Monday, 11 August 2014

Making Friends with Cupcakes

My mother asked me (strongly suggested more like it) to borrow this book from the library and read it when i was 17, shortly after i had demanded she guarantor a loan for a vehicle she hadn't seen which i just had to have because it had pop up headlights.  Thank goodness for my mothers wisdom.  Not only was that car a wreck which would no doubt have set me on a very bad financial path at the beginning of my adult life but the principles in this book have stayed with me and have served me well over many years.

So why am i telling you this?

Knowing the following to be true;

The way to a man's heart (a woman's as well) is through their stomach;

Inside every man (and woman) is a little boy (and little girl);

You get more bees with honey;

there can only be one possible solution as to how to how to break the ice with the other staff at Hubby's new job.

Its Hubby's birthday today (Happy Birthday Hubby!) and I was not sure, him having been on site for only a few weeks what the norm was on the occasion of staff birthdays.  He felt a little silly walking in with cupcakes but i assured him (based on my thorough knowledge of human psychology and that all men are boys that don't grow up) that it would be a winner.  It also solved the problem of their being upstairs admin staff and downstairs service guys thus two dining rooms for morning tea.

This one is my favourite - i think i got the pink colour just right.

There has to be a  chocolate on chocolate cupcake

This was actually a red velvet with cream cheese icing.  

I made about 40 in total not knowing how many were there.  I love these cupcake holders - great for transporting and they hold 24 each  ($10 from KMart)

I think i can declare it "Mission Accomplished".  Everyone was very friendly and wished him happy birthday and the cupcakes went down a treat.  Photos were taken and some snuck home to kids.  One guy sent a photo home to his wife and told her that the bar had been lifted (i think he needs a copy of the book above - Gulp!).

Had i bought these i would have paid $3.50 each at a cupcake store (not that I've ever been to one) so i saved well over $120 by making them myself.  It was a late night (or should i say early morning) but i had managed a nanna nap in the afternoon so felt up to the task.

It isn't a significant birthday (no 0 at the end) so our celebrations were fairly low key at home and hubby received some extra $$ in his pocket money account to buy his electronics or audio parts.  I don't bake very often so i actually enjoyed myself.  Somehow i don't think this was a sugar free day Jo (World's Worst Mother Who Bans Sugar).

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  1. Lynda, you are a chronic over-achiever! Those cakes look fantastic.

  2. I echo Barb's comment! Happy birthday Rob and yay for breaking the ice with cupcakes. :) They look divine! :)

  3. You'll be pleased to know i didnt eat one, though i might have licked the icing spoon. If you are going to do a job, do it well.

  4. I just realised that my title says Making Friends with Cupcakes. I think we are quite friendly enough actually. They love me. So much so that when i eat one they decide to take up residence on my thighs or butt.

    1. lol - i also have to avoid those treats as they make me break out...

      in FAT!

  5. Wow I am sure the cupcakes and the gesture were much appreciated at hubby's workplace. That was so nice of you to do that, Lynda. Just as well you had a nanny nap though. I need one today after writing that blog hop post late last night...then I forgot half of what I had planned to say. Oh well!


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