Thursday, 20 June 2013

The 4th Frog Blog - Telling it like it is with humour

Let me tell introduce you to a new blog i found.  Strange name huh! 

Now what drew me to Amy?    First there is a little phrase beside her picture in the side bar and it says "I blog therefore i don't sleep".  How true this is.  You know it is, for many of us.  On many nights after a full day of work and home chores I've finally sat down and blogged on, especially when i am posting, till 1 or 2 in the morning without even feeling slightly tired.  That is, until i look at the clock and know that I've got to get up 3 hours. 

OK the name of the blog.  Amy explains it best:


"How I became the 4th Frog

I decided to start blogging in June 2008. But several weeks went by and the blog was still a figment of my imagination because I was stuck on what to call it. Then my husband told me this riddle:
Four frogs were sitting on a log. Three decided they were going to jump off. How many were left?

All four. Three frogs said they were jumping, but no one took any action.

I decided I wanted to be the one that jumped. So I became the 4th Frog.


Now you got to want to know someone who wants to be the one to jump, don't you?

Just Do It
The following is Amy's advice on how to release stress in less than 5 minutes without buying someones book.  

4th Frog - I don't need a press release to tell me about stress release

I'm sorry but I'm still such a "goodie two shoe" (in some things) at 49 that i still crack up at the naughtiness of talking about farting but she is probably right about that one.  There is certainly an uncomfortable kind of stress involved in having to hold it in until you reach a bathroom because, well, girls don't fart, now do they?

Her readers are pretty cool too, this comment is from kimybeee


"I am telling you if everybody farted when they needed to the world would be a happier and funnier place. I laugh so hard when I am in a multi stall bathroom. farts are funny! and the middle east eats all that spicy food, no wonder they are always at war - they have too much pent up fart gas bothering them".


Dare i put a picture of Farting in my post? Well if Wikipedia actually think its worth quite a lengthy entry then who am i to exclude.  This is a test anyway.  If anyone in my family actually reads my blog (which i doubt) i will soon be advised of its inappropriateness and a phone call from my mother will soon follow along with a lecture about being a "lady".  I'm waiting.............

Artwork by Tim Nyberg - The fish doesnt look stressed, now does it.
Anyway, check out Amy's blog.  Im turning the PC off before it keeps me hostage all night, again. 

Thanks for visiting Living In The Land Of Oz


  1. Wow! Thanks so much! I've been a little light on the blogging lately and your compliments are helping motivate me to get back to the voice that is really me.

    To get a quick taste of my blog, check out the "Frog Faves" including "The root canal that wasn't"

    Oh, and if you feel the need to fart while reading my blog, go ahead.

  2. Between us we are able to monitor the net 24/ got any unmarked white vans nonchalantly parked next to your mailbox? Mine is too far down the driveway to just wear our tinfoil hats...

  3. I absolutely, positively HATE having to use the stupid Catchpha spam stopping stuff that you guys using Blogger have BUT your blog has the most amusing words to type...every time I get something like Pharoah ricecake or Underpants Gnome or Beat meup... I wonder how you got all the good words? ;)

    1. Me too, i hate it. Sometimes it takes me several goes as i cannot decipher it. Oh Well. I started out with blogger because that's who i was following. Maybe in the future i will change. At my end, all is really easy.

  4. Giggling here. And reminds me of grade 5 where we had a kid a little on the windy (and smelly) side. We looked up the word "fart" in the dictionary to get "an explosion between the legs". How can one NOT find farting funny. :D


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