Thursday, 6 June 2013

Making Feta - Intro to Home Cheese Making Part 3

OK, I'm officially going cheese crazy.  My sister from the country visited today and after finding me in the back garden, in the rain, hands full of dirt, with a big smile on my face, all she could say was "What the hell are you doing out there?'

"Transplanting a dill seedling, why?"   It seemed quite obvious to me that when your beautiful young cabbages are being eaten by grubs that you would be out there doing your best to pick the beasties off rain, hail or shine.  I put in a young mint plant, a self seeded dill seedling and maybe tomorrow i will plant a few garlic bulbs in the ground as well.   (No photo, it was raining)

Next i was inside emptying my previously bottled feta (olive oil only which is apparently a no no) and re-bottling with a 50/50 mix of olive and sunflower oil.  I must say that the clarity is alot clearer and that means that you can see my beautiful herbed feta better.  Thanks Gavin

Imagine the look on her face when i took one of the bottles out to the garden for a photo - like you do. Well, don't you do that too?

This bottle gets around.  Looking Good!  Who needs Gnomes?

OK, she thinks I've really lost the plot now, so i had to score some points the best way i know how.  Food!

Roasted pumpkin and onion, ham, eggs, sour cream, parlsey and you guessed it, the star of the show was FETA!  Funny how I'm not so crazy anymore. 

I've been eating feta forever, but this is my own homemade (with assistance from Craig from Edible Gardens and Naomi) feta - See Part 1 & 2.  Problem is, I've used it pretty much every day on sandwiches, pizza, salads and now in 2 bottles and there is none left in the brine.  :(

I think i feel a visit to Cheeselinks coming on to buy my own feta kit. 

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  1. Oh I really want to make feta and yours looks delicious.

  2. It wasnt hard at all but lots to know. I think doing it in a workshop first or with someone practised would definately scare away the doubts. I love making something that i never even imagined i could. Cheers - thanks for commenting.

  3. lol Crazy rocks!
    I bought the camembert kit from Cheeselinks a couple of yrs ago and made only one batch, I left them to get over-ripe so the smell and taste of ammonia was a shocker! I really need to get back into it.
    Rhonda is writing a dairy e-book and that should be ready soon, it will interesting to see what her experiences have been.
    Have a super-dooper weekend!

  4. That looks delicious!

  5. Crazy indeed, but no less so than me. Your feta photo's look spectacular. :D Time for a trip to cheeselinks for sure. Looking forward to my cheese course in a couple of weeks. :)

  6. Yeah, you have gone cheese mad girl! Watch out or your sister will give you an intervention ;)


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