Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I Forgot the MOTB's Shoes

That's right, the Mother of the Bride's shoes.  Aren't they gorgeous. You will have to click (here) to read my post on the rather unique night wedding for Mr & Mrs Guy last weekend.  These shoes caused great drama as they only arrived the day before and my sister was very anxious.  In the country, if you want the latest fashions you order online.  These were bought from Myer and made by Guess.

Plasmas Floral Pumps

I must have been getting some strange looks as i was chasing Sam around all night trying to get a good shot. You'll note that she has stabbed a leaf walking around on the bare ground. They look fairly out there and the ad online suggest that they are sexy and adventurous, for the girl not afraid to make a statement.  I had a good giggle over that one.  While she will put her hand up to help anyone (and often does) and she's not afraid to make a statement (read give her opinion LOL) I don't think of her a sexy and adventurous.  You never know what these Pastor's wives get up to though.  I still see lots of sparkles between her and Trev.  

One thing Sam does love is colour and there have been times in the past when she has tried to inject a little more into my wardrobe.  She is also responsible for teaching me to A. buy good bras and B. not to cover my size with big tent clothes.  I wear fitted clothes now (i actual do have a waist) and if i do say so myself, I look a lot better.  What are big sisters for if not helpful advice.

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  1. Great shoes, and yes a good bra is essential if you are busty/curvy as it helps you look slimmer and stops gravity from taking over.

  2. Lynda, I imagine your sister stabbed more than one leaf when walking through the bush in those shoes. They are certainly colourful. Sounds like she is a very wise lady too.

  3. Yes she is very WISE but dont tell i said so. Fi, i am so busty that the fight with gravity was lost years ago but having a good bra does manage to hold them in a place that might resemble the normal position. Biggest problem is having round shoulders (natural not slouchy) and i cant hold the straps on. They dont make cross overs in my size but i do buy very wide straps.

  4. Gorgeous shoes! Those colours would go with just about any outfit :)

  5. I love these shoes they are awesome!! :)


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