Monday, 10 August 2015

Walking in Winter

Am i mad?  Am i trying to get the winter sniffles?  Nope, just trying to keep my steps up by going for a decent walk when its wet and freezing, and also trying to get some girl time in with my BFF. Multitasker, yep, that's me.   This event happened a few weeks ago but i was browsing my phone photos today and realised that i hadn't yet shared this free activity with benefits to all my readers. All 3 of you.  You see, I'm thinking of your health.  No special equipment required so put away the wet weather gear, hiking boots and poles, and the new thing, pocket warmers.

So where can you go for a decent walk, stay dry, keep motivated, not get bored. Oh, and stop half way for coffee (only a little Almondine croissant, i promise). After all, you are only half way through and there is a whole lot of more to go, so you need to keep your strength up.

Its big, isnt it.  All 82 aisles of undercover walking track with interesting things to look at along the way.  Its so big you can't even see the trade entrance that we parked next too which should be about a centimeter from the left hand side of the above picture.  I think you need a helicopter to get a photo of the whole thing in one frame.

Kerrie and i donned our FitBits and entered into the land of fence palings, sleepers, concrete and besser blocks.  Interesting stuff (NOT) and the coldest part of the warehouse.

Kerrie, the intrepid explorer.  Its a good thing we've been friends forever as I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts sometimes.  
Never-mind, we were warming up.  After dodging tradies and weekend warrior's 4WD, SUV's and Utes loading up in the trade area we ventured into less dangerous territory, the aisles.

 I don't know why I'm showing you this shot, you cant see the other end anyway.

How many different ladders can there be?
We bypassed the Tool Section.  Those who know me know how much i hate this section.  Hubby can go in there and not come out until after dark.  Its such a trap that they have a bench outside it so all the patient wives can rest their feet while they wait.

Was it only a few weeks ago that i threatened him with a giant wrench over the head if he didn't hurry up?

If you started your marathon at breakfast time, then you could stop at the quarter way mark and grab a sausage in bread with barbecued onions, tomato sauce and a dash of mustard for $2.50.  Its for a good cause people, give it up!

Actually it wasn't until we reached aisle 35 that things started getting interesting for us.  We entered the garden tool and what nots section.

Pssss - i have a green one. 
Our increasing interest was marked by the gradual slowing pace of our walk There was even sporadic moments when we came to a complete stop to discuss the merits of a particular item. It could also have been that we are middle aged unfit women who needed a rest and it seemed like a good way to get one. I truly wasn't that interested in half the stuff i picked up.

Did i mention that coffee break?

Not far from the cafe is the DIY Workshop where you can undertake short workshops on various DIY projects (the name kind of gave it away).  Today's itinerary was

Can i let you in on a secret?  The only difference between the bookcase and the shelving was a backing board so its yadda yadda yadda and Oh, here's one i prepared earlier. !!

OK, we are at the other end now and so its outside into the garden section and whiz around all the aisles out here including loading up a trolley with 4 bags of potting mix and a bag of poop.

Why?  Well after that delicious croissant i was feeling guilty and so to punish myself i pushed this loaded trolley for the second half of the marathon, up and down the aisles, taking only God knows how many corners and running in to many many customers ankles who didn't get out of my way fast enough.   Its the wheels people, not me!

Major pauses took place in the tile aisle while we both chose our preferred bathroom tiles.  Its in our future but we both have to win Tattslotto first.

We are both going for large white tiles with a feature stripe.  Kerrie's choice is red and mine will be some shade of blue.  
We stopped for so long in the kitchen and bathroom section that i think you could officially call it an intermission.

In unison we chose this shower enclosure and fixtures.  Both of us have homes approaching the 20 year mark and i know mine is decidedly out of date with its 3 fold sliding shower door that comes apart nearly every time you use it. I want a big door, to get my boobs and butt through at the same time!  (You Jest?  Its working for Kim Kadashian and JLo)

Have you ever noticed how i get Kerrie to do all the embarrassing things for photos.  Well, i am taking the photos, its my blog and she doesn't say no.  Love that smiley face!  XX

After that it all went down hill as we went through storage, cleaning and pool products, plumbing pipes with only brief interest shown on roof vents. The walk got a bit quicker until we reached the final aisle which was internal and external doors.  Once again, our 20 year old project homes came with cheap hollow doors with no features at all and gross white handles.  We both envisage solid doors that actually keep sound in or out depending on where the teenagers are.

The finish line was in site.  Just a trip to the trade desk to pay for the bags of soil and a quick discussion with the boom gate operator on the way out.  Nope, I'm not so big that i cant fit through the normal entrance/exit but this is where we parked the car, remember?  He did tell us that its a huge security risk as people walk out the central exit with their register slip and then come back in, pick up the same item and go out the trade exit showing the same slip.  Its only stamped at this exit and they estimate they loose $1 million a year this way.   Pretty brazen isn't it.  Oh, don't get any ideas!  I trust you all.

So,  how did we go on the steps.  You would be thinking close to 10,000, wouldn't you!  I was (my feet told me it should be) and wasn't i disappointed to find out that it was only 3,500.  Hang on, Kerrie did 4,000.  Did she run on the spot in the shower when i wasn't looking?  Apparently, Fitbits only record when your hands are free.  Just like the treadmill, if you hang onto the handles and your feet move but your hands don't, it doesn't record.  Hello! I was pushing the bloody trolley for extra effort !!!!! Go Figure... and yet, if you keep your feet still and move your hands it still doesn't record.  I tried!

See, this wouldn't work, her hands are holding something.  
My Fitbit is on my wrist but Kerrie's is attached to her bra.  Personally i think she might have gained a few extra steps with boob wobble.

So have you enjoyed your visit?  Yes, i will write about anything.  After 262 posts, you would too!

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  1. Ha ha, Lynda. You really need a cut lunch when you go to Bunnings although ours probably isn't as big as one in Melbourne. I didn't realise that about the Fitbit. Interesting! I have a pedometer I clip onto my tracky dacks and it records my steps quite well. Which reminds me, I need to go and walk some more steps today to get up to 10,000 :-)

    1. Yes. I guess you do but it traditional to get a sausage in bread.

  2. Hi there deary, well I love your trip to bunnings, I must try that up here but our Bunnings is no where near as big as that one by the looks of things.

  3. At least there would have been lots to see. Good on you for getting out some where regardless of the conditions.


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