Friday, 13 June 2014

Tennis Elbow - Without the Tennis

I have never played a game of tennis in my life, there were no hot and sweaty ball boys anywhere in sight and yet i have tennis elbow - from gardening, or at least doing gardening projects.  This is meant to be the week holiday where i kill all those projects that never get done or are too big to contemplate doing in a weekend. Yet, here i sit with an aching elbow from just typing a few words. Bloody fingers are connected to the injured tendon apparently (we still don't know if its torn).  Hey, good thing - i can lift my coffee cup today, a small one.  I still cant push the thingy down on my deodorant or perfume but hey, the coffee cup is an important step in the right direction, right?

So what important lesson have i learnt:

1 - I am not a human excavator, bobcat or a forklift.
2 - I don't have to do everything myself
3 - I must use correct technique when lifting, shovelling or any of the activities resembling those mentioned in number 1.
4 - Don't set yourself so many tasks that you feel the need to rush when you hear the weather report forecast  rain and your work time frame is reduced to a couple of days.

So its short and sweet post today (thank God they say, all this moaning and sympathy seeking) and a plea to all my blogger friends to start writing so i have something to read.

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  1. Aw Lynda Im feeling your pain, its terrible when you get an injury and you want to put all those great ideas into reality. Bummer. Well the universe is telling you to have a rest. You have time of and you are meant to rest. I know when I hurt my knee and could barely walk and was told dont do stairs and dont bend and keep it up...... can you imagine me ugh.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and getting some rest and relaxation

  2. As my Dad always says, 'pace yourself'. Hope you are back on deck real soon.

  3. A friend of mine had tennis elbow...not sure what from but perhaps it was from lifting as she was a nurse. I remember she had a shot of cortisone which helped. It looks like you have learned a few lessons about trying to do heavy work yourself. I am hopeless with heavy lifting so thankfully my husband is strong enough still to do it even though he is a senior citizen :-)

    1. I asked about injection and physio wants to wait and go slow. So ill wait and have the injection in a few weeks when we/im sick of waiting. Lol

  4. Hope you feel better soon and next time you will take it a bit easier I am sure.

  5. Sounds uncomfortable. Hope it gets better soon. x


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