Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easy Oven Cleaning - It Works!

It really does work.  I was given this hint by Rhonda on Down to Earth  - 3 Dec 2013.

I'm getting on with my maintenance work inside the house too. My latest project is to clean the oven before Christmas, and I'll be doing that today and writing about it tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some others to join me. Are you up for the challenge? All you need is a pack of oxy-bleach - Napisan or the generic form of it. I'm using Di-san, from Aldi.  You'll also need bicarb/baking soda and vinegar. These products are environmentally sound so you won't need the rubber gloves and mask that many of the commercial oven cleaners call for, and if you're asthmatic, like me, you won't be gasping for air.

Cleaning the oven is probably one of the most hated jobs in the kitchen and as such it seems to be put on the "to do later" list and stays there longer than it should.  I'm afraid to admit that mine probably hasn't even been given a  wipe down for 6 months, though its not an appliance i use every day.  I replace the foil in the bottom tray when it starts to get a bit disgusting.   The men in my house are sensitive to smell so much so that i had to put out a beautiful pine melt yesterday and cannot use vinegar or most household bleaches.   Cleaning the oven usually requires a lot of elbow grease.  

This weekend i bit the bullet and followed Rhonda's advice.   I laid the racks and tray in the bottom of the bath. Covered them with tap hot water and put in about a cup of Di-San and left it overnight.   This afternoon i opened the bathroom door to a disgusting brown mess.  I took a scouring pad and gave the racks a going over only a fraction of the time it would normally take.  It was literally wiping it off.   I did wipe out the actual oven with a paste of bi-carb and vinegar but the chemical reaction makes the smell of the vinegar much softer.  

As you can see in the opening picture it came up a treat.  After a thorough rinse I normally run the oven at high temp for 20 min to burn off any cleaner before using.  This oven is almost 20 years old and is yet to be replaced.  I have one of those nifty husbands that keep fixing things which means that i very rarely get new appliances.  The seals will be the next thing to be done as you can see they are not exactly in the right place.  

Dri-San is not the only Laundry product i use from Aldi.  I love the Laundry Liquid as well (not a fan of powder) and at $1.49 for 2L i think its amazing value.   I haven't always been an Aldi shopper.  It was reading other people blog post on being frugal that made me go have a look.  I posted way back in Feb 13 about my first few humorous shopping trips and how i not only survived the checkout but graduated top of the class.   

To be fair, Hubby was also doing some cleaning at the same time.  He overhauled (an appropriate term) our en-suite bathroom off the master bedroom.   Things were growing.

Hubby wiping out the spa.   We don't use this ever and if we had the funds for a reno then the spa would go and a new larger shower would be installed in the same corner.  

All clean and sparkly.   He did ask me to check out the toilet and yes it is also sparkly but i don't think you need a pic of that.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to let you know that the job that everyone puts off, just became a lot easier.  Now if you can suggest a way where the clothes iron themselves and the dish washer gets emptied and filled on its own id appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Lynda You link to your Aldi L plates post seems to be restricted as I canot view it.

  2. Hi Lynda Im going to try that oven cleaner. Thanks for the tips. Your lucky to have a helper Rob did a awesome job there.

  3. Another tip that can help to soften the gunge in an oven is to get some hot water in the oven and let it steam away for a bit. The steam loosens the dirt. Same for the microwave. Nuke a cup of water and let it sit. Then after a few minutes, wipe clean. :)

    1. Oh Jess, it was way too far gone for this gentle treatment. I did when i heated the oven up put a baking dish in with vanilla to take away any smell and steam it out.

  4. Hi Lynda, I read along but don't often comment...but I had to pop in to say thanks for this tip! That job is next on my list and I was looking at the racks today with dread. I'm going to try this on the removable hobs on the cooktop - they are even worse than my oven at the moment.

  5. I had my oven racks soaking last night as you suggested. I cleaned them off around an hour ago anndddddd.... i now have sparkling racks in my oven :))

    Thank you!!

  6. It is very kind of me if I say that I really hate when I have to clean the oven - especially after my husband cooks! That is why every tip that makes the process easier is welcome! Thank you for the tip! I will try it for sure! Greets! :)


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