Monday, 22 September 2014

Boobs, Bone, Bandages, Beans and Book

Yep, its been that kind of day.   I had the day off work today to attend my first mammogram.  Now that's excitement for you.  The Government kindly sent me an invite once I turned 50 to have my breasts screened for cancer.   They also sent me a little sample package to send my poo away to be checked for bowel cancer.  They are nothing if not thorough and apparently i will get these "invitations" every two years. If i didn't know better i would think they are trying to tell me something.   I know i am making fun but we really are lucky in Oz to have this service. Early detection is better than surgery (or the alternative) i am certain.  So no putting it off ladies, off you go.  You'll note that i haven't mentioned that other test we have to every couple of years but I'm sure you know which one.  Get it done!

It wasn't really all that bad.  I had heard stories that it was painful but its not.  Just a bit uncomfortable (read embarrassing) having someone position your boobs this way and that so they are in the right position on the platform.  Those of you with little boobies probably don't have to worry about that as they are probably right where they need to be.  Mine are very adventurous and take off in all directions, separately.

After that experience i visited the meat wholesaler in Werribee and bought Tom his "i really like these Mum, can i have them once a week" lamb forequarter chops.  I liberally cover them in French onion soup mix and then bake them on a tray in the oven, elevated on a rack so that they are crunchy all the way round.  Do use a backing tray under the racks as the fat sizzles and drips below.   Add some garlic mash and baby beans and there is Monday nights dinner.

Since Tilly needs a treat as well, i bought her a bone.  Deliberately slightly large so that she has to really work at it.  She immediately took off with it into the yard, where she covered it in dirt and brought it back into the house and put it on the couch.   I've put it outside about 10 times today.  I don't mind once the meat is off but its looking rather yuk at the moment.

I'm going to take this inside and bury it down behind the lounge cushions and wait for it to go rancid (just right).

:Don't touch it Mum, don't even think about it".  
I was all set for a lovely spring afternoon of gardening when the phone rang and it was Hubby.  He was in a hospital ER having tripped at work trying to step over a barrier holding tools in each hand.  With nothing to brace himself he face planted himself into steel.   It was a bit messy (read bloody) but he is one very lucky guy.  The bang to his skull was so loud it was audible to others so he is now at home on 24 hour watch for symptoms of concussion. He's going to have a black and blue face tomorrow to add to the bandages around his eye. Since it was way way over the other side of the city it was late afternoon before i could get him home and into bed.

He said it happened in slow motion and as he was going down trying to disentangle himself from the tools so he could brace himself, he actually thought to himself as he headed right for one of those jagged bits
 "this is not going to be good".


With him all tucked in i went outside to try and salvage a little garden time.  I planted my saved tomato seeds from last year and assembled a makeshift green house using bubble wrap to protect them from our cool nights.

They should be ready for planting out come early November.   Since i want an early crop I'm going to buy a couple of ready to go plants as well.   I put a few bean seeds in and noted that my yellow zucchini seedlings are now about 3cm high.  I'm trying something different this year and instead of making shade cloth screens to keep the mid summer sun off,  I've planted corn and sunflowers around the edges on the north side of the beds to shade the other plants.  Since my beds are 90cm high already, they will make tall screens.  I'll have to put lots of bamboo stakes in to support them.

Peppers are out of control.  

My feature kale in the centre of the bed is exactly that, a feature.  SO PICK IT (i hear you shout)

The surrounding spinach looks like i need to grab it before something else does.  My corner bulbs are starting to come up.
I'm trying to think of what i can shove down the sides to give me more height.  The potato plants are right to the top.   Tilly wont be getting these ones (Nar Nar NaNar Nar)
My dwarf pear is loaded with flowers
I'm picking lettuce every other day now and I'm sprinkling seeds in the available spaces to keep a continuous crop.  
I really like lettuce and fresh herbs.  

I grow real flowers too!
OK, now to the final segment of my post, the Book.   Beg, borrow or steal this book.  It is now one of my favourites.  I know its a movie, and i am told its really great but i don't think you could improve on this writing. Great characters.

Guess what i was doing while reading it.  
Pretty big day.

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  1. Ow your poor hubby. I wish him well and hope he is not too sore. I am sure it could have been much worse. Your peppers look amazing and in general your garden is looking so good.

  2. Lucky the accident wasn't worst than it was... Oh my goodness he will be very sore in the days and weeks to come.

  3. Your garden is looking amazing! That blue chair and table I looooooooooove! Where was it from again? Hopefully Rob recovers quickly from the fall. He looks like he will be in pain for a few days. Xx

    1. The chair set which is very solid metal (not flimsy) was from Harvey Norman but was bright lolly pink (This was the only colour it came in). I drove it straight to the factory (it was Sat morning) and chose a colour and it was blue two days later.

  4. Oh poor rob I hope he is feeling better tommorow although the pain may kick in more.
    Garden is looking great love those peppers.
    Tilly looks so cute with that hair do.
    You will have to find a spot for your grape vine I havnt killed it yet

  5. What a day you had, Lynda! Luckily hubby didn't hurt himself more than he did. Have fun keeping that huge bone out of the house :-)

  6. Thanks ladies, he is a little sorer today than he was yesterday and it has a bit more colour. He didnt notice yesterday but of course he also landed on his ribs as well and they are hurting more than his face. I think a few days in bed will see him right.

  7. Ooo poor Rob! I hope he's not feeling too sad and sorry for himself. And poor you losing your gardening day too. It is frustrating when you look forward to a day in the soil and something changes those plans, no matter how worthy or legit the change may be. Still, a little garden time is better than none. :) I hope Rob is on the mend and not too purple. Those chops look great.

  8. Crikey your hubby was very lucky, especially carrying tools, it could have been so much worse. So glad it wasn't.

    Your garden is looking fantastic. I am a little slow off the mark this year. I have been busy out there lately though :)

    Someone once described a mammogram to me as like having one's boob slammed shut in the fridge door lol! I have had all those tests done and the one you didn't mention was done a few days ago. There is no excuse really not to have them done. I have recently lost a friend to bowel cancer because he didn't get it checked until he had symptoms, and he only live another eight months after diagnosis. Breast and ovarian cancer are in our family, so I am very strict with getting checked.

    Have a great weekend Lynda,

  9. It really isnt such a big drama Tanya. Hubby's face is really purple now, a week later, and his other injuries (ribs and pinched nerve in back) are more evident. He was planning to go back to work Thursday but is still very sore.


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