Thursday, 7 August 2014

iPhone and Android Technical Help

Just passing along some helpful links to get the best out of your smart phone or tablet.  There are plenty of fixes for common operating problems in the links below.

Payette Forward Tech Blog

This blog is from a former Apple employee (David Payette) and his friend, an Android technician (John). They provide fixes for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Mac, and PC and claim that over 5 million have been people helped so far!  

Many of the problems are software related and can be fixed by simply changing the settings.

iPhone Technical Posts

Android Technical Posts


I followed the iPhone fixes for extending battery life and their explanations and instructions made sense to me which means they are in non-tech speak.  Most fixes have to do with settings that constantly update mail, aps and track where you are.  Do you really need the compass to be accurate minute by minute?  Do you want Apple to track where you are?

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast - Real Fix

Why Does My Android Battery Die So Fast- Best Phone/Tablet Battery Life Saver Aps

If you are flying through your data you might find the following helpful.

What Uses Data on my iPhone

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5S (from an original 4) and was having trouble with the ringer.  I used the following to fix it.

My iPhone Wont Ring - Here's The Real Reason Why

There is also a tab called Ask PF  where you are invited to ask questions and make comments with a view to helping not only yourself but others as well.   I must say that i am really liking the community spirit that David is encouraging.

Anyway, this is just a referral and i accept no responsibility for anyone who might use the above technical advice.  In other words if things go wrong, don't blame me, OK!  I am technophobic!

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  1. I'm bookmarking this post, moving from a flip phone (still?) to a 'smart' phone soon - I'm sure I'll need this. Thank you Lynda!

  2. Thanks Lynda. My smartphone switches itself off quite often but as it is now two years old it would be considered OLD! How ridiculous. A nice girl at Optus reset it for me one day and it behaved for a few months. I think the expectation now is that they will be replaced annually. Such a lot of waste though.

    1. 2 years old? Heck, mine is about 5 I think. I have an iPhone 3Gs and it is dying piece by piece. The GPS isn't working so maps is not really useful, the camerao and video no longer work either and I can't receive pictures now either. Still, it makes phone calls and I can play games sometimes. I'm upgrading soon though. ;)

    2. Yes, Jess you will be!!!!!


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