Sunday, 2 June 2013

Introducing Steve

Steve is Herman's son.   Do you remember Herman - The German Friendship Cake that i made in April.   I passed 1/4 of the mixture to Karen at Shoestring and several weeks later she passed 1/4 back again.   It didn't seem right to call it Herman again so it became Steve.    This time I've been greedy and kept all the mix for myself and put 3/4 in the freezer.  Ive been told that the sourdough cake starter will live on and when needed i  defrost (at room temp), feed with plain flour, milk and sugar (1 cup of each) and start the 10 day cycle again.

Steve is the Basic Recipe plus a cup of raspberries. 

It really does make a great desert cake, one worthy of a phone call to friends to drop by at 8.30pm for tea and cake.    Why so late, Ive been to a workshop today, making Feta so expect a post shortly.

The unusual green fruit in the bowl with the lemons (gifted from Craig, the course presenter) are Pineapple Feijoa.  I'm growing a bush now but mine is quite small.  I'm looking forward to making a chutney or jam with this unusual fruit in the future.

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  1. I LOVE feijoas! I eat them with a spoon straight out of the skins :). Steve IS a handsome fellow isn't he? All puffed up with sourdough pride and well worth the effort to cook. You just reminded me to take Audrey out of the fridge and feed the poor girl! ;)

  2. That looks just delicious x

  3. Nice work Steve. You make a nice looking cake.
    Feijoas are the best! I plan to plant one up here if it will cope with the frosts... (heads off to Dr Google to check it out now)... yep, they will SQUEEEEEE. I grew up with a feijoa tree and always thought ours was self fertile but then remembered our neighbours had one that grew ENORMOUS fruits - different cultivar I now realise.


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