Sunday, 9 November 2014

Groovin with George on Sunday Night

In this house, i could be referring to either George Michael (post Wham) or George Benson.  Tonight Rob bought a new cool album from the latter using Google Play.  Thanks for giving him the voucher Glenda.  So while I'm chatting away to you, pop onto this link and do some groovin with me.

George Benson - Breezin

Rob has found some great music on Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay - an Internet radio station based in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Its lovely to listen to new artists as well as old favourites.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not locked into just "the old stuff".  While you might find me listening to classic Van Morrison you may also be just as likely to be hear me belting out the latest from Pink or Ariana Grande - Bang Bang .  Lovin Sam Smith at the moment - Stay (featuring Mary J Blige) or I'm not the only one .

We all love good music in this house and while I'm doing a little jiving in my seat in the office area, Tom is playing the drums with his fingers on the desk behind me and Rob is in the media room with the album details up on the projector screen, fiddling with equaliser controls to make it perfect.  I am very thankful that my clever husband built such an awesome sound system not only for movies but also music.  Tom's very open to listening to what we do and yes, there are times when we have had to endure hours of his.  Its not bad music, its just that he will put it on repeat and plays the same song over and over for seemingly hours. I love listening to him sing out loud with his headphones on, having a quiet giggle at the some of the lyrics he makes up. Didn't we all do this?

On occasion after listening for hours to the same song I've had no choice but to jump on the PC and print out the lyrics for him because he is driving me crazy.

So, what's new?  Nothing much, I've run out of weddings, LOL.  The weather has been all over the place and most things are going to seed in the garden.

When i got home from the wedding it was like this.  Everything had grown a foot in a few days.  The dill and parsley have well and truly had their day.  

The leeks have seed heads before they've gained any thickness and the spinach has gone to seed as well. 
Saturday morning here was so hot that we only lasted an hour in the morning before retreating inside.  I was the colour of beetroot. Fair skin,  red hair and sun do not mix. Ive still got my fingers crossed that I'm not going to pay sometime in the future for a youth of permanently being sunburnt.

I made it back out there in the evening where you guessed it, it was so cool i needed a skivvy.  Crazy crazy weather but i guess that's spring.  The boys had a major scare though, one of the air conditioners went on the blink for a few hours.  Yes, i know, i can just hear you all moaning from here.  What can i do?  Good news is that it worked later which means that its not the compressor and so its just some part that's dicky and Rob can replace it.  The cooler I'm talking about is over 22 years old and so i know it wont last too much longer with the workout it gets.  I'm seeing $$$$.

So what have i been up to out there?  The last raised bed was emptied and the soil, laced with Kikuyu runners, was moved to the Kikuyu bed.  That's right i have a dedicated bed (3m X 5m), surrounded by painted sleepers, that is just for growing grass for Tilly to roll around on, which she does.  I'm not showing you photos till its finished. We are trying to raise the height up to the same as the concrete area so that its a smooth walk off.  All the soil from the beds and later some sand will achieve this. Trust me, it will look cool, like green carpet.  At the moment its hers but in the way way off future i see it as a pumpkin and melon bed.

This entire area in the above picture will be covered with black weed mat with several layers under the bed before its frame is put back and filled with fresh grass free soil, mushroom compost etc.   It has to be done this week, because all my tomato seedlings are ready to go in.

First tomato plants are just starting to fruit.  

Lots of seedlings, ready to go in.  They will most likely be cherry ones of heritage varieties as i know i mostly collected the seeds from them.  I didn't label and so it will be a surprise.  
These are the rescued free tomato plants that were coming up all over the yard.  I'm nursing them back to health in my new raised potting benchand then giving them to a friend.   The variety will also be a surprise as the seed spreading was done by a certain little dog that likes to eat my tomatoes.   I potted up a few more today that had pushed their way through the hard baked earth.  

Since the grass area is now under a layer of soil, the bunny i made has jumped into the lettuce bed.  I'm sure he will be happy there.  
Onion and Garlic bed is still powering along.  

I have corn and sunflowers growing at the north end of some beds to provide some shade for the rest of the bed come summer.    In the foreground is a sweet chilli and on the trellis a cucumber.  
The pig is not doing such a great job protecting this bed.  Everyday the birds come in and dig it up looking for bugs and worms.  While they are doing a good job eating bugs, they make a real mess and make great big holes that often undermine my new plants.   So frustrating!   I've a feeling the culprits are mynahs as the holes are too big for sparrows.  

The lemon balm is going wild.  I'm going to have to trim it down.  I know you can make tea but any other uses?

Still getting lots of lettuce and peppers, enough to share with neighbours.  

OK, if you are reading and not just looking at the pictures, you are probably out of George.  Please link on the following, to continue our musical journey and for some of the young ones, something new perhaps.

Christopher Cross - Sailing     His self titled debut album received 5 Grammy's and its one of my favourite chill out albums.   You want more?  The Definitive Christopher Cross  

Mid afternoon i was having a nanna nap enjoying the dappled light coming through the front window, now that the blind has been pulled down. 

The late afternoon sun hits the front of the house and so we have planted two lilly pilly pompoms on either side of the path.  I can see next weekend they will be having a haircut. They are not exactly in shape at the moment but providing necessary shade to the front windows.  

Not sure what is going in this big pot.  Its was $139 reduced down to $40.  
 Goodness, Rob finally came out the backyard about 7.30pm and asked if i was finished yet.  I can get lost out there and i guess it was passed dinner time.

Now doesn't this make up for neglecting him, even though it was after 8 before he was served.  Tomato, Spring Onion and Ham Frittata with salad and pumpkin bread.
My salad had half an avocado on it.  I hope you all have one of these for storing the other half.

Avo Saver - it has a recess for the stone and when you pull it tight, no air can get in to oxidise the fruit.  
So that's it for this weekend.  Trying to keep busy and rest before having to put my accountant's hat on for the Mon - Fri week.  Catch you in the comments people.  (hint hint)

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  1. Ha, sounds like me most weekday mornings, getting lost outside and suddenly realising it's 2-2:30 and lunch has not been had. It also explains 3 cranky kids and a cranky Mummy. ;)

    Your garden looks fabulous. My leeks are all piddly and all flowering too. Lots of seeds at least. I've flowering Brussels sprouts, flowering kale, flowering onions, Egyptian walking onions and surprisingly, I think flowering potato onions too. They rarely ever flower. I've corn, beans and pumpkins coming up, tomatoes in every possible gap and some of them are flowering too (the ones from the shoots I snapped off the indoor plants, they themselves grown from shoots snapped off your last years weeds :) ) and sweet potatoes shooting too. Spuds are everywhere and already a few are flowering. Crazy year.

    1. Isnt it funny that time stands still in the garden. Its only ever the weather or nightfall or hungry bellies to fill that bring you inside. Im not so philosophical about all this flowering, im pissed.

  2. Lynda, I saw on Weatherzone that you were having strange weather down there. That big pot you bought looks great and what a bargain. I hope it cools down for you so you can get some gardening work done during the day but I guess you only have the weekend to do it. Maybe the weather will be good next weekend.

  3. Look at all those healthy tomatoes, mmm. Looks like you have a great garden going to keep you busy. Enjoy the tunes.


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