Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pain Free and Back In Action

Not a great opening shot but hey, if it works then I'm certainly one happy girl.  For months now I've battled with Tennis Elbow and I've been totally frustrated by not being able to do anything too physical on weekends. I sit at a desk all week and on weekends i want to move.  I tried physio with massage and acupuncture twice a week for about a month and while it relieved a little of the pain, i was still stuck with a weak elbow and even weaker hand.  Bla Bla Bla (insert whining noises and boo hoo comments about how much it ached at night trying to sleep and how i cant open bottles or press a spray can nib).   Well Friday I had a cortisone injection into my elbow under a guided ultrasound and two days later it feels great.  It did hurt (like Wow) after the anaesthetic wore off Friday evening but dosed up on pain killers the next day it was all good.

Yes, Fiona, i will be more careful in future.  I've discovered I am not a human excavator or forklift after all.

So feeling great how did i celebrate?   Since Saturday found me still doped up i had a Nana nap and then spent an entire evening following this blog about a family from Daylesford, Victoria that have cycled all the way to Northern Queensland, foraging and promoting the free food that surrounds us. They did this with a pre-teen, a breastfeeding toddler and a Jack Russell in tow, camping in free sites and the generosity of people along the way.  Its a great adventure.  Thanks Jess for the referral.

The Artist As Family 

Fuel for a night (and i do mean a night) of blog reading.  I might have filled that mug a few times. 

Tilly my constant companion, asleep on the chair beside me.  If she could she would be attached to me permanently.
I've been out in the garden again and tidied up some rubbish and tools lying around and finished filling one of the low beds against the back wall all ready for the beginning of the tomato season. I was at Bunnings today aghast at all the people buying up tomato seedlings and foot high plants. They were going mad buying up big black pots with trellises about two foot tall (way too short).  Ummmm did any of those people have to get the ice of their car this week like i did?   I doubt that there are that many greenhouses in the neighbouring backyards.  Silly people.  Yes, even the salesperson agreed with me but what can she do?

I picked up a new mint.  Both Hubby and son crushed a leaf and we all agree that it smells like chocolate mint slice.  Not such a leap as it is a Chocolate Mint.   It will make a lovely tea and i can imagine it in drinks and with fruit salad.

My small blueberry bush is covered in flowers.  Everything was watered and given some fertiliser today.   The terracotta pots dry out quickly.

 I see lettuce salads in the near future.  This top corner of the lettuce bed has garlic chives, thyme, parsley, and dill all in together.  Top left you can see that there are broken eggs shells all through this bed along with coffee grounds to discourage slippery snails and slugs.

My leek and kale bed has more peas plants coming up from the pea straw than anything else.  I've also planted lily bulbs in the corners of these beds to bring some colour and bees in summer.  These pea plants are great nitrogen fixers so i will just cut the tops off leaving the nodules in the soil.

Speaking of micro greens, I'm growing some sprouts in the strawberry container left over from my blog snack above.  I just used 2 layers of moist paper towel underneath and one on top and put it in the pantry which is cool and dark when my son shuts the door.  Once small seedlings start to grow i will move it into the light (kitchen windowsill) to bring colour to the small leaves.  You harvest them when they are between 2.5 - 5cm.  I throw them in salads and on sandwiches.  This mix is Alfalfa, Radish and Broccoli.  

I love Lobelia, so dainty and definitely in my colour pallet.  

Daisies are just starting to bloom.  
In The Kitchen 

Spinach, Potato and Bacon Quiche served with Relish
Preserved Lemons - see previous post here
The makings of a meat sauce to be used in all manner of dishes.  
You guessed it, its now bubbling away several hours later over the edge and onto the counter.  Oh well, it washes.  This might have a little kick as i kept on browning mince and made taco meat to be frozen for Tom to use during the week.  Since the pan was full of chilli seasoned oil I cooked the onions in it.  There is about 1.25kg of browned mince and two bottles of passata underneath this lot.  Plus herbs both dried and fresh.

Taco Mince  - just regular mince and seasoning.
Its amazing how much oil comes out of the mince.  I drain it off before freezing.  

Dinner tonight was some sliced roast beef reheated in a mustard gravy, green baby beans and smashed rosemary baked potatoes.  Par boil the potatoes, drain and smash (i used a meat mallet being careful not to hit the dish) and then drizzle olive oil, fresh rosemary and salt before baking in hot oven.  Even better there is enough of all to make up a lunch for Hubby tomorrow.  His work colleagues will be jealous.

OK, time to put my energised self to bed ready for a 3 am wake up when Tilly tries to take on the milk delivery man through the door.  At full volume she certainly makes a good alarm clock.   Then up again at 5.30am to get hubby ready for work (not a morning person).  Lucky his lunch is already made.

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  1. Lynda, my friend who had tennis elbow eventually had Cortisone unwillingly and it did the trick. I believe it is very painful. I saw that chocolate mint at Bunnings recently too and thought it tasted great but I don't use mint all that much so didn't buy any.

    Have a great week and I hope your elbow improves...then you can play tennis :-)

  2. My fingers that now work are crossed that it stays good and i can get back into gardening proper. So much to do.

  3. Goodness me, my blueberry bushes are still sticks. It must be (relatively) warm at your place. Vegie garden looking gorgeous.
    And my thoughts about sales people at garden centres who don't warn customers away from unseasonal purchases are unprintable!


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