Monday, 10 August 2015

Lion Ribbon Graffiti in Melbourne

Has anyone else noticed all the lion's heads done in pink fluro ribbon around Melbourne.  There are several near my work in West Footscray and i consider them works of art rather than graffiti. Its takes some skill to do this in a public place, usually on a fence, with time constraints and under the cloak of darkness. Considering its a very cold winter this year, it also takes serious dedication to ones art.  I was sure it had some meaning as a logo for some political statement but when when i tried to Google it, all i come up with is Lion Ribbon which is a brand of haberdashery. Further investigation was needed.  This link from a radio stations has some more examples around town.

Triple M Melbourne - Lion's Heads

I continued on until i found some forums and the general chatter tells me that it appears to be the work of a Melbourne artist known as Sunfigo and its obviously been happening for quite a while.  There are numerous sightings of the ribbon work all over Inner and East Melbourne.  Its also possible that there are now copy-cat artists around.

Upon further investigations, there have been sightings in Melbourne of other animals.

Graffiti art is not new to Melbourne.  Its everywhere in all its various forms from the most amazing murals in the lane-ways of Melbourne and sides of buildings to the disgusting illegal tags that cover everything including trains, buses and twice now, our front fence.   So i guess, as with all things, there is good and bad graffiti.

With the old adage of "cant beat them, join them" Melbourne City Council now has approved locations that it promotes on its website and you can now do lane-way tours.   See link here for Melbourne's Public Art. These locations are not just public thoroughfares but also locations used for fashion shoots, movies and even trendy pop-up restaurants.

The good thing about all this "public art" is that it has now opened up the lane ways and darker area's of the city and brought foot traffic making it safer.  In the past these alley ways were dangerous places to be, even during the day. Now, many are lit and under camera surveillance.  There is a code among graffiti artists of not destroying the work of others.  A sign of respect i guess.

What do you think?  I like the ribbon art.  Its temporary and doesn't damage property.

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  1. Yes, the ribbon art is nice, Lynda. We had the One Coat Festival here a while back and a number of buildings were painted in graffiti 'art'. Some were nice and others were so-so but I am not sure I really like old buildings being painted over.

    1. Approved sites are usually laneways and the rear of buildings that were previously targeted by illegal graffiti taggers (not artists). Seems to me there are a lot of people who did not get enough attention from loved ones and feel the need to make their mark everywhere. Im sure they think this is a sign of strength but its really a cry for help. Melbourne City Council are very protective about preserving its historical buildings. Like i said, its a case of joining them rather than fighting them. Art, just like music, changes with generations and its a case of accepting that it might not be your tastes but its here for the now. Lord knows what it will be in the next generation.

  2. They make a nice addition to otherwise boring and empty fences... great to look out for!


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