Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Seed Tapes

I'm re-posting this from a blog recommended by Gav of Greening of Gavin fame.   Cath Armstrong is the creator of The Cheapskates Club.  Everything you ever wanted to know about being a cheapskate. Funny how that use to be a bad thing.  Not anymore!

Ive used seed tapes myself and thought them fantastic but never made the connection that i could make my own.  Doh!  I'm mean really, its not that big a leap.

Seed Tapes - Debt Free Cashed Up And Laughing 

This post is from Cath's personal blog shows you how to take some simple household items and those precious seeds you've collected last season (you know you did, didn't you, and if not, well shame on you).

Plain Flour, Water, Toilet Paper and Seeds - that's all you need.  Pop over to Cath's site on the above link - I'm not taking credit for this one.

Just to prove that i am seed collecting (for the first time), here are some of the tomato varieties that I'm now drying and will later pop onto my own homemade seed tapes.  Oops, does make me a cheapstake too?  Id better join Cath's club.

This one i think was the winner for taste

This by far was the most bountiful.  Masses of sweet cherry tomatoes that fruited from early December to March.
I think that some of the itty bitty seeds, like leeks and chives etc will be much easier sown on a tape and carrots (those bloody orange troublemakers that i cant seem to grow straight - i know, I've read it all) already come on a tape. Actually, the one i have the most trouble with is lettuce.  I spread them out evenly but the rain or my heavy handed watering make them all end up together on top of one another and i end up with a dozen lettuces in a square foot and the rest of the bed bare.  The solution - seed tapes.

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  1. Very clever! So glad you reposted. An excellent idea.


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