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Candlelight Wedding Under the Stars

Another of my nieces was married this weekend and it was, as expected, beautiful, romantic and very in keeping with the couple's taste.  On Saturday night Nicole and Travis were married.  Sounds like a simple everyday event but as my previous post in March showed, these girls don't do anything by halves. Nic's sister Kirsten was married on a farm in Kyneton (here) and her brother Ash will also be married in November.  So my clever sister has managed a hat-trick in one year.  Her other child Jodie (also an amazing wedding that was actually held in a church, where they are suppose to be) is already married and being never one to stand on the sidelines, got herself pregnant again with my sister's second grandchild.   Such a busy year for this family.

The above cards were received in July and the date pencilled in for a trip home.   You'll note that the wedding was held on a pastoral station known as Deepwater.  It is just outside the tiny town of Matong, NSW and the station's heritage homestead sits on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River.   I would have liked to have seen it but as the invitation suggests this was a night wedding.  Yes, that's right, a night wedding, outside, on a farm in the middle of nowhere.  After following the bus from Narrandera, we parked and made our way to designated part of the garden by flaming torchlights which kind of suggested we were on our way to Tribal Council (for all the Survivor fans).  No one got voted off but it was a double elimination and two people left together.  "How Corny"!

You are going to have to excuse my photo's.  I didn't take the time to work out properly how to take good night photos with my Iphone.  Sometimes it worked and other times it didn't.  I was also trying not to interfere with the professional photographers by causing flashes all the time.  I wasn't the only one taking photos.

As we arrived we came to a setting in the garden lit by fairy and tea lights.   It was such a romantic setting.  I think the novelty of such a setting made it even better as i don't think anyone had been to such a unique wedding location before.  The bushes surrounding were draped with Babies Breath (Gypsophilia) and the bough of the tree immediate above where they would stand was wired with flowers.

Nicky arrived on the arm of her Dad to the hauntingly beautiful vocals of a friend singing a very slow cover of the Proclaimer's I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) as arranged by Sleeping at Last.  Note that she is uncovered while we were rugged up in blankets and coats.  Mind you that would be those of us guests over the age of 50 as most of the younger girls were literally in cocktail dresses with bare legs. It was cold but we were all comfortable.

Lucky Ralph (or should i say Pastor Ralph) had a tablet which provided some light.  

Nic and Travis after signing the Wedding Certificate

Once they were married we all made our way to an area off the side of the homestead for the reception.  No one i asked knew what was meant by cocktail reception on a farm so this is how it goes.  So Cool

First find your way there.  

Then stop by the bar

Find some very comfy seats made of pallets  (pallet love runs in the family)

Situated around a warming home made brazier.  If still chilly then take any one of a number of lap blankets and rugs from the various baskets scattered around.  

Under the tree boughs decorated with lights and flowers.

Cruise on over to the soup station to be served by a waitress.   I loved the Cauliflower soup and had two mugs with large herbed croutons for dipping.  Mum had the Thai Pumpkin which had some real kick.  
From that point on the food just kept coming all night and was passed around by a group of waiting staff. Catering was done by The Lunchies from Narrandera.  Cindy and a number of ladies from the CRC Church have just started this new business venture and i think this was their first wedding.  I see big things in their future.  There main speciality is provided lunches for food intolerances and delivering prepared meals on request.  Each day a menu is posted on facebook.  Go Girls!

Mini Burgers

Hot Chips with Aioli 

Butter Chicken
My absolute favourite was Veggie Stacks.  I've asked for the recipe and will add later if it comes in.  All the cutlery was wooden and recyclable.

I'm slipping a picture of the bride in here, so you don't think that all I'm interested in was the food.  
Oh, did i tell you about the deserts?

Apart from the yummy wedding cake above, there was....

Profiteroles on skewers with toffee.    When i turned up Friday about 5, Kirsten was in the kitchen cutting up big slabs of packing foam to be covered in hessian for these platters.   

Lemon Meringue served on tiles
I know that there was also an amazing Creme Brulee as i watched them being torched and then i just might have sampled one.  Yummo!!!

The night progressed very informally and everyone had a good catchup.  I met some of Travis's family which i hadn't previously.  Since i only get home maybe once a year,  it was great to catch up with my siblings. We've almost run out of things to talk about since there have been so many family gatherings and more to come this year.

Since i was chauffeuring my elderly Mother (boy she would hate that) and 11.30pm  was quite late enough for an 84 year old to be up (especially since she missed her Great Grandmother Nap) we left the property to make the journey back to Leeton.  Those of you who are city people would not know that this is not just a matter of driving home at this time of the year.  The roos (kangaroos) are everywhere and very active (especially the big bucks) and there is plenty of evidence of them of the side of the road.   Since they can wipe out a car without even trying my eyes were like saucers for 70km journey.

I am really sorry i don't have a shot of both of them up close that wasn't a black mess.  If i get one I'll add it in.  Sorry Travis.   So what now.   Nic and Travis are doing up the old homestead on his parents property to live in.  Its not far from where the wedding took place near Matong, NSW.  Guests were asked (in a nifty little poem) to gift money since they couldn't register carpet and glue.  Such a well thought out wedding and as usual much of it was organised and carried out by this family of super organisers.  Well done Murphy Clan and best wishes to Nic and Travis.    I wonder what Ashley and Natalie will be doing in November.  If i know them, the pig dogs will be part of the wedding ceremony.

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  1. Its easy to see how much work and thought went into the evening. Your pics were pretty good; that one of the bride arriving almost looks like a sepia shot from the old days. What a clever menu and sensational desserts! I share your dislike for roo-dodging driving at night glad you got home without incident.

  2. The photos turned out well, Lynda. What a lovely wedding but surely the bride was cold! Brrr! I love the lights and the flowers in the tree and the food....! I hope you didn't taste everything. :-)

  3. Oh wow some people just are so creative arnt they. I love it. Food looks amazing. Oh you get invited to the best weddings my dear dont you. The bride was beautiful glad you popped a picture in lol.

  4. It looks like it was very beautiful. And that food mmmmm

  5. How romantic!! Candlelight wedding under stars. I am sure it looks so beautiful. I really got unique idea from your shared blog and now I am going to celebrate my wedding in best wedding location venue which is open around natural beauty.


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