Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Truth Spoken Out Loud

This YouTube clip is about America but it could be about any one of our nations, including Australia, especially now.  Please don't think that I'm being negative about America.  We are free to speak the truth but many of us don't because we are afraid or blinded by the smoke and mirrors created by politicians and the media. What I don't agree with is that this generation is at  fault - each generation shares the blame.  We all make our own choices in how and where we live our lives. Those of us that are FREE also choose who we vote for.

I hope that this wasn't an acted sketch because it certainly made an impact on me.

This clip was titled The Most Honest 3 Minutes of Television EVER....

Must Watch

I'd love to hear your point of view.

Thanks for Living In The Land of Oz

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  1. A friend told me it is taken from a fictional TV show but I don't believe it detracts from the message. It made me think. America might be the "greatest country on earth" but we Aussies live in "the lucky country" right? Not to mention that we look after the "great Aussie battler". I'm not sure either title fits nowadays. Lucky? Lucky for whom? The elite? Sure. The battler or the immigrant? Nope. As for looking after those battlers, the latest budget shows just how well we look after those less fortunate. :(


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