Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wood Store - Recycling a Packing Crate

Gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

When i first came home with our new patio fireplace, I purchased two bags of wood (kindling and logs) knowing that my son would have it assembled and burning within moments of arriving home.  Well that wasn't going to continue.  One of the bags had three giant logs (see the redwood in the pile on the bottom) that were too large for the opening.  My sister and I ventured out to the property owned by my work and we helped ourselves to some wood.  Its 12 acres of bush and Henry has been cutting fire wood for 30 years and never had to cut down a tree.  It conveniently falls down by itself.

We had a lovely day traipsing (freezing) through the bush helping Henry to add to his wood supply and also ours.  He mastered the chainsaw and we did the leg work loading the tractor. Bugger, my grip strength dropped from 30 back to 20 after this activity (my physio was not impressed).   Only problem was, where to put it when i got home as some of it was damp?  Initially, i used the bottom section of my potting bench to dry some out but most stayed in a pile in the pergola (very messy).

Several weeks ago, this packing crate turned up in the factory holding a massive drive to be used on a switchboard going to Christchurch as part of the rebuilding program.  It immediately had my name on it.

Its actually quite large and has a solid wood floor on a couple of supports.  I tossed up the idea of creating veggie beds with it but when i saw the piles of wood a lightbulb went off (as it is apt to do) and i saw the makings of a wood store.  By putting the top back on and removing the front i had a forward facing box that i could divide into sections to separate kindling from logs.  Hey, i could even store all the fire making "stuff" on a shelf above.  Goodness, its going to go right next to the potting bench.  I could make them match as they are of similar height and then put the tiles on and yadda yadda yadda.  This is how my mind works which includes none of the practicalities of making this happen.  This is where my poor husband comes into play.  I draw him a picture of what I'm thinking and he makes it happen, within reason.

You have no idea how difficult it was for him to get the front off.  It was held on with these massive staples and nothing was going to get them out.  The wood was breaking first.  He was very patient and finally got it off.   It was then cut down to create the shelf and an offcut used for the divider.  We've done so many projects over the years that there are building materials stored which we can delve into when we need them.

You'll note that it is partially painted.  I have found that it always easier to paint the shell internally before it starts getting put together.  This crate is so deep that once closed up I'd never be able to get a brush inside without climbing in.  Undressed wood like this soaks up paint so you are up for a couple of coats which is why this project took two weekends to complete.

You can see that the level of the potting bench and wood store are the same which was created by adding a backboard (mm perfect).  I kept the pattern of the tiles moving across so that visually they would look the same even though they are varying depth.  By placing the plant (Lavender) so it breaks the eye and you don't notice the gap or varying depth.  Honest, its all done intentionally.  I don't know why i do it but its pleasing to me to do so.  Some would say I'm anal but that's not nice, is it?  Total expenditure on this one was about $35 for screws, backboard and tiles.

The bottom shelf of the potting bench is now returned to its proper purpose and everything associated with the fire is in the wood store.  It has been such a lovely winter weekend with bright sunshine (though little heat) and no wind so we have had a fire going both days.  My sister and i sat outside whenever possible and early this evening enjoyed a slow cooked ham hock and pea soup (cooking all day) in front of it.

Hubby has a few projects of his own to complete and so I'm going to give him a rest for a few weekends. Hopefully any lightbulb moments will be limited to my own skill base and i can do them on my own.

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  1. Anal? Perhaps. But if it makes you happy then who cares right? Looks fantastic and also practical. I truly adore the beauty of your gardens and if I had the time then perhaps mine might come close to looking nice but I'll settle for "they make food" and leave it at that.

  2. Wow Lynda you are so talented. This looks awesome

  3. Well done, recycling at its best, they look just gorgeous. I love the colours you chose :)


  4. What a practical and useful storage shelf. It looks so great and will help keep it all neat and tidy.


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