Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Happy Birthday Rob/Dad

Happy 55th Birthday Rob.    Truly this must be the ideal present for him.  I cant see anything missing.  Those of you who know him would have to agree.    Tonight was a quiet night out with just the 3 of us and we tried a couple of new places at the newly opened Urban Dining section of Pacific Plaza less than 2 km away.  It has only just re-opened in the last month after millions and gazillions spent on enlarging and upgrading plus a name change from Werribee Plaza.  Apart from the revamped food court there are several new casual dining restaurants.  Of course there are also many many new stores but I'm not interested in shopping.  I hate shopping and i haven't even looked.

Did you hear what i said?  We tried somewhere new.  Really!!!  We have eaten in the same Turkish Restaurant for years and years but last week when we were celebrating Rob's new job (Yeah !!!) and on arrival discovered that the owners had sold up and moved to Turkey for an extended holiday.  The staff were new (though very nice) but there were changes and for the boys, the magic was gone. Aspie's do not like change!.

We started at Schnitz  -  which sells a range of chicken and beef schnitzels in buns, wraps or meals.

Rob opted for beef schnitzel and salad, Tom went for plain chicken schnitzel and beer battered chips and i had a Mediterranean salad with yummy grilled peppers and chicken fingers.

Why do they make these meals so big.  I guess its more cost effective for me because you know I'm going to ask for a doggie bag.  Lunch tomorrow is taken care of.  Tom declared his battered chips the best ever and i would highly recommend the chicken strips with a light squeeze of lemon.  Rob was equally as impressed with his beef schnitzel which i noted was slightly pink and tender.  Kudos to the young man who served us. Nice manners.

Tasmanian Tatters
Instead of a cake we went to The Pancake Parlour for a short stack and ice-cream.  What a yummy meal we've had tonight and best of all, i didn't have to cook it.  That's it for us.  No birthdays or planned celebrations till Feb next year.

Rob's new job starts early and so I'm up at 5 for at least the first month until he goes on permanent afternoon shift.  This will bring many changes to our little family but we will adapt.  The work is much more suited to him and best of all, he is not a service technician that travel all day.  For someone who hates driving as much as he does, going to the same location each day, working with the same people on the same equipment is like a breath of fresh air after the last six years of upheaval.  Im going to do a post soon on all the pre-employment tests you have to do.  If you haven't done it recently, you are in for a shock.  You would think you were applying to NASA.

So that's 3 posts in as many days.  I'm on holidays next week so until then I've run out of things to tell you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Rob and big congratualtions on the new job. I cant believe you guys went to a new restaurant .

    1. I know. It felt good to be somewhere different.

  2. Happy belated birthday greetings to Rob, glad you had a good night out.

  3. Congratulations to Rob! The chair is a hoot. I have to say that once favorite restaurants are established, change is indeed hard. Nice to see this time it was a success.


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