gusset in the bottom to give it lots of width and it holds plenty,   So how was i so lucky to score this one?

Last week Gavin posted that the Simply Living Shop over at Little Green Workshops was open for business. Did you not here the trumpets blowing all the way from Melton?  I'm sure i wasn't the only one to click on the link and peruse the items for sale.  Go on, if you haven't already, have a look .........

I'm waiting for you to come back.....
I do own a sewing machine but I'm running on all thrusters at the moment and there isn't room/time for sewing and craft.  I could also do with a little tuition so feel free to start a sewing workshop as well Gav & Kim.  In fact i can think of lots of skills I'd like to learn, bread making being one of them.  That would be really bad though because I LOVE BREAD and I'm on a diet with no wheat and starches. Making dairy products like butter and yoghurt would be another workshop id sign up for but same again, I LOVE DAIRY food and at the moment I'm limiting dairy products.  I could go on and on and at the end of this monologue you would be left with the very strong impression that I LOVE FOOD!!!!!   Problem is that food loves me too and doesn't want to leave.  Its all over my on my butt, my legs, my arms, my chins, my.......

Oh, was i talking about the Simply Living Shop .   You know us bloggers, its all

Since you've all had a look at the shop now, you've seen a some lovely bags and a couple of nursery items in the handmade gifts section.  They would make lovely gifts for Christmas, especially for someone "greenish" who would appreciate that they are handmade and would use them instead of shopping bags.  There is also a range of Gavin's books, cheese making kits, ingredients and equipment and some candle products. This is only the beginning so I'm sure the range of products will grow and I for one am looking forward to it.  Don't forget to checkout the workshop tab as well and see if there is something you are interested in.

Now here is what i was most impressed about.  This is a fully functioning on line shop.  Gav has used his IT skills and created a shopping experience similar to EBay or Amazon.  I'm so so impressed.  It was a seamless transaction.  I'm so dumb about techo stuff that i really appreciate knowing people who aren't.

Once you visit the Simply Living Shop site you can register online, which is followed very quickly by an welcoming email confirming your registration and another to confirm your subscription.

You then fill in your profile and shipping details and then select payment options, including PayPal.

Then you go shopping, adding to your cart and confirming purchases.   Shipping costs are very reasonable.

I received three emails confirming my order, receipt for payment and lastly a shipping advice which included tracking details.

Two days later, on Saturday morning no less, there was a loud knock on the door and my parcel was hand delivered.  Me, sitting in bed with coffee listening to some smooth George Benson, was handed a parcel. Parcels come into this house all the time (electronics, computer and car parts) but never anything for me.  It was like Christmas morning.

Now you just know it wasn't going to come wrapped in plastic express bag didn't you.  Gav practises what he preaches and it came wrapped in brown paper, brown cardboard and some bubble wrap. The only thing missing was the reused string but i'm not sure if Australia Post could handle that.  There was a little personal thank you note from Gav & Kim inside and an extra little note from Kim apologises for the bubble wrap.  They are waiting for a shipment of tissue paper.  They need not have feared though as i have shredded the brown paper and it is already mulch in my garden and the cardboard and bubble wrap have been stored for future use.  Very handy.

I wish Gav and Kim all the best with their workshops and online store.  I'm hoping it grows and becomes not only a medium for teaching but a profitable business that they can run post Gav's retirement.  I'm sure this is his plan.    If only we were all such forward thinkers.  I am certainly happy to support any of his ventures. Through his blog he has inspired and taught me so much. I'm sure he has done the same for you and many others around the world.

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  1. Lynda, now that I have stopped laughing about your diet I will check out the shop :-) Nice bag by the way.

  2. Thank you so much for a fantastic write-up Lynda. Glad that you love the bag. Teena is a very talented lady!

    Gav x

  3. Aww thankyou Lynda I am so very glad you love your funky fruit bag. Gav is a bit bias :)

    Much love and appreciation,
    Teena xx

  4. We have just got back from a local craft fare, I love to find handmade gifts to give at Christmas, I managed to get all but two gifts to day, all made within 30 miles of where we live. The big disappointment was the lack of Irish Craft workers, all the stalls where we stopped and chatted were English people.
    I love your bag, do shops still use plastic bags for your shopping?

    1. Yes they do Anne. Around the checkout there are re-useable bags for sale and for a while people started using them but it seems from what i observe that most dont. I occasionally get a plastic one myself but i have a bag bag and they are re used. I keep forgetting to take them back out to the car and i get to there and have no reusable.

    2. Hate to say it as I hate the government taxing people for everything but the plastic bag tax which Ireland has, (the first country in the EU) introduced well over a decade ago just about stopped people using them overnight! The countryside is much cleaner for it and it helped safe farm animals as well, many animals died through eating them!!!

    3. Im surprised they haven't Anne, we are the most highly taxed people in the world. It might have something to do with being rather large geographically with only a small population. (23M) We are perfectly placed with all our land and sunshine to be the forerunner is sustainable energy but the govt has blinkers. Yesterday it was 43.2C in NSW in Nov! Surely the evidence is there is black and white for climate change if not that you cant be outside in summer for longer than an hour without getting burnt for the giant hole in the ozone above us. Its crazy crazy crazy. We should have solar farms and wind farms everywhere. I think you are right because most people wont do anything until it hits their pocket. So long as the taxes are used for environmental purposes.


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